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...I've shown up to this party late

Following the advice that fenster gave:

Teching throws.

After watching my matches a few times (something I do with every get gr8), I've heard the tip of teching throws a lot over time. I think this is the big piece of advice I was looking for in those matches.

I know when I should look for a throw reset. I've been told why and when people want to throw someone they are combo'ing. Many players seem to be able to sneak throw resets in to their combos well enough that they seem impossible to tech them even if I was ready for it. Besides all the other problems i have with my gameplay, this may be holding me back more than other issues.

The hard part will be applying this knowledge. In yesterday's stream, I think I did tech a throw reset I was waiting for more than once. So.....it's a start? Now, for the hard part: taking this knowledge, and apply it with some form of consistency.
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"Weeaboo names I can't pronounce" JoshB LOL and just call me Kyu

From your first match try confirming off of cerecopter with s.lp on the ground instead of cr.lk. If you're in the air, I think j.mp is probably a good button.
So now that I have completed the task of learning how to play fighting games, the next step is to learn how to not suck at them. As I look through my folder of advice and tips, I see that it has become bloated again. I guess there's such a thing as too much good advice. I have so much of it that it has become slightly overwhelming.

I begin to ask questions like "is this good advice?" "Is this person giving better advice?" "Is this one of my problems? I feel like I'm struggling on a more basic level then this person sees...". Unfortunately, some of the advice I have been given is being wasted, as I seem to be unable to apply it.

After a set with showuramen (which was fugly. I should probably post that footage tho), he suggested a couple exercises:
1. Play a few matches without using Val's dead crosses
2. Play a few matches where you jump as little as possible.

To be honest, i'm not sure what this will show me. But I have become proficient in hobbies like guitar playing with exercises of a similar matter, so I'm happy to apply this to SG.

So here are 3 matches I just did with the instructions I was given by fellow noodleboi showuramen. While there was no miracle, I think for the first time ever, I saw a...difference right away in my gameplay. I appeared to be a lot more patient. Over the matches, I did become panicky and go back to old habits though. But when i was calm, I could see and feel that I was doing better against the opponent.
I had an opportunity to play a set with Tossle. Someone I have never heard of before, but he's apparently well known as a really good Val player. He's good. Won the first match. I'm assuming it was given to me, but I think I played that one very well. I have the footage that I've be putting up soon. He gave me great advice (a lot of simple, easy to digest things). One piece of advice: learn a corner carry combo.

So here's what I found:

Looks fairly straightforward. Since the Duck combo, other combos have come with relative ease to learn.

I wasn't originally going to do another video series. But after a break from making videos, I've decided to make some more. Probably will use the same format and idea, but focus more directly on applying new tech, unlearning bad habits, and the process of learning how to better deal with problem opponents.
The double snap in that combo is burstable in the beta btw (still works in retail). So you have to snap before the launcher instead which cuts your corner carry a little bit.

For a corner carry combo you should use this:

The combo you posted is specifically for happy birthdays and I believe that Tossle was referring to a normal corner carry BnB.
Yes, Tossle was referring to "a normal or standard corner carry BnB". While this is nice to have, i'm not at the point where I need to worry about happy birthdays. Thanks for finding these other combos. This was more of what I was looking for.

And it looks like what I see a lot of other Val players do. I should start following them, if for no other reason to fill the glaring gaps in my game.
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Whale then, what a weekend.

To start, I returned to SALTY LA and progressed in the winner's bracket for the first time ever. I was extremely excited and happy to finally pull that off. I also was part of a casual, round robin style tourney Saturday night. I can not quite explain how I did as well as I did. That's not to say that i performed perfectly. Far from it. Thankfully, every match I did was streamed. I have matches of an evening where I did better than I normally do, and getting tips on what some people think i should look at next.

Here's the full stream. My matches are scattered throughout, matching up against players who I consider to all be above my skill level. So the results at the end was.....ok, there was screaming...



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I'm back. So, where was I?

Welp. When I stopped keeping up on here regularly, I was working on cleaning up inputs for my Val stuff. I was also working on bringing Bella out of this 'beginner' stage. Surprisingly, my Bella play is going not bad. Have runstops down, have a new combo with better damage, and have a couple resets that reliably work.

Val, however, has seen very little progress. The issue? Generally, it appears to be consistency. Just can't hit the buttons at the right time. In general, my combos come out *most* of the time. It's the resets where I almost always mess up the inputs. The resets are something that I can take out and practice on their own....but one month in, it's still a small miracle when they happen.

There will new video of a set coming out this week, showing where I'm at now. Overall, I know I'm getting better. The rate of progress is painfully slow, but I'm moving in the right direction
Holy crap...did you know that Cerebella can deflect Robo's landmine? I tried it for S and G's in a match, and it worked! Take note that I dashed into it and anticipated it with doing the inputs as soon as I could. I am not sure how many frames you have to deflect it before the window closes....but I learned something yesterday

Also, video incoming this week; a "end of year exam" type of set. With one of the first people to scoop me up on here

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Hi, reviewing your vid without permission.

I only watched the first match, but

-learn timing for pushblocking Filia block strings
+you want to pushblock on the last hit of her c.mk to create space.
+if you want to pbgc, pushblock the first hit of her c.mk. Super punishable with pbgcs.
-Filia c.mk is an ideal training dummy tool to use to learn the timing of pbgcs. It's 4 consistent hits, and every filia player uses it to hit confirm/blockstring.
-1:30 you ground teched back into the corner. Do everything in your power to avoid the corner.
-2:14 if you already used your OTG and can't get anything off a corner dynamo(or anything), back up so when they tech forward they'll still have to get past you to get out the corner
-3:02 I would have finished the combo with ground scalpels to ensure the kill. if he ground teched forward, he would have got out of the corner. or he could have woke up fenrir'd and dhc'd into parasoul lvl3 got out filia safely.
-you're poking c.lk. Not bad, but I'd prefer c.lp since it's faster, has a lil bit of a disjointed hitbox, and has better frame advantage on block. I reserve c.lk for when I think they're gonna upback.
-3:08 GREAT use of her overhead.
-Parasoul got out of the corner cuz after pushblocking you auto piloted the block string even after you weren't in range. From there she got enough time to get in your face and you responded by up-backing, bringing it to midscreen.
-the last combo you landed would have killed if you ended with lvl3. Air bypass > land > OTG s.mp into stuff > lvl3
It has been forever since I have really used this. I went my own way for a bit, just trying to find my own way of improving.

OK, I just haven't been recording as much and not being honest about how poorly I perform in the game. But, here I return. And hopefully with footage that isn't too ugly to show where I am at after one full year in the game.

I jump too much. Way too much. Even I don't need to be told that....

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