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Tournaments & Matchmaking Rules

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Mar 1, 2021
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Tournaments and Matchmaking Rules

1. Rules for posting a Weekly or Bi-Weekly Event thread (less than 1-month recurring)
1a. Cannot be set as an "Event" under the event tab as this will clutter the block with too many entries.

1b. Must have only 1 thread per event as constantly remaking an event thread will clutter the subforum. Edit the first post for any new information.

2. Rules for posting a Monthly Event thread (1-month or more recurring)
2a. You are allowed to post a monthly as an "Event" that will show up under the Events Tab, but make sure not to set it as recurring as this will add multiple entries to the block.

2b. Once a monthly on a specific date has ended, you may remake a monthly thread for the new date and set it as an "Event" with the same rules listed in 2a.

2c. Old monthly threads need to be archived under "Completed Recurring Events." If your old monthly thread isn't archived within a week after it ended, please notify a moderator to get it archived.

3. Rules for Archiving
3a. Only Monthly Events or longer recurring events will be archived under "Completed Recurring Events." Less than 1-month recurring events will remain in this forum.

3b. Yearly events or longer recurring events should be posted under "Major Tournaments" and will be archived under "Completed Tourneys" (unless it is a small yearly event, in which case, I'm not sure why it would be yearly.)
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