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Canopy After Hours - Stage Mod

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Sep 2, 2013
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Work in Progress

- Minaria NPC is still in this stage (Cause she is my NPC), added glowing effect to her stomach which I will show later.

- Panzerfaust Tank still in stage, cause I think it would be funny if someone forgot to turn it off and left it.
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The current progress of my stage edit.

- I might have to remove the other statue, I have no clue how to reattach the statue that I accidentally removed.
- Music is "Detective Mario" from Paper Mario 64. It's temporary till I find a better fitting song.
- Idk what else I should do to this stage, I'm not too good at photoshop editing lol
This is really sweet!

Well I did the best I could and I finished the stage to the best of my ability!

- I couldn't figure out how to readd the statue so I just removed the other one to keep consistency.

Edit: Forgot to remove the other statues sword thing.
I like this a lot but when's Canooy stage in the daylight
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Hey so I realized just now that you can't do multiple downloads without upgrading on media fire, so I put all of the content into one rar file for easy download! Now you can have the stage easier! Sorry about that! (Updated the previous post for the FINAL RELEASE)