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How do you think Umbrella will play?


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Sep 5, 2013
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Cerebella Robo Fortune
According to the old notes she draws inspiration from Holy Order Sol, May and Shuma-Gorath. But we don't know if these inspirations are still being considered. Someone who was watching one of Umbrella's streams said that she may be inspired by Venom (MvC) too?
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Post on Steam discussing Umbrella's inclusion and planned gameplay:


I'm so excited to see how Umbrella will evolve throughout development once she enters the beta!

The Steam post states that she's meant to be a character with limited mobility but great range. Umbrella joining the cast is all I've ever wanted, but as a Filia main, I fear she may be far beyond my comfort zone, lol.

The team's begun running animation streams again! In one such stream, the Senior Animator worked on a special attack that looks very similar to Venom Fang (MvC). It even seems to travel in an arc. Shown in this tweet:

In the most recent animation stream (at the time of this writing), the Lead Animator worked on one of Umbrella's Blockbusters. It straight-up looks like Mystic Stare (MvC):
The text at the top reads "FULL SCREEN ATTACK".
Umbrella Blockbuster.png
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That mechanic about consuming food and changing attack properties sounds like a mixture of Sin Kyske and ABA to some extent. I'm very curious, she's definetely going to be an interesting addition to the roster!