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Valentine Tech Thread


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May 29, 2015
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Figured we could do with a thread for people to post tech like combos, resets, burst baits, etc.

Here's a few resources for anyone looking to get started with Val.

Val's page on the wiki, where you can find optimal and beginner combos, resets, move breakdowns, etc: https://wiki.gbl.gg/w/Skullgirls/Valentine

Here's a compendium of (solo) Val tech for anyone who wants some videos to learn from and here's a combo and reset/burst bait compilation from said playlist:

For anyone looking for the basic tech needed to get started, have a look at the combos in the primer on the wiki and then for resets I would recommend learning:
...ADC jLK left/right/high/low. You can cancel just about any air button into ADC jLK for a left/right mixup, you can choose your side by cancelling jLK early with jMP. This one is pretty well known and you will need to do it pretty close to the ground to make it ambiguous and to stop people mashing buttons/double jumping out. Works both midscreen and in the corner.
...j236K delay AD jLP jMK(1) jHP(fastfall) into left/right/high/low/airthrow/burst bait. This is a strong midscreen reset with lots of options that will beat falling buttons and can catch light characters when they try to double jump out.
...2HP jHP ADC jMP jHP jLP jLK ADC jHP/airthrow. This is a quick corner reset that lets you go left/right/airthrow. You can go into jLP jLK ADC jHP off of other setups (see Datagram's video on this reset for other ways to set this up). ...2HP (OTG) TK L Bypass is a high damage, low undizzy way to set this reset up but it is difficult.
Does anyone have a list of Valentine's true 50/50 mixups? As in the mix occurs at the same timing, yet hits high low, or left right, etc?