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Want to play against japan and Asia but dont know how


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Sep 3, 2013
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Basically just what the title says.

The ping i get to japan is around 200 ms which is great in the new improved ggpo... The problem is that i cant message these japanese/Asian players to play and they wont take a chance on anything over 100 ping. Im a good player and can hold my own, but they wont know that if i cant play them... Also they have a rather big steam group so there is a lot of experience there. I need to someone to pass them a line that au is up for play.

So does anyone here know how to get in contact with like baiken and poccola or any of the good japanese players? Even the good Korean players like gfarmer and magicman... The au community is small but we are dedicated and it would be a tremendous benefit to us to be able to play the Asian countries.

Pls help if you are on a speaking basis with any of these guys :)
Yeah i messaged him... Dont know if he will get back to me though. We will see.
Poccola doesn't speak English. I've only made some very awkward banter with him through mutual use of Google Translate.

He's nice, though.
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Translate a message stating that au has a group, you're interested in playing Japanese players and the improvements to GGPO should allow you guys to have good quality matches, then post it in their steam group. I'm sure if you can get some guys to at least test the connections and vouch for the quality of the matches, then you will be good.
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Oh wow, hella super year and a half bump. I'm slightly less interested in playing the Japanese now that I have more experience with the game and good players I can play when I want to.

Right now what I'd mostly be interested in is video of the best Japanese players going at it, if anything. I'm kinda taking a hiatus from this game while learning yata and re picking up dota/2

But if anyone really wants to play I'm sure I can oblige :)