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Which guest character would you like to see in Skullgirls?

Saxton Hale

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Sep 11, 2013
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Valentine Peacock Cerebella
Even though I know it won't happen as the game is much to unknown to the general public but if there was a guest character from another fighting game which one do you think would be the most likely to be in the game? for me I would like to see Scorpion from Mortal Kombat in the game because he's just badass XD

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Zipper Head from bio-freaks and Dive from divekick
because why not
Zipper Head from bio-freaks and Dive from divekick
because why not

Good choice I'd say :O
Orie/Hyde/Linne/anyone really from Under Night In-Birth. It's a grand game and the two already did art with each other. Plus I think some of the characters would work well in each other's games.
Onlyafro plays Skullgirls, they also made the Giantdad build, anyone see where I am getting at?
The legend will live on
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I just want to see the team animate fire.


This MIGHT actually be possible if the right people talk to the right people

And I want this game to get more money from crowdfunding.

Select Squigly. Press forward and HP.

Oh come on. Not Levaithan's fire. And I also know about Parasoul's fire. That wasn't what I was looking for. I was looking for more like... east-asian firebending fire that covers more of the screen that some of Squiggly's fire+ martial arts attacks and move in arcs... I guess. Sorry should've clarified.
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I'll just list some who haven't been already: Hsien-ko, Morrigan, Felicia, Queen B, BB Hood, (pretty much any female from dark stalkers), Maya (KI), any non-knight playable character from Dragons Crown, Dizzy (GG), I-no (GG), a female (or giant bunny thing) from Waku Waku 7, or a Powerstone character......probably Falcon, Wang-Tang, Ayame, or Rouge.

.....yeah, there are a lot of characters that could fit.
I'm sorry, but that's a playable character in a FIGHTING GAME? Which game and where can I find it?
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I'm sorry, but that's a playable character in a FIGHTING GAME? Which game and where can I find it?

Game's called ABK, like the pop group but actually it stands for Akatsuki Blitzkampf. Notable for the main character Akatsuki who was featured as a guest character in Under Night in Birth .Exe Late as the least strong character in the game.

Here's what blitztank looks like ingame.

You can find that game online for free somewhere. There's a newer less-nice looking version in japan somewhere and we'll never see it but thats for the best I guess.
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Drossel von Flugel from Fireball. Sadly it will never happen because >Disney.
Orie from Under Night in Birth... she just seems like she'd fight.
MEGAMAN! Everything needs moar Mega Man! :D
I'd actually like a cameo from an ArkSys fighter. Probably Potemkin, because I'd want SG to get another grappler.
I'd actually like a cameo from an ArkSys fighter. Probably Potemkin, because I'd want SG to get another grappler.

I like this idea. We'd finally get Panzerfaust!
But SG has two grapplers already. I'd want one that'd make sense and fit in the roster. I'd call for probably someone from BlazBlue, mostly because it'd be a ton easier to BS a reason within the laws it has set for a character to join SG from BlazBlue (Rachel plz :3)
tsk, come on though we all know that Cerebella is Potemkin's daughter, they share practically the same grappling moves.

so having a daughter vs father fight would be just kinda weird. I=^)
I think Shantae would fit really well into Skullgirls.

Visually and in gameplay. I think a lot of her mechanics could be adapted. Also, I'm pretty sure they share some of the same animators.

I saw this today and it reminded me of your suggestion.

Zipper Head from bio-freaks and Dive from divekick
because why not
On Topic: characters that qualify as guest in skullgirls.

GG: Testament, Dizzy, Robo ky, I no, Slayer

KOF: K', Kula, Angel, Nameless, K999

Characters I WANT to be in Skullgirls

GG: Axl Low, Potemkin, ABA, Order Sol ( ONLY HOS )

KOF: Terry Bogard, Billy Kane, Kula, Angel, Yamazaki, Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser, Rugal, Rock Howard, Clark

Would be kinda an insult not to have Rock or Clark since Cerebella took Rock's Dash types move and Clark's Super Argentine Back Breaker as her own moves
So, I had a wonderfully terrible idea for a crossover: Super Meat Boy

High mobility, high risk, and high reward. His moves can all involve dodging suddenly appearing traps and hazards- jumping to avoid a spinning blade of death, dashing under a falling wall off spikes, wall-jumping to cross up the opponent, things like that. Conveying his single hitpoint/instant respawn mechanic into a fighting game would also be interesting: Potentially, he'd "die" upon any single hit, reappearing nearby, making combos less effective than stray pokes. Alternatively, he can just keep respawning in the middle of a combo and continue to get mushed... For his super, Dr. Fetus can appear trying to shoot Meat Boy with a rocket launcher, only for the rockets to be manually dodged and hit the opponent instead.

A passive aggressive zoner who needs to keep moving to avoid his own projectiles! Never gonna happen, but could be really neat.
how about Gene from God Hand?
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Mega Man, because Mega Man should be in everything, regardless of how much sense it makes!
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On the reverse side, Double would be pretty fitting in MKX.
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OK, I guess I could give a more serious answer <Not to say my last one wasn't serious>

Should SG 2 ever be a thing, and ALSO that L0 decides it wants to add guest characters, I personally would prefer characters from other fighting games, if only because they'd make more sense than to put such-and-such character in for the sake of itself

If I were to make an educated guess on the actual go-to first option, i'd wager on Yuzuriha from Under Night In-Birth given she's who French Bread splurged for to be in SG itself, but I personally would want Raptor from Lethal League or someone from Divekick or Yatagarasu

Beyond fightan though, i'd love to see Alex's other characters from his other concepts like Vulcan Heel and such making an early cameo