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How do you think Marie will play?

They don't NEED to but it sure does make the process go a lot faster. I believe they have done that for a lot of things. Dahila's gun, Annie's blade, Eliza's weapon etc..
Yeah I mean but gun, swords and scythes are relatively elaborate designs, but tubes? It makes sense, just unexpected for me.
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More to see of Marie from Evo 2023!

The Marie Exhibition shows her coming along well: animations and effects are nearing completion and voice clips (for her and Hilgard) are being implemented!
Between Marie's body-check Special (Light version), Hilgard laser, vacuum command-grab, and big skeleton-hand grab, it seems like her kit has a strong emphasis on positioning. I dunno if it'd be fair to consider this a gimmick, though.
Speaking of, big skeleton-hand Blockbuster is interesting, in terms of Meter usage. Performing it grants you 2 to 3 hits, but you can apparently spend additional Meter to add additional hits (and damage).

Her moveset appears complete, but it's also possible that there's another facet to her kit that we have yet to see.
They definitely gave her options at any range but she definitely wants to keep the opponent close to her where she has the most options. I like that you can combo off her j.HK with the long-range Hilgard laser to pull the opponent back in. I like the timing for her overhead skull punch blockbuster. Super fast move.
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Making this post here, as its contents do not pertain directly to gameplay.

The image that appears during super-flash when Marie performs a Blockbuster is her old "Bloody Marie" boss portrait instead of her new playable character portrait. But this is likely being used as a placeholder.

Her flames extinguish when she's KO'd!

If "Dead Lift" (c.HP) is interrupted fast enough (by Cancelling or otherwise), the skeleton that would have been suplexed will react accordingly:
Marie Suplex Cancel.png

The following is lore speculation, so I'm not confident this thread is the best place for it, but:

I wasn't expecting Marie's skeletons (other than Hilgard) to be voiced! Given some of their lines, could we assume they are acting (at least partially) of their own volition, as opposed to being under Marie's direct control?
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