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Indivisible: Lab Zero's Action-RPG! (General Discussion)

So uuh.

According to the latest indiegogo update, Sangmu and Antoine aren't coming for now. They'll be patched in at a later date because their gameplay is a little difficult to implement.

I guess this won't be an easy launch, but we had worse, right?
So I got my Backer key and tried activating it, but I'm getting this error instead.

EDIT: NVM, saw on Discord that it's just the Roti DLC code that they sent out first.
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The curse is back

I'm aware the game isn't 7MB and there is an issue with Steam's install right now, but still.
Seems it's now working for some people. Nothing here yet.

EDIT: And it's working for me too. Cya guys later.
I restarted Steam a bit ago and have it downloading the full game now.
I have a question. I backed Indivisble at the Ajna statue tier. So when they say they will be sending out the statue later, do they mean they will be sending my whole package out later or just the statue?
Game problems.
Just downloaded it on steam, start it up, get a black screen with sound playing for the amazing animated intro I'm now missing out on, then get to the start adventure screen, followed by another black screen with very dramatic music, then dropped into a battle with characters who aren't ajna, but I can see it.

So I guess I'm having issues with video/cutscene playback.

I'll not play the game for fear of missing a vital scene in the middle and wait for a patch for the time being.
Seems there are issues that affect multiple people. Like instant crash at start, no visuals only sound and failure to load sprites.

Thankfully nothing touching me, but it seems that it's more of the game issue than users, with how many of them are.
If its happening to enough people, then I expect a patch in the near future.
I had to log out the PC to fix it. Else it's working like a charm. Yeah. Razmi's my fave, story wise XD
Anyone else getting full screen flashes of colors before cutscenes? Not a major thing, but just something I noticed. Playing on PS4
still trying to figure out the cutscene thing. just a black screen whenever a video or an event with special art, but the dialogue names and text were still visible.

so when i played the game, i got to that very early scene with ajna's dad and dhar and saw nothing but words on the screen. looking at a youtube video indicates its pretty important to see what's happening, so i'm kinda stuck not playing until i figure it out or it gets patched.

i think its related to old nvidia cards, but that's just a guess.
I think there's a memory leak where if you don't focus the game, it'll hitch at first launch, preventing you from closing it properly (Task manager doesn't list it). Luckily logging out of Steam fixes the stuck game.

Oh also this enemy shouldn't display like this:
(He was idle on the ground like that)
I'm getting a similar error on launch. Usually happens if I navigate to another window before the game launches. It just ends up running in the background as a black screen. You can hear the sound and all, but the game doesn't appear on either the Taskbar or Task Manager.
Arrived today.



UPS was also very kind as to give my copy a free CREASE ON THE SIDE.

Crease aside, it's still very nice. Will check out the contents probably right now.
So looks like a screw up and can't continue with the main story, I killed those birds after you fall in Kaanul, wanted to grind some level and stopped to appear, so I said "well" and continue with the story but after beating the Serpent queen and tried to go up looks like I needed those birds to make them like stone and step on them to go up, but since i killed them and didn't know that i needed them to go up and those birds stopped to respawn there looks like i cant continue.


a complete day of playing this wasted.
So i got the framed poster in the mail today and nothing else. I guess i expected everything, except the statue, to come all at once. Are they supposed to arrive separately?

edit: stuff came the day after.
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I've started compiling my own feedback doc to send to L0. I figure I'll post it in more places to make sure someone sees it once I've finished my first playthrough and have more thoughts written down, but I figured why not share what I have so far with Skullheart and see what anyone else thinks. Maybe I could turn it into a collaborative community feedback master list, though a fair amount of it is just personal subjective opinions right now.
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Don't know if devs, or even most fans check this site anymore but I need to post some thoughts.

The combat has completely fallen apart in the middle portion of the game. After the sandworm boss there is just zero challenge except for the Garuda fight. Even that was solely because I was attempting it without a healer. It's not even that guarding/just guarding nullifies too much damage, you don't need to guard at all. The smaller enemies should probably be doing 2-3 times more damage from the Port onward. I've only put one upgrade into defense so it's not like I'm overleveled. You can do some really neat combos but it doesn't feel much more effective than just mashing against most enemies. Also Pheobe's super is just straight up broken. It has no hitbox, it does nothing but waste meter.

With that out of the way, the art and music are beautiful. The platforming has also been solid in my experience. Maybe slightly frustrating at times but it's been the most enjoyable and challenging part of the game going for some of the ringsels and just exploring the various cities. The dialogue has been pretty cute with some genuinely funny lines and the voice acting is generally good. Maybe wish the story was a little darker but there's still time for that. Characters seem to roll with being absorbed by Ajna a little too easily also, but there's still time for that to become more of a plot point too.

Feeling disappointed honestly. Crazy to even say this but the game feels rushed. Combat was the one thing I had no worries about but nothing has really felt like the tougher boss fights in the various demos. Going to shelve the game til the next patch at least. Hopefully it addresses some of the balance issues and adds the other two launch characters.
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Stumbled upon the Backer NPC I submitted. Pretty happy how he turned out.
So now the default controls are the ones I've been using in Prototype from day one.

Neat. :P
  • Sand worm boss was kinda annoying. I’m not sure if there was something I missed as I just brute-forced my way until it let me back into the fight.
I don't understand what this is supposed to mean, you go attack the wizard when he sets the worm on you, it takes like 2 seconds.

Also, you can guard break with just Ajna, or you can use any incarnation's up and her down or something, she always has a damage attack unless you get the detonation loop thing but you won't have fired arrows when you're opening anyway. And again, literally just down then up as her or up then down as her, whatever. Or have someone with a grab, like Baozhai. Or any member with a damaging up or down and do that with Ajna making the difference. The fact you don't use some incarnations over this is bizarre.