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[May 22, 2015] Combo Breaker 2015 (Rosemont, IL)

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@Dhoppler U think u nice huh? But seriously, you were fun as hell. I'm late in the context department when it comes to Streets of Rage. If u want another party for it, I'm down whenever.

I was REAAALLY drunk.

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A'ight here we go. Gonna edit this post at least 5 times. Post-tourny blues already hitting hard because I probably won't be at another event until CEOtaku in October.
@Verdant Brave @Pickles @Mwisk - The roommates. Thanks for letting me room with you all. You're all super chill. I apologize for the times I woke you all up from coming to the room late at night, haha.
@Mike_Z - Thank you for making such a great game and for putting up with us all, even with all the things we do to annoy and pester you. You're a wonderful developer and a wonderful person. I'm just sad that I never got to play any matches against you.
@Some Person - Was great hanging with you man. I am so excited to see all of that behind-the-scenes footage released.
@Broseidon Rex - Always super fun to be around and the signs and masks you're always making are great and definitely help to make the SGC stand out. One day we'll actually go on a run.
@dapurplesharpie - GREYHOUND SQUAD. You're kinda like the big sister of the SGC. Always willing to help people out, getting things together whether it be organizing people to go out to eat or doing things to help out the CB staff in any way possible. You're hilarious and fun to hang with.

@Zidiane - We didn't talk much but it was a pleasure seeing you and your fresh haircut. Keep racking up those points.
@Duckator - Playing random anime games in that hotel room was definitely one of my highlights of Combo Breaker. You're a blast to be around, man.
@keninblack - ᴱᴬˢᵀᴱᴿᴺ ᴸᴱᴳᴵᴼᴺ. Much love to you man. I appreciate all that you do for the community and how much hype and pure excitement you bring to anything within a mile radius of you. Good shit on your performance.
@winnie - So glad we actually got those Custom Robo matches in, haha. Those were mad fun. Was a pleasure seeing you man.
@LSP - You're a chill ass dude. Good seeing you, homie.

@WingZero - YOOOO WEST COAST. You've always been a really good player, but the growth you've shown over the past year is just inspiring. All of your matches (including the one we played) nearly made me pass out and lose my voice from the excitement. It's always nice hanging out with you, bro. Keep doing you.
@Negus Eyoel - Had a good time hanging with you, dawg. Some others may or may not appreciate it, but I'm always amused at how you bring hype and attitude to other people's matches. With all that sidebetting you did, maybe you do stand a chance at the lottery.
@fenster - I still really appreciate how you came up to me and told me that my solo Fortune motivated you. That actually meant a lot to me. It was really nice meeting you and getting in matches with you, man! Hope we can meet again soon.
@FuLLBLeeD - I'm sorry that I'm kinda standoffish at times, especially online. Was nice seeing you again and seeing you improve on your play all weekend. You're definitely making your way up there so keep at it, dawg!
@Dhoppler - I hope the Fire Nation attacks you again. Had a blast being around you, man. You're hilarious.
@drewski - Sad we weren't able to get in any matches. :( Was good meeting you, man. Good shit on making top 16.

@Fuzzy_Snugs - Anime is wrong. Was a pleasure meeting you, man. You're hilarious and I'm still gonna freak out every time you do a fuzzy setup. One day you'll win at betting on timer.
@Saske -
@POS Industries - The man with the golden voice. Was nice seeing you again and just hearing you open your mouth is just... bliss. Glad you were able to commentate; really enjoyed what I heard during top 8.
@Kai - Good God you're tall. Really glad you were able to commentate as well and seeing you get the crowd all hyped up was great. Also your kid is absolutely adorable. Best dad NA.
@Hopscawtch - Super glad you were able to make it out, man. You're fun to be around and though we didn't talk much, I enjoyed the times that we did.

@Shadowfury333 - I'm sorry that I've met you 3 times already and I had just asked for your name yesterday. I had fun talking to and playing Custom Robo with you, man!
@Clawsome Bombs -
The casuals we had were hilarious haha. Was good meeting you, man.
@matlokholmes - Was a pleasure seeing and playing games with you, dawg! Hope we can do that again soon.
@Skarmand - I'm still amazed that you took the corpses of TJ, SonicFox, Dekillsage, and Duckator and used that as a throne for the demon lord. That was OD. Sad that we didn't get to play each other, but it was nice seeing you!
@Natezer - Was nice meeting and talking to you, man! Glad we were able to get some games in.

@LazyBakemono - I can't wait to see you perform in tournament again. Had fun hanging around with and playing casuals with you. Keep it up and you'll rise high in this game!
@Mr Peck - It's always nice having you around, man. Glad that we were able to get some matches in, they were hella fun. If you do decide to pick up Fortune, feel free to ask for advice or matches any time!
@Shadowstew - A pleasure seeing you again, man! Hope you can keep making it out to tournaments!
@worldjem - WorldBoss. Was a pleasure talking to you like always, dude. Good stuff on making top 16!
@mcpeanuts - Sad that we didn't get to play, either. :( Was good seeing you again, man. Your facial expressions and quotables always amuse me.

@Swiftfox-Dash - I actually wanna join in the next time you guys play a board game. That was hilarious to witness. Wish we could have played some matches because I keep accidentally dodging you online. Hope to see you again soon (and congrats with SonicFox).
@SonicFox5000 - EMP_SonicFoxs_College_Fund. I'm just infinitely amused at how you're good at some many games and how you can always manage to find a way to clown around (I died at your top 8 Uniel matches). Good shit, man (and congrats with TJ).
@Datagram - I really wanted to play some matches with you as well but didn't get the chance to do so. Was good to see you, man.
@ New Your - Too many of you guys to tag all of you, haha. You're all a riot to hang around and the New Your Specials were easily highlights for me. Glad you all were able to make it to CB and back, despite the difficulties. Congrats to both @dekillsage and @cloudKing211 on your performances; wish I could've gotten games in with the both of you. Was also good finally meeting and getting a picture with you, @ShadeMoneh.

@NCV - Really appreciate the directions you gave me on getting around Chicago and to the venue. My mom was actually super worried about me because I'm really bad with figuring out how to get around, haha.
@EFHRK - I'm actually not sure if we ever met in person, but I want to thank you as well for giving me directions to the venue. Aside from getting hustled by the homeless (apparently I look like an easy person to get money from... they're correct), I had absolutely no issues making it to the venue and back to the station. Thank you very much!
@WarpedEcho - Good stuff on your performance, man. Hella nice Painwheel play and your a great bro to hang around. Hope to see you again!
@Zephyrel - Was good meeting you, homie. Sorry that we ended Custom Robo as soon as you arrived, but maybe next time!
@Elda Taluda - Always a pleasure talking to you, dude. Nice job on your performance!
@DaRabidDuckie who I totally didn't just edit in after his post. - Was good seeing the Big Boss again. Still happy to see you pushing this game as much as you do!

@DudeWhoTiedHisShoes - Holy shit.

@thehadou (Didn't realize you had an account on here!) - Thank you for throwing an amazing event. It was easily the best tournament I've been to and any complaints I had about the event were all things that were just completely out of your control (the internet, the horrible body odor of some other people). It was very cool seeing every game, not just Skullgirls, get some spot in the limelight and the 24-hour venue deal was absolutely amazing. Still not sure how you managed to pull that off. I will definitely try to come back to Combo Breaker next year.
I will legit be surprised if I missed anyone. I had an amazing time and that was easily the best tournament I've been to. Just remember that we can't settle on the amount we got for Combo Breaker; keep making it out to the tournaments you can make it to and don't worry about trying to constantly compare SG numbers and hype to other games. People now know that this game isn't dead so let's keep it that way!
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Man all these glorious pictures, omw to turn these into custom emotes. Also, nobody of you better be hating on that shoe tying game Tommer was, that was cray

Now that I'm sitting here and, wondering what to say, I just, I'm kinda at a loss for words, don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said

It was a lovely pleasure meeting all of y'all and making it to this crazy, amazing event
Even if I was freaking the hell out all day friday and choked harder then I ever have before and disappointed myself playwise, but with that I know what problems I need to work on (PARTICULAR MATCHES AND TEAM SETUPS, ALSO NEW CONTROLLER NEEDED, OHLORD), and now that I settled into the major environment, and got to meet most of all of you and introduce myself (which was the thing that was freaking me out the most), it was alot nicer and easier to settle into.

I wanta think more on this trip before I make a page of shoutouts, I kinda wanta wait just a bit longer for everyone to just, get home and chill and talk before I say much more, I'm pretty tired and I'm just, truly at a loss of words

Y'all are amazing and thank you all for making it such an enormous, STUPIDLY HYPE Major, holy crap. The upsets, the hype, the crowd, the INTENSITY was just, oh my heart baby
I'm gonna need a moment and hold these nostalgic post-tourney blues for a moment
Man, I got post-tourney blues the second I got on the plane back home.

Just thinking about how fun and exciting it was, and then realizing that I have to go back home and back to work and all that. As if that whole weekend was a dream.

I'm not a very sociable person, nor a confident one. By going to events like these, I'm trying to break out more. I had a few apprehensions about this whole thing because it was a lot of firsts for me. First time traveling alone, first time at a fighting game tournament, first time rooming with people I have never even met in person before...

I'm not really good with shoutouts, so this is a general message to the SG community that I met with at Combo Breaker. Thanks a lot for being such a chill and accommodating crowd. It was a ton of fun hanging with you all. I hope that by the next time we meet, I'll have grown a bit as a person. I'll definitely see about making it out to more events.
the worst part about Combo Breaker this year was the MKX brackets for me. I was in G3 and played my first match. Lost 2-0. No big deal. THEY SKIPPED ME IN LOSERS. we got like 90% thru G3 before I spoke up, noticing ppl going twice. the guy running G3 brackets kinda just shrugs at me and says "I have you down as losing to this guy." I argued with him for like 5 minutes before giving up. I didn't want to ruin anyone else's experience so I didn't fight it, but I still feel cheated out of my 2 games, even if I was going to lose.

This is completely unacceptable. Please email me so I can get you that game entry back.
Thank you everyone for attending, for putting up with the internet issues, and for being so damn hype all weekend long. Was my pleasure to give y'all a place to get live like that and I'm excited that it seems to have put some limelight back on your community.

Spooky is rebroadcasting SG Top 8 this weekend at 8 PM EST. Lets all watch it like its the first time!
Shoutout to all the guys who came down to the ballroom, got mad that I didn't remind them in person to help with setup, and then immediately left without doing anything anyway.

By the way, really appreciated the shade here, especially when I rallied several other players including @fenster, @drewski, @worldjem, @Mwisk, and a few others I can't remember right now and went down there to set up the back stages and Smash setups.

In addition to that, I personally asked @thehadou, gg_Luigi as well as John if they needed anymore help, but they asked us to leave for their staff meeting.

Yeah. So I guess, continue yelling at people for things you don't really understand.

Other than that really passive-aggressive fucking post I forgot to respond to earlier, I had fun. :D

Images are available here!
I was just joking around. We actually had plenty of help. I just thought it was funny when everyone recognized me from online and then immediately yelled at me. Sometimes I forget people who don't know me well don't know my sense of humor involves being a huge dick to everyone. @Duckator @xaqwais and @NCV can confirm.

Also I was a little drunk.

In this community?!

Nah, we all nice. Maybe not all n i c e, but we all nice. And huggy.
Gonna make my post here. This was the best weekend of my life bar none, and I absolutely loved meeting all of you.
Shoutouts to everyone I met and the ones I didn't, that'll change next year. :)
Rooming with @SonicFox5000, @Swiftfox-Dash and Sonic's brother was great, playing Hearthstone with TJ was a hella lot of fun, it's the only game I can beat him in! ;) Sonic and his brother were complete bros, wish we coulda played a few sets but busy busy. You owe me toothpaste Sonic. :P
Meeting the majority of the Xanadu crew @keninblack @dapurplesharpie @Broseidon Rex (thank you for the Cat Z stickers and signs!) was amazing and the others I'll meet when I go in June. :)
The people I played in tournament, @Lethalmind and @alexpi thanks for being cool dudes, especially getting to play Alex for a bit in casuals; learned a lot from him! Lethal we need to play more so I can get the Parasoul matchup down.
Talking to the Painwheel players @WarpedEcho, @LSP gave me a lot of tips with her and I learned new flight mechanics, we have to play more!
Talking to @Mike_Z for the majority of the walk back to the hotel from pizza about various aspects of video game coding and tips was really really helpful and gave me a decent footing in where to go from here on making my first game. Also thank you for clarifying some things about the game I was confused about, even having to take over a casual setup! Fuck that double level 3 glitch tho. T_T
Seeing and getting hugs from the beast of a man @Kai were incredible, him and Dave Lang are the biggest dudes I've met yet. :D
Hanging out in 405 Saturday night with the top players who were playing board games was pretty hilarious; until I passed out that is. Pretty sure there's a picture of me on twitter lmao.
Talking with @mcpeanuts about how to deal with peacock as painwheel was great as well, I now know what the deadzone is! :D @Natezer and @ShadeMoneh, don't forget the tournament ends at 10 Sunday.

All in all, this being my first tournament was amazing and I couldn't ask for a better community. Thank you everyone, so so much. <3 I'm going to make it out to a LOT more tournaments and level up as best I can!
Until Summer Jam. :)
So Combobreaker was the best tournament I've ever been to and in terms of how I personally PLAYED my best tournament performance easily. I'm very happy to see how much this game has blown up and it's only gonna get bigger from here.


@Kai you were one of my favorite players to watch this tournament, your improvement is showing in spades my dude! You got the crowd HYPE too, although I agree with your wife and think that your ego may be nearing Tetsuo like levels. It's always my pleasure seeing you my friend, as well as your family!

@WarpedEcho It was nice meeting you for the first time! I have a business proposition I'd like to talk to you about next time I see you. I've been calculating the ROI on this project and I believe I have it's a great plan of action moving forward. This project is a real winner.

@mcpeanuts The bae, it's always fun hanging out with you my dude. We almost never play casuals at tournaments but that's OK because I'd rather just chill and watch games and talk about them. I'm glad the SKULLGIRLS GOON ILLUMINATI is represented at tournaments and I'm looking forward to whenever we get to hang out again!

@dapurplesharpie The official hypegirl for the SGC, it was great meeting you for the first time! You're a super fun person and you do a lot to promote this community. Hope to see you again soon.

@Fuzzy_Snugs memes memes memes

@keninblack Where would Skullgirls be without you? You're ability to bring hype to EVERYTHING and anything is absolutely unrivaled. Every time we hang out you have me cracking up. Your NPR impression of describing "Super Smash Bros Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube released in 2011" is killing me days later. Always a pleasure my man.

@Natezer it was great meeting another #catboy for the first time, and thank you for showing me the illusive footsie with Fortune. Gonna keep that tech on the down low, don't worry. Saving it for EVO! (I'm not going to EVO this year no one is ever gonna learn the secret of footsie don't worry)

@KhaosMuffins You're my dude, it was a lot of fun playing casuals with you and hanging out with! I'm glad your passion in Skullgirls seems to have been reignited. I'm also glad that you took so much time to help me learn Fortune. I'm finally on the map in this game and a big part of that is you're willingness to deal with my silly "what is footsie attack with cat girl" questions I was asking a year and a half ago

@alexpi She Hulk is very attractive

@thehadou for running the best tournament I've ever been to and supporting Skullgirls. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your hard work.

@DaRabidDuckie your story was really touching man. You do a lot to help the community and I'm glad you have such high regards for the Skullgirls community. We feel the same about you

@Negus Eyoel It was nice seeing you again! You don't owe me $5 I guess technically since the agreement was with @Dhoppler , but I kinda OCVed the team you thought would crush us for sure so that's better to me anyway :P

@drewski thanks for crushing my dreams of making top 16! :) No seriously, good shit. Our matches were SUPER close and you deserved it. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and hanging out with you, and we will definitely play more in the future. I will try to get "Seinfeld Teaches Fighting Games" off the ground somehow.

@evilben you even check Skullheart anymore dog? You're my dude and it was great to see you again! Come to Maxout!

@SonicFox5000 congrats on not accruing any college debt by being good at video games!

@dekillsage I see you. We didn't hang out/play as much as at NWM but I want to play you a lot more in the future. It was great seeing you again!

@Swiftfox-Dash it was nice meeting you for the first time, and congrats on your tournament performance!

@Skarmand my dude. Thanks for always playing with me and giving me advice. I've always thought you were a really talented player and you started helping me even before I was decent at this game, so I really appreciate all the technical knowledge you're always willing to share. Your passion for this game really shows. Congrats on doing so well in the tournament!

@Broseidon Rex I fucking love you man. You're a really fun person and the hype you bring to this community is awesome. The signs you brought were awesome, as were the masks! You're one of the SGC's best hypemen. We should hang out more next time!

@POS Industries great job on commentary during top 8! It was great seeing you again and hopefully we have more time to talk about comics next time (read: which X-Men waifu is the best)

@Mike_Z for making the video game and dealing with our community's nonsense. Obviously, your work is love and respected a lot. I know in your situation it's easy to get discouraged but always remember we have your back and wish you only the best things in life

@ShadeMoneh it was very nice meeting you man! Happy birthday!

@Duckator it was nice seeing you again. I really need to play you more, we should play on Steam

@Zidiane thanks for recording my NON STOP COMEDY gold in the salty suite. I know you wanted to play, sorry we didn't get to it. Add me on Steam and we'll play on there

@fenster how the fuck did you get so good at video game? Seriously dude. You are easily the most improved player in the entire community. Give yourself a pat on the back. It was great seeing you again

@WingZero you telling me "good shit" after my performance really meant a lot to me man. It was nice seeing you again and I'll be hitting you up for games on Steam in the near future

@NCV it was good seeing you again even if we didn't get to play!

I REALLY think that is everyone, if I remember anyone else I will add them later. Please know that I tried to remember everyone I could, but EVERYONE I talked to and played with deserves a shoutout because you are all wonderful. The Skullgirls community is the best community free. You all make a great game even better. See you next time, peace out.
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While I'm okay with not being awesome enough to qualify for the shout out lists (heheheheh), I really just wanna thank everyone from top to bottom for making my first -- but definitely not my last -- solo tourney appearance the current highlight of my year.

As most of the people I was able to chat with over the weekend got to learn, I'm usually working at events. If I'm not on the mic, I'm the world's largest gopher or most indifferent bracket-runner on the planet. However, getting the chance to simply spectate again... ahh, it reminded why I love gaming in the first place. The fact that I was rubbing elbows with THE hypest crowd at the event didn't hurt, either.

To all my newly minted brothers & sisters, when & wherever it may be... I look forward to our paths crossing again. I love you all & thank you.
Gonna keep it short and sweet. Probably my favorite tournament of all time so far. Love you all. Can't wait til we all meet again.
I may or may not get to individual shoutouts because OH MY GOD THAT'S A LOTTA SHOUTOUTS but what it all boils down to is I love you all and it was great seeing all of you and hanging out and playing the video games. Once my voice returns and I also get over whatever it is I invariably caught at this thing, I have one more special thing planned for everyone who made top 8 that we didn't get to do during the tournament itself, so that should hopefully be taken care of early next week.

I hugged a lot of people and they deserved those hugs. If I didn't hug you then you probably also deserved one that I owe you.
*Is in close proximity to Kai*
*Gets bear hugged*

Shoutouts to the surplus of easy-to-find garbage and recycling bins. Tournaments sponsored by redbull need to take note of this.

@dapurplesharpie I'm starting to wonder if you were ever not drunk the entire weekend.

@keninblack I will be replying to the 3rd strike thread as soon as I get fightcade installed and read that awesomely long pm.

@worldjem thanks for accompanying me on the Adventure of the Lost Pretzel Bar!

Shoutout to the guy that ran the SG G1 pool. It was smooth and he was very helpful.

I think it's safe to say that this was pretty much the best SG tournament of all time (for me, at least).
Big thanks to everyone who made it out to Chicago, and those who couldn't but tried.

lmao if you thought I was gonna write a textbook's worth of shoutouts

<3 you guys
I also won't do individual shoutouts cuz it would be super long and I'd hate to leave anyone out by accident. This has definitely been my fav tournament so far, which is pretty good considering how much of a good time I normally have at NEC. I'm definitely a huge fan of Combo Breaker now, and will be making it out next year for sure. It was a blast meeting all of the people I met (for the first time or met before), and hanging out with all of you throughout the weekend. The tournament was super hype, ran pretty damn smoothly, and definitely caught a lot of people's attention. Shoutouts to all of the TOs, and players who made that possible as well as Lab Zero for making the game. Missing the bus back really sucked but the bright side to it was spending a little more time with you guys. Thank you to all that helped us get back home. I couldn't believe it when sage showed us how much money people put in. This community is fucking amazing, thank you all who made it out to support the game/have a good time, and thank you all for making this weekend as incredible as it was.
I was gonna do a shoutout list thing but I won't because I'll probably forget someone, but thanks to everyone who did casuals and chilled with me, thanks to everyone who hosted salty suites, thanks to the organizers for making this the best skullgirls tournament to date, this was my first major and I definitely had a great time and will be coming out again. Most of all though, thanks to EVERYONE who came out, this event generated so much awareness/respect/hype for skullgirls it's legitimately astounding. During the top 16/8 there were random people coming up to the crowd like "yo I don't know what this game is but it looks hype as hell" which was really an amazing thing to see. I think a lot of people who either didn't know about SG or had discounted it are definitely taking a look now and I expect skullgirls will be growing a lot in the near future, especially when 2nd Encore drops.
don't call it a comeback
thanks for accompanying me on the Adventure of the Lost Pretzel Bar!
We totally barely took 5 mins to get to the lobby. lol

That bar was pretty loud.
Including finding the table, I'm positive it took us AT LEAST 10 minutes. That is no small feat my good sir.
Ah Ken, don't worry. We know you're full of nothing but love, hype, and sweat.
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man i forgot about that one guy who came up with like 5 gallons of water and a gallon of juice like "thirst is over" i forget who it was but you should get in touch with him, get yourself rehydrated
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