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Steam - Windows Does anybody else experience the game just closing after a match?


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Jan 2, 2022
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Sometimes after I finish a match in quick match the game just closes, no error or warning or anything. It never happens during a match only after. The play again menu doesn't even appear, the game just closes after somebody wins. I don't think its dependent on mine or the opponents connection bc ive seen it happen on even good connections. The laptop I use to play is on the lower end hardware-wise but i usually only play skullgirls with it as the only running app. I am running the game with replays enabled so that could potentially be the reason? Its not really too much of a big deal bc it only happens after a match but its kinda annoying having to queue up again in quick match. I haven't really tested out methods of reproducing it, just curious to see i anybody else has had this issue. (I play on windows, retail version on steam)