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Voice over after opponent ground techs

Jan 13, 2014
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As most people know, after your opponent ground techs, they say a line, which your character will respond to.
I will refer to this as a "tech response".

1. Tech responses override whatever line is currently being said, which is usually fine, but becomes awkward when it interrupts blockbuster lines too.
Opponent techs, Big Band Lv. 3, "Strike up the... Calling it quits?"

2. There is no tech response on a mirror match. Intended?

3. Sekmet doesn't have tech responses. She might not even have lines, but I mention this just on the off chance she does, but they weren't implemented.

Other stuff:
Squigly's pushblock line "Step away" has an odd echo after the line.
I wish Big Band's Lv. 3 trumpets weren't so drowned out by the hit sounds.
I wish Sekmet's line on H Osiris Spiral "Too Spooky" was less common.