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gllt's 1v1 Kumite?


On my own
Sep 24, 2013
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Hello! I'd like to run a kumite, with me, gllt!
...but with a gimmick!

I'm gonna list out ALL of the playable characters. I was only going to list out ones I think I can play, but screw that.
You, the challenger, will pick a character you want ME to play, then you will play against that character.
You can play whoever you want to play yourself.. but only solo!

Like this,
My character - Player - (Their character)
Parasoul - Claws (Parasoul)
Filia - Midiman (Cerebella)

You do NOT have to play the same character I'm playing. You can though! You can force a Parasoul mirror on me. You jerk. B]
That being said, there are as many slots as there are characters.


THERE IS NO SET DATE YET. I'm checking how well this might go over first, and if it looks like people are interested, I'll set a date, and we'll do this thing.
You can still apply as of RIGHT NOW as part of the popularity check though! If over half the characters get filled, I'll set the date!

I live on the gulf coast in the southern part of Alabama, my timezone is CST. The best time for me is 8pm CST. Keep all this in mind!
If we don't regularly play and you want to run a test match in advance to check playability, please let me know NOW.

I'll be streaming this on my own unless someone else is interested in streaming/commentating it for me.
If I stream it on my own, I'll just play video game music unless popular demand says otherwise?
Sets will be ft5 because Solos USUALLY take longer and ft3 is too short for me and ft7 sounds like too much for the amount of possible sets.


We have some pre-registered people!
Let the popularity check begin!
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Whatup. Eliza. You know what it do. Pick whoever you want to play against me, I dun care.
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you already know.
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We have six people already.. one more and I'm discussing the date this is going down. Gonna work around the pre-registered people to set the most unanimously convenient date for everyone. Looks like this is popular enough to happen!
I'll fight your peacock with Painwheel, Double, or Filia, up to you.
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I could fight your Painwheel with Squigly.
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This thing is almost full. So, here's some possible dates, and I want anyone who can't make those dates to speak up and I'm going to try to work around everyone.

... I didn't expect it to fill up this fast!! I was hoping to get a popularity check and set the date early to make it easier for people to know if they could play... my bad!


Monday March 16th
Wednesday March 18th
Friday March 20th
Saturday March 21st
Sunday March 22nd

@ElkyDori @Shin ATproof @Devita @Midiman @HDiz93 @Dreamepitaph @Hilary @Genoisawesome @Luweewu @6-Let

Also @Broseidon Rex I saw you interest on Twitter so I'm tagging you.
Alright - Wednesday is the best day for me. I close all the other days at work, other than Saturday, but I don't know if I'll be opening Sunday, so... Wednesday is best.
I'll fight your Beowulf with Peacock. Wednesday works best for me, Monday is also okay, the other days don't work at all.

I wish I could stream it but I can't =/ I have given up trying to fix my broken ass computer
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Monday is a no go. Wednesday would be good.
I can only do Sunday or Monday with those times

I can sit out if that doesn't work for others though
Monday or Wednesday. I can possibly make anyday but unexpected shit happens for me on the weekends.
Wednesday works for me
I'm game if we can do Big Band mirrors, round start SSJs every game

anyday would work for me as long as I could play towards the beginning
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id fight your Fortune with my Peacock if theres a spot open for me
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Can multiple people challenge the same character? If so:
Peacock - PaperBag_Sniper (Valentine)
So did we ever come up with a date for this thing?
Remove me from the list please. Not good enough yet.
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I'll have to sit this one out then; i'll be at work while this is going down.

Good luck <3
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I won't know until Friday. Was TOTALLY prepared for today. Get my schedule weekly after all.
I though you were gonna cancel altogether since I didn't notice you saying anything about this week. Wednesday is still fine to me.
25th is OK with me
I should be good to go on that date.
@Natezer you should sign up to fight against Peacock. It's not like you don't have the matchup experience.
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i'm good for the 25th, still starting around 8pm CST?
Can I play???????????????????????????????

My Parasoul vs Awful matchup for me (Peacock)
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@Natezer you should sign up to fight against Peacock. It's not like you don't have the matchup experience.
Uuuugh I have to work. If this was one day earlier I could and would do it. ;-;
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@Mr Peck will be going first due to the fact that it will be past midnight for him! Anyone else that has legitimate reasons for early placement, please speak now.
Otherwise, entrants will be played in random order.

Thank you.
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