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Speedrunning SG

Hey ! I try the sleepwalk filia story mode and this is the result :
LOL marie's shadow going away from her at the end of second phase : "I'm outa here".
Nice 1st phase tech, but execution needs some improvement :p
Classic tech on the AIs, but looks like we'll need a different one for val and bella, too mush button spammy AIs to make it consistent. I guess instant j.hk adc j.hk repeat would solve that.
Thinking about this, filia nightmare story mode speedrun shouldn't be too hard, as she...doesn't fight herself. Finding a consistent tech on bella and val may be tricky, and nightmare marie is probably a pain, but at least the AIs won't be a pain to fight.

PS : bénie soit la France et sa passion pour le speedrun.
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New strat for sleepwalk :
Don't put the CPU in the corner.
Story Mode Sleepwalk Filia, 2min52 :
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Hmm, so according to video, looks like it's actually 2min51sec. BTW, always write your time in your post, just for clarity (and because tapatalk ^^'). I'll edit the OP as soon as I get back to my pc.
About the strat, I think that could be a general law for every character : don't knockdown except if you combo from it, as it means 2 sec without dealing any damage. the positioning isn't worth it.

Ya think you'll try the nightmare difficulty? (I know I'm repeating myself, but nightmare is the real thing, sleepwalk is just an hors-d'oeuvre)
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I never expected my new deflector-free way to kill marie to make me save that much time...
+9s after val/bella, -2 when marie dies...

yeah, as you can see, I'm back to speedrun duty.
Aaaaaaaaand new PB. After 40 tries.

cerebella story mode, nightmare difficulty, 3min42sec :

12 seconds improvement, 6 of them due to shorter loading screens just because new laptop. I still think counting them is stupid, but as we're not too numerous (freaking euphemism), who cares...

• Filia is now completely optimised. I don't see how to make it better, really.

• Found a really weird round start routine against fortune : c.mp H LnL j.hp mgr.
Avoids her most annoying and time-hole-ish round start options, namely jump attacks, beheaded (which tends to beat H LnL if it is not delayed with c.mp) and dash lows.
Only c.hk beats it, and she doesn't do it too often, jump attacks get hit and she may end up a bit too far for mgr, but I get momentum and she tends to dash forward in my mgr anyway when it happens. And she never jumped mgr after this setup so I'm guaranteed to initiate the reset loop, with some additional damage if she decides to get hit nicely by the setup, which can save me a reset loop if she eats too much of it.

• H LnL at round start is very nice against val/bella, covers a lot of val's actions, doesn't put me at risk/too far if she jumps, and put her at a nice distance for mgr.

• I screwed up hard at a few moments, but managed to correct myself with some out-of-nowhere lucky decisions...dat parasoul round...
Parasoul round which is conpletely optimised too...when it goes well.

• Double may be beatable easily with a super jump at round start, seems to avoid every possibility she has and puts me right in her face. Will test that some more later.

• Marie didn't troll me too much, was vey nice actually, even though she said nope to the 1st/2nd-phase skip tech.

@GN4RK anything new for filia nightmare story mode?
@GN4RK anything new for filia nightmare story mode?
Nop, I'm still searching for a good strategy for the third patern... :(
try doing the same thing I did.
You don't need deflector either.
new tech on filia.
usually, this is how you beat filia :
mgr c.lk c.mk j.mp j.mk mgr c.lk c.mk s.hk diamond drop
c.lk c.mk s.hk diamond drop c.lk c.mk s.hk diamond drop
s.lk s.hp

100% reliable as long as first mgr hits.

now the thing is we need a way to do a bit more damage so we don't need the s.k s.hp at the end.

instead of last c.lk c.mk s.hk DD, you can do :
walk slightly forward
s.lk c.mk s.hk
s.hk will hit cross up overhead, filia never blocks it (filia not guarding? what?) and then you can do diamond drop to kill directly.

saves 1 full second approximately.
So I went out of my way and have started doing speed runs of all original character stories. I play on Sleepwalk difficulty. Here's my current best. And I know I need more practice with a few of the characters.
Interesting...even in Nightmare difficulty, (using Fukua) CPU tends to fall for this everytime: (j.HK>j.HP)x2 Reset with MP>HP>j.HK>j.HP and repeat. That particular sequence with the MP reset prevents Undizzy build up I think. Maybe I can beat that Arcade Nightmare Solo time...

Also working on ways to beat Bloody Marie (aka Nightmare Difficulty) with every character (except Bella since @dragonos451 already has that covered).
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Interesting...even in Nightmare difficulty, CPU tends to fall for this everytime: (j.HK>j.HP)x2 Reset with MP>HP>j.HK>j.HP and repeat. That particular sequence with the MP reset prevents Undizzy build up I think. Maybe I can beat that Arcade Nightmare Solo time...
Your post would be way more interesting if you precised which character you're using for that...
Interesting note about Fukua's story mode (I did it on sleepwalk difficulty but will test in nightmare): The last fight against Filia she never blocks heavy version of clone after starting a low block string. Even in sleepwalk, her AI is so random but as long as you start a low block string and cancel into Heavy clone she never blocks that. I even did over and over to get a perfect. Unless the AI changes will happen soon.
Cerebella nightmare story mode : 3 min 16 sec 50
All AIs since the beowulf update won't block for a few frames after the end of histun, so sLP sHP run stop and repeat will kill any AI top speed.
Speedrunning SG got even less interesting than before.
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It appears someone had fun this January, running nightmare arcade mode and beating my super old unoptimized PB.

Unfortunately for him, fun is not allowed around here.
Mind you, that's just a warm-up run. Will try a bit more if I'm bored enough.
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Considering doing an "All Stories" run on sleepwalk.
Let's just hope I don't have too many resets with Painwheel or Peacock...
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