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Europe PC Danisen League: EU Edition


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Sep 3, 2013
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Peacock Big Band Beowulf


[Steam Group Link]

- This is a point based ranking system that is very popular in Japan which we'll attempt it in the SGC to try to build a consistent way to play and practice the game, ALL while having a competitive and fun drive for it.

- Everyone who registers starts at 1st Dan. We will have 15 total rankings that may or may not be added on over time.

The rankings are...
1st Dan
2nd Dan
3rd Dan
4th Dan
5th Dan
6th Dan
7th Dan
8th Dan
9th Dan
10th Dan
- Every win is +1, every loss is -1.

- For Dans 1-10:
if you get a +3 score, you're promoted to a higher Dan at 0 points.
If you get a -3 score, you're demoted to a lower Dan at +1 points.
(Unless you're in 1st Dan in which case you can't go below zero. A loss while at 1st Dan (0) doesn't change the loser's score; helps avoid 1st Dan players getting demotivated from sinking too deep).
For example:
A player at Dan 2(0) wins three sets -> he is now Dan 3(0).
A player at Dan 3(0) loses three sets -> he is now Dan 2(+1).

- You only can play people in your same rank.

- Once you pass 10th Dan you are now in the special ranks. Which are basically the same, except to go up in a rank from Strong-Leader you need to be at +5. HOWEVER, -3 still has you demoted. So play harder.

- Once per team, a known player can on request be automatically moved to a higher Dan (treated individually) to avoid gaining points at the expense of beginners.
He is then placed in the new Dan at (-1) points, so that he has to work a little harder for the next promotion to make up for this free level up.



- European PC players ONLY. If you're from North/South America, be sure to register in that region's Danisen League here. OTHER COUNTRIES BY ALL MEANS RUN A LEAGUE FOR YOURSELVES. That would be wonderful!

- Every match for a point is a FT2 by default. However, if both players want and agree, it can be FT3, FT5 or any other format.

- When a match is over, the *winner* reports the score (the loser *can* report instead, but please only do it as an exception when the winner can't report atm. We want to avoid accidental duplicate scores).
Obviously I trust you all but if any foul calls are made or any shenanigans you will be banned from entering any Danisen League, so be honest. It's easy.

- It's your responsibility to contact people for playing in a point/Danisen match. The good thing is if you are constantly busy or have to worry about work/school. No worries, it's not going anywhere. So go at your own pace.

- Both players need to be in an agreement that the set is FOR a point and IS Danisen. Please avoid miscommunication, though don't be a pull the "I didn't know" option select when you clearly did. Makes you look bad.

- Manipulating/cheating the system by playing the same person 3 times in a row to "get easy points" is frowned upon and not tolerated. If you need to play someone twice or something during a rank due to availability thats fine, but I will clearly be able to tell if you are just trying to vulture off of one individual person over and over again. So please just do what you're supposed to do and play as many different people as you can.

- CHARACTER LOCK. You have to start with the team order you first signed up with. Assists and team order can only be changed on a LOSS. So if you lose game 2 and it goes to game 3 and you want to run Hairball instead of Updo. You can. If you see someone change character verify proof or something and we'll work it out. Play fair though guys. No shenanigans.

- Game version is retail by default. Beta is allowed if both players agree on it.

- Teams with Beowulf are allowed. HOWEVER, Beowulf enthusiasts should keep in mind they're limiting themselves by entering with Beowulf now, as players who agree on both using beta and you using Beowulf will understandably be the only opponents you'll get until Beowulf gets released as DLC.

- You can enter multiple times with multiple teams/characters/assists if you wish. Here are the guidelines and the breakdown for that...
You enter the league with Filia/Cerbella/Peacock, that is my FIRST team. Over time you want to enter with Valentine/Parasoul/Ms Fortune. You have to do one of two things.

' Reach 4th Dan, or just erase it from record entirely. Having your new team start at 1st Dan. Thats how that works.

Want to enter a 3rd team? 4th team? Same guidelines apply: to enter a third team without deleting either of the first two, both of them need to be Dan 4, and so on for following teams.
Danisen League Rankings:
[Spreadsheet Link]

How to Register:
Steam ID:

How to Report a match: big, colorful text, ie:
5th Dan Match: ZikeM beats AhexAlad 2-1

For convenience of finding opponents, a Steam group has been created. Remember to keep signups and reporting scores to this thread, though.

Rules largely mirrored from the American League, courtesy of @keninblack
Spreadsheet template largely copied from the American League, courtesy of @worldjem
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Remember, the League is open for players of all levels of skill and experience.
That said, some names in no particular alphabetical order to kick things off:

@Alex12898 @Beuzer0 @Bigtonney @Birdie @Bombad @chickenwithtie @DARKNESSxEAGLE @DimitriAwsometh @DragonM @dragonos451 @Drewbie @gluemchen @GN4RK @IsaVulpes @Izzmo @JingooJ @Kawalorn @Kuroonehalf @Meiynas @MotaboY @Mr Peck @Ouhogen @Placiam @Pombear @RexLeRouge @Rice @Slyzor @SScrux @Steinspisar @Tamsin @TheAniMouth @Thrasher08 @Twotea @Veritas @Vladislav_Paizis @Woofly @Yallus @zeknife

I'm sure I missed a bunch of players + I don't know about another bunch + some EU players don't have a SH account (yet). Skullbats EU has 150+ members after all, buuut it's something to start with.
Feel free to sign up and tell your friends!
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Steam ID: thrasher08_xd (うさぎ of The Stars)

: Valentine
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Steam ID: Thalq --> http://steamcommunity.com/id/Thalq/
Characters: Squigly | Big Band

Dragonos dragged me here. Excellent initiative, Muro! Alaikit, because I have a tendency to drop spaghetti during tourneys and the likes.
Groovy, dood!
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1st Dan Match : Smile 스마일!! [GB] VS Bigtonney 1-2
Can you replace my team with Cerebella/Peacock duo? I forgot it was character and order lock, and I never want to be stuck playing a Peacock mirror.
Sure thing. As you have no registered matches yet, I'll just substitute your previous team with this one.
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1st Dan Match: Muro wins vs Shark 2-1
1st Dan Match: Muro wins vs Shark 2-1

Was a fun set, recorded it mainly as a test but I think I did well enough to post it here.
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1st Dan Match : mcMoeder Vs Smile
2 - 1
Was a fun set, recorded it mainly as a test but I think I did well enough to post it here.
I recorded it as well, though you beat me to it before I got to rendering and uploading.

I'll do it eventually anyway and keep a Youtube playlist with all the matches I'll have.
1st Dan Match : mcMoeder Vs Shark
2 - 1
Hello 2nd Dan :]
1st dan match : dragonos 2-0 kuroonehalf