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Audio Skullgirls Official OST

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Sep 3, 2013
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Brentwood, Ca
Below is the Skullgirls Official OST listing where you can purchase/listen to previews at iTunes or Amazon

1. Echoes - Vincent Diamante (0:16)

2. The Legend of the Skull Heart - Michiru Yamane & Vincent Diamante (1:36)

3. Pedestrians Crossing - Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty (3:32)

4. Pick of the Litter - Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty (3:18)

5. In Rapid Succession - Vincent Diamante (2:24)

6. Moonlit Melee (New Meridian Stage) - Michiru Yamane (6:06)

7. Whiling the Hours Away - Vincent Diamante (1:40)

8. Them's Fighting Words - Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty (0:52)

9. The Fish Man's Dance (Little Innsmouth Stage) - Michiru Yamane (6:16)

10. An Uncertain Fate - Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty (1:10)

11. The Seat of Power (Medici Tower Stage) - Michiru Yamane (6:16)

12. Shenanigans and Goings-Ons - Vincent Diamante (1:33)

13. Paved With Good Intentions (Anti-Skullgirl Lab 8 Stage) - Michiru Yamane (6:15)

14. Forgotten Moments - Vincent Diamante (3:37)

15. A Roll of the Dice - Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty (0:51)

16. The Lives We Left Behind (Maplecrest Stage)- Michiru Yamane (6:14)

17. Fugue in Three Goddesses - Vincent Diamante (1:22)

18. Dirge of the Divine Trinity (Grand Cathedral Stage) - Michiru Yamane (6:27)

19. The Catacombs Below - Vincent Diamante (0:17)

20. Dire Machinations - Vincent Diamante (1:16)

21. Her True Power Revealed - Vincent Diamante (0:14)

22. Skull Heart Arrhythmia (Bloody Marie Boss Stage) - Michiru Yamane (6:13)

23. Daybreak - Vincent Diamante (2:07)

24. A Return to Normalcy - Vincent Diamante (2:08)

25. In a Moment's Time (Credits) - Michiru Yamane (4:28)

26. Learning One's Craft (Class Notes Stage) - Michiru Yamane (6:12)

27. The Lives We Tried to Reclaim - Vincent Diamante (1:44)

28. Hitomi No Kioku (Credits: Japanese Version) (Bonus Track) - Michiru Yamane (4:28)

The following below is the new music composed by Michiru Yamane that has been added into the game so far due to the new stages being funded by the IGG Campaign.
Update: Three new tracks was officially added in the humble store exclusive to backers so far.

29. Clear Breeze (New Meridian Rooftops Stage) - Michiru Yamane (6:17)

30. Destiny in Her Hands (Rooftops Assault Stage) - Michiru Yamane (6:37)

31. Where Money Flows Like Water (River King Casino Stage) - Michiru Yamane (6:25)

Update 2: Under the Bridge Stage theme (WIP)

iTunes/Amazon may have to wait longer for these tracks to be officially released

I need to check, but as far as I know iTunes, Amazon, etc. don't support the concept of updating or patching albums. We'll probably add these tracks to them at some point, but for now the new tracks will likely stay exclusive to the IGG OSTs. - Ravidrath
The music tracks are stellar, but the ones I particular like are Maplecrest, Lab 8, and Rooftops Assault which are my go-to training stages. Which Skullgirls music do you enjoy and why?
Dirge of the Divine Trinity, Rooftops Assault, Skull Heart Arrhythmia, The Legend of the Skull Heart, and Them's Fighting Words are my favorite tracks in the game. I think all of the songs are great and really fit the game's style but those 5 are the ones I find myself listening to most often one way or another. If I had to pick my most favorite track though that would easily go to Dirge of the Divine Trinity as I have been a fan of that song when the stage was first revealed. If I remember correctly the first time I heard it was during one of the Friday Night Fights videos in which a Harley Quinn colored Cerebella fought a then soundless Parasoul. I probably watched that video a dozen times, half for the Cerebella gameplay and the other half because of that awesome song. I get pumped every time I fight in that stage and I just love the design of the level too.
Moonlit Melee (New Meridian Stage), Dirge of the Divine Trinity (Grand Cathedral Stage), Skull Heart Arrhythmia (Bloody Marie Boss Stage), In a Moment's Time (Credits), and all 3 of the new songs are the sound pieces I love and keep coming back to often and once the console versions get these songs and stages too I know my go to training stages now ^w^
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I like the whole soundtrack but these ones are my favorites, In a Moment's Time (Credits), The Lives We Tried to Reclaim, Skull Heart Arrhythmia, The Lives We Left Behind, Paved With Good Intentions, The Seat of Power, The Fish Man's Dance, and Moonlit Melee.
This is like the only soundtrack, game or otherwise, where everything is just phenomenal. Every other time, I bring up a soundtrack and I'm like "Ugh, I don't like this one" (skip) at least once, if not more times. With this, when I go for the full listen, I never skip a single one.
The Medici tower and Rooftops Assault. I'm sorry but those two themes are fucking made of greatness. And I'm not saying this because I'm obsessed with my waifu. i'm saying this because Medici Tower has a certain chime to it that just attracts me. No wait...it's definitely the elevator.
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The Lab 8 theme is my favourite, followed by the Final Atrium theme.

Also, most of these songs are fun to play in AudioSurf.
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I love the entire soundtrack, but "A Return To Normalcy" and "Forgotten Memories" are my being-lazy-around-the-house jams. I really, really, really want the song that plays on New Meridian Rooftops. It just sounds splendid, perfect to listen to on walk in the park.
Gawd, "In Just A Moment's Time" is so damn good. I can't not listen to it whenever the credits roll.
Aw boy.....Asking for favorite tracks in this soundtrack is like asking me to rip out my heart....IF I had to pick favorites, it would be The Lives We Left Behind, Paved With Good Intentions, In A Moment's Time, The Seat of Power, Dirge of the Divine Trinity, Moonlit Melee, The River King Casino, and the Daytime New Meridian Rooftops music. The new ones are just fantastic.
In a Moment's Time
and Hitomi No Kioku are sung by Geila Zilkha and opera vocals are provided by Kahori Yamane.

Also, anyone know anything about the In a Moment's Time instrumental used for the IGG video?
I'm still kinda hoping they add the demo version of the River King Casino song to the OST, in addition to all the other new tracks.
Updated OP because the three new stage themes were released on Humble with there official names.
There right there in the list aren't they ToDD?
I really liked "In a Moment's Time" I just seems really sweet sounding really soothing after finishing story mode and fun to whistle.
Good News from the 11-20 patch notes

Press Start in the Art Gallery to open the magical new Music Test!

Gallery Mode got updated so you can now listen to your favorite SG tracks at ease as you browse the gallery.
There is a new track in the Art Gallery called Clueless Trip. Sounds like cut scene music. Maybe it's a track for Big Band's story?
There is a new track in the Art Gallery called Clueless Trip. Sounds like cut scene music. Maybe it's a track for Big Band's story?

That's actually an existing track. I think it plays in Cerebella's story mode and Unlimited Hat Works. It's not in the OST, probably because it's a really simple song.
My favorite tracks are The Legend of the Skull Heart, An Uncertain Fate, Paved with Good Intentions, The Lives we Left Behind, Dirge of the Divine Trinity, Skull Heart Arrhythmia, A Return to Normalcy, In a Moment's Time, The Lives we Tried to Reclaim and Destiny in Her Hands.
I've always been fond of The Seat of Power, but Where Money Flows Like Water may have dethroned it as my favorite stage theme. I also like The Lives We Left Behind, Skull Heart Arrhythmia, Moonlit Melee, The Fish Man's Dance, In A Moment's Time and both Clear Breeze and Destiny In Her Hands. Cannot wait to hear (and see) what Big Band's stage has in store for us.
Personally, In a Moments time is my most listened to piece in the game. There's just something about that voice and piano accompaniment that gives it that "Bar lounge" feel. Also the orchestra-like ending just amazed me when I heard it the 1st time, really unexpected in the best way possible.
Updated OP with the Under the Bridge (WIP) theme embeded.
Can I just say how much I fucking love the Under the Bridge theme? Seriously, this might be one of my favorite video game songs of all time.
The Under the Bridge theme is truly amazing
Are we going to get the Under the Bridge theme in a revised version of the OST similar to the the three stages from Squigly's pack?
Real version of Glass Canopy stage theme (interesting enough it was by Vince this time) and Eliza bathhouse stage theme was shown in last salty.

The new glass theme has quite the slow buildup, but once it passes the theme is fitting for a slow ballroom dance stage.

New Eliza stage sounded pretty much how I imagined and it was exotic.
glass canopy theme reminds me of Disney
that nightmare crest music. oh my good its so good. someone needs to post like a 6 minute version. its a really creepy stage when look at the background actually
yo, did the ost ever update with the actual names of the songs for under the bridge and glass canopy? I know that humble bundle ost updated when the rooftops and casino level were added.