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Uses and Versatility of H Axe Kick

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Oct 8, 2014
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This has been one of my concerns for a while now regarding Fortune's H axe kick. I personally feel that while sure it's damage is pretty great (yea I know about axe kick loops although getting that j hk restand and having enough space to do the move is tricky) but my thing about it is not being able to get the hard knockdown from it.

Yes I understand that you can launch > H Axe Kick but the link is pretty awful and if you whiff you're going to get punished. I have a few ideas about it and feel free to call some of them stupid or whatnot or suggest something better yourself? Or maybe I'm completely insane and it doesn't need to be buffed or changed in any way.

-Maybe make the start-up frames shorter? (more often than not I get hit out of start-up or sometimes even grabbed which is the most frustrating thing ever) I can see this not being a very popular choice as that would probably be coupled with a damage nerf across all axe kicks. Might be worth it to actually be able to use the move in normal combos though opening up different combo routes

-Give special moves (preferably only the axe kicks if that's possible because I can see people complaining about Fortune having an easy way to change head states with L Fiber) a faster cancel or buffer after a Fiber Uppercut

-Give H Axe Kick a larger hitbox to be able to hit someone after a successful Fiber Uppercut

That's pretty much all I can think of. I know some people might say Fortune is already good enough with the recent beta patches (and she is a lot better than retail Fortune) but I always felt like this move needed to be updated since the j HP change that came a while back. Again if there are any opposite opinions or different suggestions I'm all for it. Thank you in advance for your responses or criticism.


Edit: Actually I'm not sure if you have enough hitstun to combo off a fiber. I'll go check and come back with an update...

Update: Ok yea even with a larger hitbox it wouldn't combo because you don't get enough hitstun from any fiber and it's not fast enough.
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Sep 2, 2013
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Again if there are any opposite opinions or different suggestions I'm all for it.

It is intentional for a character that can pressure you from behind on wakeup, assistless, while blocking - as well as having a DP, puppet, airdash, air super, and double jump - not to be able to get an easy (non-situational, assistless, highly plus) meterless sliding knockdown.
I considered removing launch->H axekick too, or making it not cause sliding at all. The fact that if you TK it you end up airborne for a long time is the consolation that barely made me keep that.

Close thread? :^)
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