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Fukua's Original Combos

That did remind me of a combo @Skarmand wrote once. He even had rainbow colors.
Rainbow Colours were on sev for his 2 Minute 3v1 ToD, that was Icon notation with descriptive words iirc
Original Movenames as Notation was me, in the same thread. SH died shortly afterwards, sadly!

Here is my Fukua combo btw:
- o
R E 2
- i o
Q E 1
B B L E 9 %
everyone writing abot they're combos, some easy and some difficult, there's even some combos that can break you fingers!
and i'm just here like, "i like this character, i'll push any button just for fun"
I'm probably missing something really basic here, but when I try to do the first BnB combo listed on the first post in this thread it gets bursted.

2LK 2MP 2HP xx 214HK
j.HP j.HK
---> 2MP 2HP xx 214MK
j.MP j.HK
5LK LK 2MK 2HP xx 236HK ( xx 236KK )

I cannot seem to get the second 2MP 2HP to work as the training dummy bursts on the second 2MP. I'm doing this combo in the corner if that makes a difference. The part of the combo that I cannot get is pointed at by the arrow.

Kind of a stretch here, but if someone could enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong it'd help immensely.
This combo seems fine. the first c.mp is ignored by IPS. Are you trying to do this off an assist?
This combo seems fine. the first c.mp is ignored by IPS. Are you trying to do this off an assist?

No, I'm doing it solo on Fukua on a training dummy. I'll try again, maybe it was carrying over some attacks from the previous combo attempt.

edit: yep that was it. One of my friends told me about using the select button to reset combos lol
Has any one found a mid screen combo with c.lk starter and 1 bar no assist that does more the 7.35 k yet?
that only does 7.23k

even with 2 s.lk at the end only does 7.326 k
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I have a 7.35k combo which is why I ask. I am well aware of damage output and what not with Fukua
But I also have an impractical one that does 7.4 k..... just not consistent at all.

So I guess I'll ask has anyone been exploring fire jump loops at all cause I've been hearing that those are really good and I would love to see some bnb that utilize that more
So you do know that your combo is prolly the most damaging one to date and that it will not reach any further beyond that.

I suppose this is true, but in that case it is probably pertinent to start to experiment with 2 meter combos seeing as to how fukua can combo off of BFF. As an example, Pw combos dont easily get over 7.5k for one meter from a cr.lk starter with no other conventions thrown in (CH, assist, corner, works on very few characters etc)

But she can still manage to get around 8.8k using 2 meters, no ch, assist/corner. Also, the combo that she uses to do that is still good even when using 1 meter because Pw can then reset at max undizzy when she's done around 7.3k or so, instead of ending in a weak super that stops all pressure.

So if fukuas haven't been looking at that as a way to increase her damage (albeit for meter) then they should, ESPECIALLY if they use fukua at any position other than point since point is the only position starving for meter.

This point goes for most every character that has a super that can be combod off of.

Supers don't increase undizzy so they are great ways to pump up damage in a non conventional way.
@Mr Peck fire jump is when you do j.hk into l air love dart then double jump as soon as you can to continue the combo.

@Dime BFF scales your combo to hell.... A shinku combo (fireball super) is usually better if you haven't used the OTG and you are near the corner and your past full damage scaling. 2 bar combos really don't do anything for Fukua but that's just my opinion
otg cHK LDart BFF. That's my 2 meter route string. Frontload sweep damage.
otg cHK LDart BFF. That's my 2 meter route string. Frontload sweep damage.
Dat scaling though ;_;
Dat scaling though ;_;

Which is why you do it when scaling won't matter...? Ever played Squigly where chord into grave is the optimal way to achieve damage after a certain number of hits? If you're doing a 2 meter combo, there has to be a point where BFF is going to fit in the middle and it be fine, and otg sweep is going to tack on damage you normally wouldn't get. And that's the only way I know you can combo in/out of otg sweep with Fukua other than like, otg sweep > drill > fireball super which ends the combo. otg sweep > LDart > BFF lets you keep going.

I'm no optimization master, that title goes to like, well, for Bella, probably dragonos. Then slyzor for whatever he feels like doing. I dunno who else is actually good at damage optimization.
@Dime i don't agree with looking for damage in particular for most cases unless you're like me and play anchor fukua on a specific team. BFF causes crumple so i use that for certain cases and setups.

ANYWAYS if you need a simple 8202 combo using 2 bars here it goes

c.lk, c.mp, c.hp XX BFF, c.mp, c.hp XX M shadow, dashjump, j.hp,j.hk, s.mk, s.hp, j.mk, j.hk, s.lp, s.lk c.mk, c.hp, H drill Drill super
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Yeah, i know BFF scales damage bad which is why I would use it late into a combo, or "later" in a combo. Pw also has scaling issues on many of her moves. I just thought I'd mention 2 meter combos in case people weren't using them for some reason.


Yeah I do use fukua anchor actually :)

But yeah that 2 meter combo for Pw is my BnB. But I tend to only use the full 2 meters when it will kill. Other than that I use a no meter version when opponents have a lot of health, and a 1 meter high damage version when health is a bit lower and the 2 meter version when it will kill, or when the 2 meters into a dhc will kill. I find it makes my Pw very dynamic as far as where I can kill from... I always have good killing options.

For fukua, idk how much BFF does at near max scaling, but if it does at least 500 damage then I think it could be very beneficial since it does no undizzy. Personally though I would have the BFF much further down the line in any combo since that would allow me easy access to confirm whether the BFF is warranted (they are lower HP) and since the scaling would be moot at that point.

My Pw combo up to the first super for instance is:

Cr.lk,cr.mk,st.hp xx fly df j.lk, cr.mk,st.hp xx lk buer xx fly df j.lp,st.mp,j.mk xx MK buer xx air super.

At that point the scaling is through the roof, but I still get 3 chains into another super:

After super:

J.mp otg, cr.lk,cr.mk xx L stinger, (235 undizzy here after the L stinger crumple) dash st.lp,st.lk,cr.mp,st.hp xx lk buer xx super

Idk if fukua has anything like this, but a variant of the Pw BnB imho would be nice if found as it would up fukuas situational damage a good amount if found and did around 8.3k or more at 2 meters.
Honestly not really? once fukua follows up from the first ground string she accumulates undizzy fast and because all of her normals getting regulated its very hard to squeeze out damage. Her damage is pretty set in exchange for having all the tools in the game to function well on her own (which is why i put her for anchor).

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I have yet to really experiment with fukua combos at all, which is why I mention it here, to get feedback. It seems highly unlikely that a 2 meter combo doesn't do a significant amount of damage to warrant being used over a 1 meter combo in certain situations... Having said that. It is totally feasible that this is how it goes depending on various numbers.

I will take a look at damage values when I get some time, though that might not be for a couple of weeks or so :(

Even a 1 meter combo that does around 6.5k I to a reset could be very good for fukua if found... My Pw numbers approximately for the meter:

No meter cr.lk starter:

Around 5-5.5k into reset.

1 meter starter:

7.3 k into reset

2 meter BnB:

8.8k no reset potential.

I don't for a minute think that fukua can reach those kinds of numbers, but that isn't the point, the point is to optimise situational meter based damage if at all possible.

Anyways, good talk :)
Just because people seemed to like my Double assist conversion idea here is a Fukua one I came up with last night. I think it has A LOT of potential in damage and in resets!
here is what midscreen damage looks like
And finally my corner combo.

note that on lights the timing on the second s.hk can be tricky and if you time it wrong they will fly right over you.
Just a post for Bnb's. i will include a videos along with it. this is mainly to help liam clean up this thread.

SJ=super jump

Midscreen bnb

c.lk s.mk s.hp
s.mk s.hp
j.hp j.hk
c.lk s.hp
j.mp j.hp
s.lp s.lp c.mk c.hp, H drill (236HK), 236KK(Drill of my dreams)

Damage: 6729

corner: c.lk s.mk s.hk 214hk(H clone)
s.mp, 214LK(L clone)
backdash, s.mk c.hp, 214mk
SJ, j.mp(all hits) j.hk
s.lk, s.lk, c.mk s.hk, 236HK(H drill), 236KK(Drill super)
Damage: 7542
i will provide vids in the morning. this is a placeholder
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Here is another cool universal combo.

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What are some of the new Fukua BnBs involving beta shadows?
I have something, 2 optimized combos and universal, sorry for bad quality.

Cool, any idea what the combos are? I can't tell by watching them.
Hope to write down notation & practice now that the patch is on PSN. Thanks!