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[Jan 22-23, 2016] Frosty Faustings VIII - Northbrook, IL(Chicago)

I'll be there Friday, my event will be drinking.
I'm registered. What airport is closest to the venue? Thanks
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Most people said they wouldn't be able to reliably show up for Fri night, so we're not doing anything organized, no. I guess something like exhibitions could always still happen, if the stream timetable allowed for it. That's in @BGCallisto's wheelhouse.
I'm still working on schedule but atm my Friday night just had USF4 teams so I'd maybe have some time open later at night (11-12 CST) if people had particular matches they wanted to run that they wanted to stay up late for. I'd only have about 90 minutes to work with though, I still need to be up early and work a long Saturday.
I'll be there Friday, my event will be drinking.

Not true, Chicago Executive Airport is a stone's throw away from the venue :PUN:

(That's a private airport, if you didn't get the joke. O'Hare's still the closest public airport).
Took up a call on twitter, but figured I'd post here as well. I'm lining up commentators for Frostys so if you'd like to be considered let me know.

We'll only be able to show top 8, but it'll be the last game shown on the second stream (twitch.tv/nobodyexe, give him a follow!). At the moment it'll be Kai + somebody, but we're really trying to make sure we don't swap commentators in the middle of top 8 so the second will be someone who doesn't make it. @mcpeanuts and @Dhoppler will be first in line if they're interested since they both did a decent job last year, but if you want to throw your name in the hat let me know.
I am coming to this with some friends
Time to win

I am DETERMINED to make it out of pools in this event
Last year I had to DQ myself but I think I'm actually going to get to play this year so it's back in effect: anyone who loses to me will have to spend all of 2016 known as the actual worst Skullgirls player
Can't wait to beat a sponsored player and shoot up the ranks to eat manna with such legends as Dahkrillsooge and Sanic AnimalPerson
wait do we run on Asterisk War rules now
Actually, is the console set in stone? I have 2 sticks, one for ps3/360 and one for ps3/ps4. Knowing what console would help vs bringing two sticks on a plane.
SG drivers let you play on ps4 with a ps3 stick anyway.
I will be at Frosty for sure! Really need to work on my game after not playing much at all for 3 months... Especially after watching how much everyone has stepped up their game at NEC. (great stuff guys!) Really excited for the tourney! (goes to the lab)
The registration page has a spot for coupon codes. Are there actually any codes I can use?
Not that I know of, some were given to winners of certain events for reduced or free registration I think, but the main purpose of it is for staff registration.
Still looking for a room.

Any free space?

If I have to get my own, I may not be able to come out...
On a similar note, any Chicago residents know of good hotels to recommend? I'm just going on personal intuition and good instincts when I'm looking for hotels versus someone who lives there. If you know any hotels to avoid, that's good too.
Not to assume, but what's wrong with the venue? Which is a hotel?
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I'll Definitely be there. Gotta train up.
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Oh hey, I finally registered.

You should too, and save five bucks if you do it before the new year.
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Uh oh
Guess I'm sleeping on the couch

We poor up in here boi