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32 Man Tournament (10PM EDT) (BRACKET/CHAT IN OP)

I got my new controller so I'll play. SIGN ME UP
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Just a heads up if my matches go past 10:30 EST I'll have to drop, have plans.
Just a heads up if my matches go past 10:30 EST I'll have to drop, have plans.

No worries man, I'll try to make go as fast as possible.
Sign me up. I should be home by the time it starts
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Never done a tourney before, why not? PSN is Dinglejet
I'm tired as fuck but I'll join.
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And here come the killers shooting their seeds everywhere.
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when ductator joins the fray, were all dead(or me at least)
when is this? i fell asleep. i live in california btw
4 slots left tell your friends lets fill em uuuup
I'd play, but y'know it's Saturday night, so naturally I have plans.

I feel you I got moves after this so ima get it done as quick as possible.
wow, almost 32 people, this gonna be fun as hell with a mad side of salt on those wounds :P
will the bracket chart be made here? I'd like to go up against SHODAN.
The bracket is gonna be on challonge and will be up at 10.

I seeded accordingly by skill for about half the bracket, the rest is random seeded.
and im guessing we msg you the results on psn?
Iight bet let's get it then lol when does it start ?
not sure if i can make it or not. can i reserve incase?
For those who are not on the EDT
PDT: Cali, Oregon, Washington, Nevada,: 7:00 PM
MST: Arizona: 7:00PM
MDT:Utah, Colorado, New Mexico Etc. : 8:00 PM
CDT: Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Etc. 9:00 PM

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How long do you think the tourney will be because I got plans around 11:00?