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What's your favorite animation in Skullgirls?


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Sep 3, 2013
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Filia Cerebella Ms. Fortune
Skullgirls is undoubtedly the most well animated game I've ever played, slowing animations down in training mode and just seeing all the little details that you don't usually notice when trying to avoid resets of look for an opening is incredibly entertaining, especially when you find an animation that really stands out.

My favorite animation in Skullgirls is Squigly's s.LK, but what's yours?
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Very difficult to say. The animation is overall of such consistent good quality and rife with details that it makes it very hard to single ONE animation. It's certainly one of the reasons why I'm so fond of the game, as it was also one of the reasons that drew me to Darkstalkers, which, in turn, got me hooked on fighting games. Skullgirls is the Darkstalkers Capcom never gave us!

But I think it's Excellabella. I love doing that move probably far more than any other.
Though if anyone saw me playing, they'd definitely say my favorite animation is Parasoul's j.HP. >_>
Can I say It's Squig's Lv 3?

I cannot stop laughing at fetus-baby Leviathan and the fact he's buffer then Samson.
Ms. Fortune's win animation "I win I win IwinIwin I win" That's all I ever strive for.

Same here, although there are some other contenders. First is Grab Bag of course, there's just so much going on in that move in a decent amount of time. It's not surprising that Cerebella has the most frames out of any character. 2nd is Filia's Fenrir Drive, I love wolves and it's just really cool. 3rd is Double's introduction, I audibly said WOAH when I first saw her transform.
Honestly off the top of my head my favs are her pre fight pose and her new victory pose I just really like her animations fluid feeling going into or from them ^^


Or I suppose to make things easier pretty much any of Filia's animations are my favs X3
All the characters have cool animations(especially Peacock), but my favorite has to be Squigly's snapback. I guess you could say that snapback is her best ASSet.

I'll be here all week ladies and gentlemen..
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Dear god... *looks at all the various animations and artwork saved* ...I ...I can't decide... hell half of the time I'm playing the game I'm busy looking at the animations and Background Art to even play... *dumps cold water on self* -w-
That is hard to say cause there's a lot of animations that's so smooth and neat.
But what pops in my mind the most though is Squigly's forward walk animation.
I think about Squigly grabbed by Bella's anti-air slapgrab.
I like the timeout animations for Cerebella and Ms. Fortune, Fortune's Head-on s.MP slowed down, Fortune's s.LK, Squigly's frown after whiffing Daisy Pusher Super and Filia's winpose where Samson stands up and Filia is blowing in the wind like Ryu's headband in ST.
Speaking of which, I'm not sure if it's intentional that Cerebella slaps Valentine's and Parasoul's breasts during the Anti-Air grab. That looks awkwardly hilarious and painful.
Wow, never noticed that ass grab/steadying itself.
Edit: Less likely steadying since Bella herself isn't steadying herself with her own hands (unless she's using that freaky Circus-De-Soleil Body core strength.
Annie of the Twerk
Doesn't count since she's not in skullgirls.
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I'm also a fan of this one.
Peacock's level 3
Peacock's air throw
Val's level 3
Val's counter
Val's command throw
Bella's excellabella
Bella's pummel horse
Squigly's stance charging where she spins Levi like a rope
Squigly's c.LP and s.LK

Over all if I had to choose 1 , probably Peacock's air throw, it always cracks me up.
the final part fo goodfellas is the most badass pose in the whole game.
Squigly's snapback.
That is all.
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Whenever I'm introducing somebody to Skullgirls, I always pick Double. I don't play her, but I find that seeing a nun turn herself inside out is a very effective first impression.

...Also, uh, my avatar.
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-Squigly s.MP.
-Squigly walking charge stancel for kicks.
Peacock entire "good fellas".....BADASSERY to the limit.