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Mecha Discussion Thread

Yo guys what would be your dream mech game?
- Fighter > A new Virtual On heavily inspired by Oratorio Tangram, or a Steam port of VOOT with enhanced graphics.
- First Person Shooter > The latest Steel Battalion without Kinect
- Third Person Shooter / Battlefield like > Project Hon looks fantastic, so wait and see

It's the 20 years of Cyber Troopers Virtual On Operation Moongate... so come on Sega, do something!!
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Anyone play War of the Monsters? God I love that game. The Japanese Robot guy was always my favorite. He made the coolest noises as he kicked the shit outta you XD
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War of the monsters was one of my ps2 drugs

and yes the more robit games the better, there's so few now :'(
omg yeah. The lack of giant robots is upsetting DX
I don't even care for the robot realism we've been seeing, I just want robot on robot super battles!

For anyone interested, there's this Mecha-esque game on 3DS called Iron Combat: War in the Air.
It's like a faster and simplified version of Armored Core with unlimited ammo and in the air. You play as a girl turned into some sorta robotic super weapon. Japan, of course XD Anyway, it's got some major camera issues, but for those of you looking for mecha on the go, its cheap and fun, so I recommend it.
Cosmic Break 2?
yeah I used to play the first one alot with a friend back when I had a pc but the sequel looks interesting too, there's actual robots too so it isn't just mechgirls
Oh that looks co- OMG I've played hte first one. It was an OK MMO, wasnt it? It looked really outdated at the time I played it, I beleive.
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That's good to hear. I kinda enjoyed the first, even if it was so painfully P2W
lul. Its why I quit in the first place.
I love zoids, I miss zoids, why can't we have a new zoids...also I've never seen the jp op before its amazing
Naomi Flugel made me a young man
I love it when you have a mech that isn't meant for combat but it has to be in combat anyway.
or give them a really dumb weapon that's super badass.
like giant piston elbows.
more mecha need giant piston elbows.

and god bless Naomi Fluegal.
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so recently I watched Detonator Orgun and it was fuckn incredible, highly recommended

Also ending 1 by Susumu Hirasawa ( that's right! Berserk, Paranoia Agent, Paprika)
Does anybody know any cool insect themed mech's? I've been looking into this for reference material for a boss design in the game I'm making.

Aura Battler Dunbine is the only show I can think of where this is very prominent.
yeah Dunbine is the only thing I can think of with bug-like designs other than these

Actually, the enemy faction in Victory Gundam has a ton of buggy looking suits
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Does anybody know any cool insect themed mech's?

But seriously, I can think of a couple. I always liked the Inorganics designs from Robotech: The Sentinels, which were like giant Bug/Slug/Crustacean robots:


and of course, original Invid/Inbit mechs from Mospeada:
And while these aren't quite mechs, a bunch of designs from Guyver felt fairly reminiscent of designs from Dunbine, both very insect inspired:


might as well mention these old boys too:
Oh wow, I forgot all about Guyver. Those are actually quite in line with what my artist friend was thinking. Thanks.


I sent those to him, and he said the hornet headed one was similar to what he was thinking, and the wings on the last one would make a perfect reference image for what he had in mind.
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the callback to the previous series in the newest Macross Delta episode had me freaking out like a little girl