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Combo Breaker 2016 Roomsharing Thread

I think I would like to go to CB, does hosting basically mean I would pay the fees and then get compensated for the other peoples share?
That's how it'd work, yes. However, I think I've found a workable solution that can bunk our SendTheWorld players together, so no need for other rooms, at the moment.
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never mind the last post, my room is full now.
I'm in need of a room or roomies. Uh, not sure what the status is but uh, hey, I need to solidify my plans for CB and I can't just go alone. KC already has all their groups setup together, and I'm the last odd one out. Haven't really been sure beforehand, but hey, good changes means I can set some plans in motion. I plan on driving to Chicago up from KC and arriving there Thursday afternoon/evening, and have a bedroom for four nights.

Offer's up. Hope I can make it and perhaps be a good host. And be prepared enough for this whole big thing of craziness.

UPDATE:So far I got one other from KC going.
@Verdant Brave @Grangach what yours plans look like? You two got rooms?
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UPDATE 2: I'm gonna have to cancel my plans, now things have just fallen into the territory of "No way I'm making it this year." So, sorry. I did get a message or two from folks interested in the room, though, and they've been notified appropriately. But if anyone does have room available, do post them here, I'm sure there's more still looking for a room.

Good luck and see y'all in the next one.
Is there anyone out there still looking for a room (/has room for one more)? I might be able to make it out to this, but I'd need to get into a room of 4 and I don't have the ability to host. Also, I'd be arriving Friday/leaving Monday.
Only got confimation yesterday for my time off and im looking for any openings.

@Senjin if nothing for either of us comes up then lets see about getting a room and 2 other people.
Does anyone here have room for someone to spend the night Monday night for a early morning flight? Worse case scenario for me would be to get a room myself for a night.
Does anybody have an available room to share? I don't even need a bed. I'll sleep on the floor or even the closet.
Anyone still have room available yet? I didn't want to reserve another room after I booked the salty suite and that kinda left me without a spot to sleep and chill.
Room Plz..
Can be of assistance. When you getting in, leaving, calling motherships?