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Skullgirls Lore Speculation

...is that even possible for Skullgirls?
With Michael Bay anything is possible!
Dude I love lens flares boobs. They're exciting because you can't really see what you're fapping to.
Mmmm lens flare...
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I heard somewhere that Skullgirls takes place in the 1940's is that right?
It takes place present day in Skullgirls world with a dark deco artstyle.
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I remember one website said it took place in the 40's and persona on twitter stated that he could see skullgirls and the rocketeer movie (which takes place in the 40's) could probably exist in the same world.
I think you misread it, it probably said "A 40's art-style". and don't take Persona's twitters word for literal. They were most likley joking. Skullgirls is a fictional setting after all.
Man this is why gullible won't appear on Google search results, still it would have been cool if they did that and skullgirls 2 took place in the 50's the rock n roll age and everything. Then all the sequels take place in the following decades. Skullgirls 3 flower power! Skullgirls 4 the groovy disco age! Then skullgirls 5 president Beowulf years!
I read through the 24 pages of this thread and I didn't find any mention of this, so I'm going to do it.

I think that Queen Lamia is not Mother, nor Double, but Venus and Aeon, are actually Lamia's daughters.

I believe that as a goddess Mother was first. Then she "gave life" to a human version of herself, whom she could command, Lamia. Following the wishes of her Godly double, Lamia gave birth to the human version of Venus and Aeon. She was happy then; she had a kingdom protected by a goddess, and 2 daughters that were given to her without intercourse (à la virgin Mary).

But, Mother, also wanted to meet "her" daughters and spend time with them, so she allowed Neferti to destroy Lamia's family and Kingdom in order for Venus and Aeon to ascend to their godly status. Once Venus and Aeon discovered that her true mother was a goddess, and that the one on earth was just a low quality copy of her, they lost all their love towards Lamia, who died in the destruction of the kingdom.
The three goddesses then created the skullheart and used the soul of the deceased Lamia to power it up, giving life to Double.
Any time a body receives theonite somehow, their eyes turn red. I haven't seen this, as a whole, mentioned here or in canon info (just Skullgirls and Valentine). All parasite hosts have red eyes except Eliza, so either she can change her features in ways we don't see, or we make Dio colors canon. >_> Avian, Valentine, and Brain Drain all have red eyes, Brain Drain is weird in general but the other two probably had subtle experimentation, since they're all big shots in the labs.

I still can't deny that Painwheel has skull-shaped irises in her ending...
She has SG blood in her, it was causing her to change.
Er, yes, I know that. It's that glowing red eyes don't necessarily mean Skullgirl. That's the original argument I heard for Painwheel turning into the Skullgirl. I'll just update the wiki page that says that.
So...In light of SGMobile's story mode for Painwheel, I wanted to point out a few things.

  • PW has been in her state for 6 months
  • She was abducted by the Medicis (according to Val)
  • Filia believes she wronged Carol somehow
  • Filia is a Medici
  • Filia conveniently has no memories
  • Deleted alternate ending implies that she wanted Samson to erase her memories int he first place, implying she had some deep regrets.
  • Both Filia and Carol were Schoolmates and knew each other, were possibly friends.
I'd really like to know what happened the day Carol got kidnapped. I think Filia may have been directly involved in her kidnapping somehow, maybe even responsible. What was so bad that Filia had to have her memories erased? Why did the Medici's target Carol of all people? Something is definitely fishy...
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