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Skullgirls Fanart (?) and More!

Feb 4, 2015
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I find it fascinating thinking about putting together things that don't really belong together and then seeing what happens. In other words, in what other worlds or scenario can Skullgirls fit? This seems like an interesting topic to me and I'll try to post more stuff in the future. Hope you enjoy!

For both series that have an all-female cast (almost), I actually thought there would be more of these. Anyway, I just though that these two could be a good match.


This one is obvious


On another hand, this one is well, just random but not really random I think


Actually this is more random, but makes sense if you've read the pokedex entry

As shallow as it may seem, this is just because when she was announced there was something familiar about her name and then I remembered.
I think that Bella is super cute.
Hello! Nice artwork you got there.

If you don't mind be criticising your work, you should definitely work more on your body proportion. Other then that, it's all good!

Glad to see more artist coming to this community. Hope to see more work from you!
ur artstyle is super cute! keep drawing dude i love what im seeing <3
I can see how you improved wth pictures such as the Eliza one. Great job!
Good Day, it's been so long. Been through some harrowing things and eh... Well here are some things that I happen to find that I did work on. Unfortunately I did stop drawing for quite some time. Hopefully I still improved, even if for just a teensy bit.

So here's Filia


Cerebella that I did not know what to do with
An older Carol when she wasn't... you know

Fish Lady
Bonus: I'm actually surprised to find this one lying around. Forgot all about it.


I can't believe it has been more than 3 years since I first posted here. I just felt like checking back especially after getting excited since Indivisible finally has a release date! Anyway, eventually I will probably remove the abominations I posted several years back because, oh myy... what was I thinking? I'll try my best to replace them with arguably "better" versions or at least stuff that I feel are worth posting.

For Example:
Here is what I posted 3 years ago.
resized c.png

I actually planned to do something last year but I just forgot about it.
cere remake.png

Here is the most recent.
cere 3.png

I feel like I'm getting somewhere.