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I need advice on resets


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Apr 12, 2016
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Ok, so resets are pretty much the most important thing about Skullgirls? Like the game is very reset heavy.
I've been practicing resets, I've learned a quite few, but I've still got some questions.

1.) Resets set the hit counter back to zero, so it's another combo. Skullgirls has that damage scaling thing going on where each hit in a combo does less damage until the 15th hit. So do resets ALSO reset the damage scaling? Because sometimes it doesn't feel that way.
2.) There are times where I don't think resets are worth it because of the undizzy meter. I'll land a reset, but I can only do a much shorter combo or else I'll trigger undizzy since the amount of green bar filled by the last combo is still present, and I don't think I have enough to time to have some of it go down before going for a reset. Because of this, there are times where I feel like the damage output could've been much bigger if I hadn't gone for a reset. Is it best to go for a short combo and then a reset?
3.) Do you have enough time to block before getting hit by a reset? You're not in a combo anymore hit so I'd expect so, I'm just curious.
4.) It feels like they're as important to this game as combo breakers are to Killer Instinct, so what are the mind games to them, if any? I'm guessing it's like a "different combos, same reset", "same combo, different resets" kind of thing.
5.) Is it possible to bait a reset? I know that sounds strange, just wondering if it can be done.
6.) Can you use character assist attacks for resets?
1) Yes.

2) Short combo into a reset is unexpected and does more damage than a long combo into a reset, but the risk is that if you miss your reset and they block it you get less damage than long combo into a reset.
Risk reward that you will have to manage.
Other things to consider is that the longer your combo goes on the more meter you build your opponent.
The more scaled your combo is, the more % of meter you give the opponent per hit.
You donate almost no meter to your opponent at the start of a combo, and donate TONS during the end of it when you try and squeeze in a lot of hits.
Resetting early consistently denies your opponent meter.

3) Yes.

4) People have patterns, you have to think about the rewards of all their options and think about what they might go for.
If it is truly unreactable, defending against a reset is a read, but a defensive one.
The mind games around resets for the attacker is to try and predict what they think you will do, and then do the opposite.
If you think that they think that you will go high, go low.
If you think that they think you will bait their super, throw them instead.

5) You can super / reversal people in the face if you know they are going to reset you, which puts things back in your favour and punishes them for attempting it.
If you know they will throw reset, you can jump and hit them with a falling button or similar.
Is that what you mean?

6) Yes.
A quick example is Double's Flesh Step.
She teleports behind the opponent while passing through them.
You can use this move while calling an assist to force the opponent to switch their blocking to the other side while Double normally can't attack.
Ok, on the questions on assists.
What assists could I use for resets on I my team? I normally give Parasoul L Napalm Shot since Big Band doesn't have a projectile, and Big Band L Beat Extend for pressure relief.
Nearly any assist can be used as a reset. It just needs to hit/grab the enemy. A simple one is just calling assist and jumping over the enemy. So the enemy is needs to block in the other direction.
Liam (admin) thank you very much for answering OP's question as I also wanted to post the same questions but then I saw this.. and i was getting anxious (I'm really suffering from anxiety, taking atarax) that I won't ever find the answer :)
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Throw resets do scale damage tho