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Report 5/1 Salty - Taunt Madness, Robo-Fortune Completed


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Sep 2, 2013
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Get ready to perform some esoteric inputs: this week's Salty! is all about character taunts!

Until today, only Peacock and the latest DLC characters held the privilege of having their own taunts. That all changes with the introduction of taunts for all characters!
  • Robo-Fortune - Pulls her tail, which recedes back into her chassis as she recites one of four exciting catchphrases! Successfully completing this taunt gives your next Headrone Salvo twice as many missiles.
  • Double- Retakes the form of Sister Agatha to recite a snarky prayer. Adds one unit of meter to the opponent (100 units = 1 meter).
  • Cerebella - Smooches Vice Versa's bicep. Raises the chances of Lock'n'Load cat appearing to 1/4 instead of 1/90, until you get a cat.
  • Valentine - Chomps a bite out of a bar of dark chocolate. Restores 5 red HP on completion.
  • Ms. Fortune - Gets on all fours and has a good stretch. Restores 5 red HP on completion.
  • Parasoul - Tires of your subpar technique, and takes a quick yawn. Makes the next Egret Call always say "Well EXCUUUUUSE ME Princess".
  • Filia - Stylishly flicks Samson and strikes a pose. Hits for 5 damage, induces 8f of hitstun, cannot kill.
  • Fukua - Pulls her hair in frustration. Adds one unit of meter to the opponent (100 units = 1 meter).
  • Squigly - Happily grins as Leviathan coils around her. Makes you feel all warm inside.
  • Painwheel - Tears away her mask to show off her trademark smile. Hits for 5 damage, induces 8f of hitstun, cannot kill.


Robo-Fortune is complete! After nearly a year of development, Robo-Fortune has her voice acting, sound effects, gameplay mechanics, and all of her colored frames. Development on Skullgirls Encore is officially winding down as Lab Zero Games prepares for the final stretch; working towards the launch of 2nd Encore for PlayStation 4/Vita. Make sure to check out Robo-Fortune's latest additions in the Endless Beta while you still have the chance!

Players will be able to get their hands on these shiny new taunts (alongside a handful of balance adjustments) in the next Endless Beta update. Check out the full Twitch archive of this week's Salty! here!

With work on 2nd Encore speeding along, make sure you don't miss a beat: Catch Salty! live so that you can watch the updates unfold alongside the community! Watch Salty! here every Friday @ 8PM PST.

(Thanks @Rakurin for compiling taunt gifs!)
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Development on Skullgirls Encore is officially winding down as Lab Zero Games prepares for the final stretch;

Painwheel's fucking taunt.....
I can't wait to check them out omg

Thanks so much for finally fulfilling so many of our requests for universal taunts, also yay congrats on robo being done! One of my favorite characters thus far and an unexpected one at that!
Okay okay. But it all went by so fast...

...this three-year launch party.
The reason it has been going on this long is because it never ends, bud, and it never will.
Loving these new taunts, really glad they made it in.
where's robo-fortune story mode
wwwow painwheel's taunt is life and is a benefit in itself

good job lab zero

suggestion - play the happy birthday laugh if you taunt mid-match and lose
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Is it just me or does the human part of Double's taunt look off model? Like the neck is too thin and the chin looks kind of off.

Minor nitpick aside Parasoul and Valentine are clear favorites for me (and it helps that Valentine is my main).
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Double's is oddly elegant. I love it. Painwheel is fucking adorable, omg. Makes me want to hug her and quell her monstrous growls and screams.
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Dono if it's the Gif, but Valentine's seems to be kinda fast.. Else love em all.. Especially the scary Double one. Man that's creepy.
I love the little stars on Painwheel's!

Also, a little sad Double's sunglasses didn't make it in, though I guess those would be spoilery...
Any news or updates planned for the replay theater? Haven't heard much about it since it was fixed up a bit..
So, looking at Double's Taunt more, some interesting stuff I spotted. But it played too fast for me to figure it out completely so I dissected the Gif. Here's the frames from the gif. interesting stuff, and the amount of detail is pretty staggering. (note: I didn't edit out duplicate frames, so there might be a bit of scrolling going on.)

I'm a bit sad they don't actually do anything to the character, i personally think that the team is clever enough to balance them to be cool and niche but i totally understand and respect the decision to just have it be for fun. Fun is good.

EDIT: They all look absolutely amazing, fantastic work and great animation as always.
Glad to see you're finally reaching the final stretch!

Oh and i didn't knew Painwheel was Faust all long!
I was always hoping Cerebella would get a grab taunt of some kind, I thought that would have been funny if you literally say "I knew you were holding downback and could have grabbed and killed you but instead I did this".

Also, Mike of course isn't listening to anything and won't do anything more, but I was hoping we could get silly or simply cool things for taunts. Like, Bella's Taunt making the next Battle Butt two hits so I can get 4000 points, or Val throwing two sets of scalpels during her lvl 1 during the time freeze for only a little extra dmg, or Parasoul sniper shooting three times (first hit launches, second hit launches the other way, third hit crumples), or making Death Crawl a little longer for a small dmg buff and letting you control which way she crawls so you can dance back and forth over them. Just like, fun things for little benefit (or no benefit; dmg could have stayed the same for all I care). But, I'm typing for no reason. Like most times I type.
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Personally I'd love to see the "head recall faster" thing implemented and the taunt could of been a quick way to squeeze it in. *shrugs* No effect is cool though
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I agree that I'm a little sad the new taunts font do anything. I hate moves that are there for no reason than to make people salty. It increases overall toxicity of online matches greatly and is a good way to make people feel unwelcome. I would have much rather seen them do something simple and possibly even close to useless, negligible health or meter gain, slight damage increases (like cerebella is just begging to have her taunt increase the damage of her next Titan punch) or something.

At the same time i accept the team has to move on to other things and time is limited. I guess personally I wish the taunts weren't there rather than there and meant only for insult value. Anyway I wish you guys all the best luck in whatever you make next either together or as a team. Skullgirls is still the best fighting game I've played period so whatever project gets you guys next is fucking lucky.
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I hate moves that are there for no reason than to make people salty.

That's kind of the entire point of taunts though... like, down to the definition of the word 'taunt'. And if I wanted to make someone angry in SG, there are way better ways I could do that. Clap clap clap grab bag dynamo after KO, playing a funny song on the trumpet, teabagging, etc. By comparison, Val taking time out of her day to eat some chocolate is pretty tame

I'd like for taunts to do things too, but more along the lines of what Duck said; something so stupidly minor that it seldom goes used in serious matches, like Dudley's rose. Not necessary though, IMO
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My thoughts go like this:

If a taunt isn't an actual taunt (meaning it's more like a personal action) the id like them to do something. But if a taunt is an actual taunt (laughing at the other character, flipping them the bird, mooning them, etc then Im All for taunts doing nothing.

But cute little "taunts" make no sense to me, especially when they do nothing for gameplay.

I personally would at least like a "good job" or something to that effect taunt that you can use either at face value when the opponent does some cool shit, or you can use sarcastically when they fuck up.

But I'm still happy that taunts are in in the first place.
Can't be stressed enough how risky introducing a taunt that actually does anything would be at this point of development. Robo-Fortune patch is the final one. If there's anything wrong left in it, it will be there to stay.

Give a noticeable taunt boost to character X. Someone develops safe routes to call the taunt over and over, making the character considerably better than everyone else. Come EVO, the whole top8 consists of teams build around character X and his taunt, as it's simply a more effective approach than anything else. And at that point, there is no one to fix it. Curtain.
I wonder if these taunts can be executed easily or not.

Cause I wanna see that Squigly taunt FOREVER!!