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What are some of the more "creative" names you've seen when playing SG online?


And yet he played Double.
Somehow seems fitting that he plays Val.
"When's Annie"
This is even funnier now because people besides me are doing it.
i played a guy who played Peacock, BB, Double. His name was:

I ran into Wet Biscuit and Using My Neighbors WiFi today also

Surprisingly, the WiFi guy had a pretty good connection
This was... something different?

Skullgirls has changed.
I played against an "All you need is LAG!" the other day. He wasn't kidding.
I also played "All you need is LAG!" I never want to play him again.
I played him today. He wasn't very good.
Just fought this decent parasoul player
He beat me, but he kept running away in the beginning of the matchlike a coward
EDIT: Found another one
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what embarassing shoelaces!!
Mister the Wizard~
Cuteness Overlord
I once ran into a fellow named "UNIEL_IS_BETTER_THAN_SKULLGIRLS"
I once ran into a fellow named "UNIEL_IS_BETTER_THAN_SKULLGIRLS"
why is the guy playing skullgirls then?:PUN:
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"Flaym", a decent Filia
He's a cowardly one, runs away before time runs out, even though he has more health than me
I feel like total shit
You're garbage (Right before I got a perfect, he left.)
Saw that one and I even know who that is. :p Good to see I'm not the only one who had a major trauma watching this:
why did i watch the whole thing?
I really don't know if anyone gets my current Steam name, but I hope someone finds it clever...?