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Training mode option


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Aug 6, 2015
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Am I the only one who wants a "random" option for the "blocking type" setting in training mode? I'm working on some 50/50's to end my combos in and i can either set it to block everything or block nothing.
This seems pointless to practice mix ups on because if the mix up is going to hit them, then something like a frame trap would work instead. The bot might even block the start of the combo i want to end in the mix up, so i have to hit confirm a move that could randomly be blocked anyway.
I could create 2 different recordings, one standing block, and the other crouching block, and set those to play randomly as reversals, but that seems like a lot of tedious work to do something a simple option could do for me instead. The thing is, this makes me wait for the bot to stop blocking if I make option select save state and dummy recording. Not only that, but the recording overrides the "random" option to throw tech, if i want to add that to my mix up game.
It seems like a very useful options tool is missing from the training mode. One that could give beginners like me at least, an opportunity to practice some of the more advanced ways to open people up in Skullgirls.
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Uh... keep pressing the right arrow in Blocking settings.