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Thoughts about the new Eliza intro animations.


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Oct 17, 2016
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Eliza Big Band
After seeing the new Eliza intros in the endless beta I think they're... Eh. Their concepts are fine but there are a couple things about them that set me off a bit.

The biggest problem is that in both of them Eliza stands perfectly still like a statue then goes into Her battle pose. In a game where even the background characters have a few frames of animation Eliza standing perfectly still looks a bit out of place. All the other intros are fine it's just Eliza's are so... Static.

Also in the Intro where she is holding a bag and wearing sunglasses she seems to be moving her mouth slightly when she talks. None of the other characters ever move their mouths when they talk so it's a little strange (It is one frame though so maybe it's a mistake..?)


This is my first post on this site please go easy on me
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Haha, wow i thought i was the only one.
Yeah..They seemed kinda out of place? Like, that of painwheel, val and parasoul were SO cool and actually really dynamic, i feel like that of eliza just missed that??

But i trust labzero and that they'll try to improve it a bit, im pretty sure the patch notes said something about "bla bla bla not final" or something :^)
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I'm just glad she has new poses, but you do have a point. It's kinda wierd seeing her mouth move like her teeth are chattering. I'd say that's the only problem though, I think the pool of blood one is fine. I mean what do you expect Sekhmet to do while staring you down, the spooky skeleton dance?
Yeah, the concepts are great, but the execution was rather bland. I'd love it if Eliza sassily walked from the side of the screen with her bag, pulled down her shades slightly to look at the opponent, and transitioned into battle mode. It'd also be nice if Sehkmet did more than just stand there, but I did like the spook factor.
To rephrase: Are Eliza's parasite and staff also blood?
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To rephrase: Are Eliza's parasite and staff also blood?
Judging from her blood palette and story mode stuff, i dont think sekhmet and her staff are blood. But........it makes sense lol that they didnt add her staff in that intro
I agree. Personally as much as I love a lot of the new intros there are some that have some movements (or lack thereof) that just feel…I don't know stiff? Like the one with Sekhmet standing straight and still. Oh to be sure blood drips of her and there is movement going on but her being straight without blinking or a slight body movement just feels more uncanny than intimidating.

I mean I know next to nothing about animation so...

I dunno, some parts just bother me.

Just kinda salty that both my mains didn't get into mobile with their own set of new intros.