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Tips for Parasoul vs. Marie?


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Jun 8, 2019
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I've been trying to do challenge 26 as solo Parasoul so I wanted to make sure I was doing it alright.
In phase 1 I try to do j.hp+j.hk (land) j.lp+j.hk s.lk ×2+s.mk ×2+c.hp j.mk+spiral flare s.lp ×2+s.mk ×2+s.hp ×2+napalm pillar+Silent Scope/Inferno brigade
Is there any way to extend the combo? Maybe using tears? I don't really get how they work in combos.

Then for phase 2 I hope Marie goes to the corner so I can spam ↓j.mk. Otherwise I jump over her head and don't really try to do a combo because Marie can interrupt it at any time regardless. When she's close to phase 3 I do the combo I use for phase 1 and end it with inferno brigade, and if I'm lucky and time it right it allows me to skip phase 3 or leave Marie with very low health, which of course doesn't work for challenge 26.

On the third phase I just try to do j.lp+j.hp until she moves me away, then I try to use egret dive with napalm tears and silent scopes to try to beat her, which doesn't work in this challenge. I have no idea of how to combo that.

Does anyone have any tips for that? Should I be trying to complete the challenge with a team?
Hey there!
Because Marie takes no hit stun, It’s tricky to pin point better ways to combo Marie without simply trying whatever idea comes to mind and trying to use it; trial and error

IIRC Marie phase 2 is the one in which she starts using projectiles heavily, Medium egret call is a great tool for nullifying projectiles. Use this and spam a few napalm shots whilst you look for a window to close the gap and really get some damage going.

As far as tear tosses in combos, there’s tons of awesome things you can do! A lot of new combo and mixup opportunities open up when you start getting your fingers moving.
Tear toss combos are also really good for Happy Birthday and Double Snap combos because they don’t rely on L Napalm Shot, which when combo’ing Point and Assist Character will hit one but not the other and cause you to lose the Happy Birthday or Double Snap.

Arial Tear Toss is also lagless, so you can input jumping attacks immediately after. This can be a very fun thing to practice in training mode. What I like to do when I am warming up is input a neutral super jump, use a jumping attack > tear toss > jumping attack > tear toss etc. and see how many you can get before you land. I personally feel this is a good way to experiment and spark ideas for cool, flashy shit to do in combos, while also getting your hands nice and warm and ready to fight.

Best of luck with your Skullgirls journey! Stick it through and you’ll experience some amazing things :)

Don't do real combos. get in on her, do 2.hp, jump over, falling j.hp and repeat. you'll avoid 90% of her attacks. I think 2.hp, j.hk can put Marie into her reel animation, but I can't remember for sure and just swatting with heavy punches is a little faster for raw damage.