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Mecha Discussion Thread


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Aug 12, 2014
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Here we go mecha discussion thread! Anything and everything involving our beloved mechanized weapons!
Ok so I'll start off with this, The Five Star Stories. Some of the best designs I've ever seen they're just beautiful to look at. The character designs though definitely took me some time to get used to, although I've only seen the one animated film, I haven't read the manga which I believe is still going? Also I REALLY hope we get another animated something/anything from TFSS, preferably before I have grandchildren and die.
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Any fans of
One of the best mech games everrr. Ok so sadly I've only ever gotten to play the demos of the older ones, AC4A being the only one I've actually owned back when I still had the 360. In terms of customization these games take the cake, so much so that it can seem overwhelming for newcomers like I was. I'm hoping AC 6 happens so I can see what the next generation of armored core will look like and also what it will bring in terms of the already ridiculous customization. I just hope to god it doesn't stay like 5/VD because I'll lose all hope.

p.s. An AC animated movie or OVA would be nice too ;-;
Armored Core is amazing. 4 was iffy, but 4 Answer was great. 3 and the other PS2 games make up my childhood
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My favorite mech based show/series is probably eva.
Fuck the rebuilds tho.
Jimbob shouldn't you get to watching those ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
oh I did, I wish I didn't.
Makes me almost dislike EVA.
Here's the thing about The Five Star Stories - the first few chapters got an OVA back in the 80s, yeah? Nagano hated it.

Few years later he's like "I'ma make my own movie to show you how it's done!" and that was Gothicmade. But...supposedly he didn't really show anyone anything. I can't speak on the story but it was completely hand-animated but apparently it didn't look too great. It only had a limited theatrical release.

Gothicmade has yet to be released on home video, BUT...Nagano went and retconned everything in The Five Star Stories to be part of the Gothicmade universe aegadsjkfgsadkjfklsadjfklsdajklfjsdklgjsl

They're not Mortar Hedds anymore. They're Gothicmades. They're not Fatima anymore. They're Automatic Flowers.

God DAMMIT Nagano.
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I thought we already had a mecha thread, but I guess that must have been deleted in one of the purges.

In that case, shoutouts again to my childhood favorite VOLTES V!

When I was little, I woulda killed for a toy of this guy, and it wasn't until a few years ago in Japan that I finally got to see one up close. The backs of some of the old Voltron boxes would tease me with a picture of a Voltes figure, but I think the toys had been long out of circulation by the time I saw the show.

I also had the same challenge trying to pick up anything Robotech/Macross related when I was little, so like most kids, we just had to settle with good ol' Jetfire.
If there was I never found it KaboomKid so I just made my own!

edit - Yo guys what would be your dream mech game?
I dream of a day when a proper UC gundam game is made, complete with optional cockpit view and being able to exit or enter your suit (or any suit in the battlefield) whenever you want. As well as wappas, Magellan attacks, Type 61's, Dopps etc. Basically a better, not crap version of GBO because that game is unbalanced as all hell
Getting out would be a bit silly...

I'd like an Armored Core game with faster gameplay, maybe less complex and clunky controls, more focus on air battles? It'd be pretty cool.
I just finished gundam build fighters try.

first season was better.

It's not even a contest with unicorn....but it's more fun than unicorn, and I've always been a g gundam guy.

G gundam is of course most fun gundam so.
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Getting out would be a bit silly...

I'd like an Armored Core game with faster gameplay, maybe less complex and clunky controls, more focus on air battles? It'd be pretty cool.
It works out in Gundam Battle Operation :) its good for bailing out of the suit if you're about to die and there's usually a tank so that way you're not completely helpless when everyone is stomping around you. Also to cap bases you have to be in a tank or just your pilot, who's equipped with a machine gun, rocket launcher, stun grenade, and a knife. Surprisingly they come in handy during certain situations. I've even taken out a few enemy players with just my pilot whos suits where low on health!
If there was I never found it KaboomKid so I just made my own!
Yeah, I tried searching for my old post earlier but couldn't find it, so you made the right move.
edit - Yo guys what would be your dream mech game?
If Zone of the Enders, Virtual-On, Robo-Pit, Robotech: Battlecry, Armored Core, and Ghost in the Shell on PS1 all had a baby, that would be a pretty sweet game for me. Basically that'd make it a high-speed 3rd-person arcade-style sim with free roaming combat, multiple transformations, head(s)-to-toe(s) custom options, variable terrain scenarios, tons of explosions, and the ability to yank upgrades from fallen enemies.

Actually, anybody tried out Project Nimbus yet? I'm curious how that game's been shaping up. It's not the mech game of my dreams, but it still looks pretty cool, especially for an indie title.
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edit - Yo guys what would be your dream mech game?

Super robot wars (the newer ones) fully translated, Ring of Red remake or Front Mission 5 HD remaster
oh yes we need more Front Mission.
I just remembered that I forgot about the new Macross this year, can't wait for that!
I used to have this really fun Gundam Game called Zeonic Front. It was heavy and clunky, but done well. You played the baddies with a strategy-like setup. You played a groups of zakus or whatever Mobile Suits you'd unlocked. Each group would be 3 units, each of which could be defeatd before the unit would fall but you only controlled the main unit. It wasn't super mobile, but the battles where you have to swap between multiple groups and coordinate your movements and try and save as much of your guys as possible while being real time and more action oriented, I loved it! Hell, the mission where you have to be stealthy is done well. Why? Cause Gundam one-shots you and is like 3x faster than you XD

It's a great Gundam game.
Hells yes bruh Zeonic Front is a classic :D

Federation vs. Zeon was another one I have good memories of
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I highly recommend Bubblegum Crisis and the sequel Crash because pretty ladies wrecking boomers in exosuits is awesome!
Although I've yet to watch Tokyo 2040, I should get on that..eventually
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I patiently await the Dahack, its a damn shame it came in right at the end of the series with so little screen time...
I still want Turn A and the rest of the original series to be dubbed.....please? My moustached giant robot cries...

I've fallen in love with the Gundam Warriors VA cast. Whoever did Judai is a god. He's so perfect in that game.
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"I might die today, glad i changed my underwear" - Kamille Bidan (Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2)
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I need to play Cyberbots sometime. I love all the characters with references to Blodia, like Devilot and Jin, but I've never actually played as Blodia himself :/


This is on topic, right? :3
That picture omg is so true.

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