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Sep 18, 2013
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Parasoul Robo Fortune

Skull Girls Clothes Swap Family Portrait

The skull girls family is growing everyday...even the dead join the family.
I'm entering this into the salty cup cakes poster design contest. Spread it around let people know you like it. :) If the Skull heart team decide they dont want to use this poster I'm going to take the watermark off so you can enjoy it better.
Click the deviant art link and read the description to see alternate versions of this picture.


I'm going to repost each of the girls in this pic in their own picture so you can see all the details up close. So expect 9 more pictures here on skull heart. Expect 18 pictures in Deviant art because all my girls have...alternate pictures of them...

Hard Napalm Shot

This actually won in the salty cupcakes t-shirt desgn contest. :)

Double's Heart

I planed for this to be another t-shirt design but i think it looks better as an illustration.
My Main Girls

I guess this is technically skullgirls related. Click the deviant art link and read the description to see alternate versions of this picture.



SkullGirls Cards

Ok I finished Separating The girls on my skull girls poster and this is the result...well part of the result. Instead of 9 pictures for the Skull HArt gallery I ended up with like 20. sigh you draw one bikini for one character then you just have to draw bikinis for all the characters darn, thanks alot Cerebella. no really thank you :3.


She's so cute :3


I'm mad with myself that I find double to be slightly attractive D;


Since Cerebella swaped clothes with double she is naked, (double is always naked even when she looks like she's wareing clothes) but to post Cere on Skull Heart she needed a censor so I put her in a bikini...that bikini is what made me put them all in bikinis.


My Favorite Character. :)



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Character Design and Animation(?)


updated pic (DA gives you a better view of the pic)

old pic

Name: Matea (Mah-tay-ah)
Birthday: January 30
Blood type: O-
Height: 4'10"/ (transformed) 5'1"
weight: 106
Measurements: 22A-18-24 / (transformed) 26B -19- 27

This is my idea for a character in skullgirls. So if you know skullgirls you know Issac and Aeon use different variation of time manipulation. Matea uses a variation of Venus's space manipulation.

Back story:

Matea is Isaac's colleague at the Canopy Kingdom University. Isaac studied archaeology and discovered how to use time manipulation during his research. Matea is a math teacher and invented a space manipulating bag but its uses are limited to being just a glorified storage unit. Shortly after Isaac goes on the run Matea discovers two books near the site that Issac was studying. These books look as if they were made by the trinity themselves. These books further Matea's studies on space manipulation and allow her and objects to move between dimensions. The catch is what ever comes out of the dimension comes out distorted. The distortion is is temporary but it is very damaging to anyone who is not used to its affects.

Play Style inspiration:

quick draw fighter, setsuka(soul calibur), Huey freeman(boondocks), Dr.Strange(MvC3), chell (Portal 2), Pheonix Wright(gathering info), dancer (final fantasy tactics the war of lions), Homura (modoka magic)

Play style speculation:

weapon 1 katana: Mētoru No Chōkoku.
Her Primary weapon is her katana: Mētoru No Chōkoku. She utilizes lightning fast short range slashes and slow lunging powerful single strike. Being a math teacher she is good at calculating numbers and likes to challenge herself by doing math problems while she is fighting.

Weapon 2 Dimension Bag prototype and Calculator.

Her secondary weapon is her dimensional bag of tricks and calculator. Using her "take note" ability what ever the current combo counter is she records that number. Depending on the multiple of that number her next move "calculate" tells her what move to use from her dimensional bag. the multiples are 0, prime, multiple 2,3,4, and 5. if the combo counter is at 7 and she "takes note" the next "calculate" move she does will be the attack associated with prime because 7 is a prime number. Each multiple has different attack properties and properties can compound if the number has more than one multiple.

(no notes taken) 0 - slow roman cancel ( not as good as Parasoul's. only good for canceling really slow attacks)
multiple 2 - more damage
multiple 3 - overhead
multiple 4 - crumple status
multiple 5 - extra hitstun

For example. if you take note of a 12 hit combo the next "calculate" will have the properties of multiples 2,3, and 4. So it will be an over head, with more damage and it puts the enemy in crumple status.

If you take note multiple times the numbers you record will be added together. the bigger the number you have the more pronounced the the effects of calculate. The "math" that you have stored will be displayed under the life bar. and it will tell you the total you currently have stored and what multiples apply to it.

edit: using "calculate" uses up that moves value and you have to start "taking note" again to get more values.

Weapon 3 Tenebris and Signum the Dimensinal Books

Her tertiary weapons are her dimensional books Tenebris and Signum and her school supplies projectiles. The books can be set any where on the field and once they are set they can be used as "portals" for her to access or for her projectiles to go through. The books can be used to extend her attack reach or redirect projectiles for interesting attack angles. When a projectile goes through the portal they come out with different properties than when they go in from more damage to more hits or different flight patterns. When she goes through the portal she takes damage but she is temporally powered up and her features change.

The books can be used as a command grab when they are set or if she is holding them in her bag. If the opponent doesn't block the books grab they get teleported to wherever the other book is. So a book is high in the air you can launch the opponent then command grab with the high set book they get teleported to the the book that's close to the ground so now you can continue with a ground combo.
This is my first attempt at animating. Its not too bad I guess.
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extra space
Um... for some reason skull heart won't let me edit my original post.I guess i'll just continue updating using the comment section.
I may try and start animating Matea.
wow i just realized the transforming part of my character design is kinda like D.violet/Mrs.victoria. I think i 'll write that into her story though. D.violet is suposed to have demonic qualities so i guess the dimension Matea is going in and out of interacts with that demonic stuff? Yeah that could work. Also since Matea is a teacher and all she may may get along with Mrs.Victoria.
For the Annie lovers. These are some of the proposed walk animations I made for Annie of the Stars.

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Standing light punch for my character Matea
The idea is for this to be a 4 or 5 frame attack, really fast but range kinda small. The animation looks alot faster as a gif on the net than in my photoshop file. I guess i need to play with the timing a little more.
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  • Zoot Suit Eliza - 2 with stripes.png
    Zoot Suit Eliza - 2 with stripes.png
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  • Zoot Suit Eliza - 3 socks and stripes.png
    Zoot Suit Eliza - 3 socks and stripes.png
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  • Zoot Suit Eliza - 4 with stache and socks and black stripes.png
    Zoot Suit Eliza - 4 with stache and socks and black stripes.png
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  • Zoot Suit Eliza - 5 with black stripes.png
    Zoot Suit Eliza - 5 with black stripes.png
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  • Zoot Suit Eliza - 6 with socks and black stripes.png
    Zoot Suit Eliza - 6 with socks and black stripes.png
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Every waifu needs a wedding day.

Wedding Dress Eliza

Who put a ring on her?
Other slight variations are here if you want them.


  • Wedding Dress Eliza 2 with flowers veil2.png
    Wedding Dress Eliza 2 with flowers veil2.png
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  • Wedding Dress Eliza 3 with flowers white veil 3.png
    Wedding Dress Eliza 3 with flowers white veil 3.png
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  • Wedding Dress Eliza 4 with veil 1.png
    Wedding Dress Eliza 4 with veil 1.png
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  • Wedding Dress Eliza 5 with veil 2.png
    Wedding Dress Eliza 5 with veil 2.png
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  • Wedding Dress Eliza 6 with white veil 3.png
    Wedding Dress Eliza 6 with white veil 3.png
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Cleaned up the Standing light punch for my character. if you have any advice for me let me know.
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Decided to give a taunt to a taunt-less character. My girl Parasoul.
Her egrets salute her but I'd imagine she would do the same salute too, being a honorable commander and all.

My goal was to make this animation game quality. Mike, Alex, Mariel, any other Skullgirls creator if you want this you can have it for the game. Just let me know and i'll send the actual size psd file to you in a heart beat. just putting that out there.

old version

Re-timed it a little
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could we put this into game? PLEEEEEASE!
I know right lol. free of charge too...well maybe my name in credits if possible. but if not possible still free of charge.
For the taunt input i was thinking :F:Charge:B: :LP:,:LK:,:B::MP:. Yup reverse charge taunt in skull girls.
The buff the taunt does could be one of the following.

idea 1. with her next egret call she can call out another egret even if the other one is still on screen. So any two egrets out at once.

idea 2. the buff could make mk egret into an egret shot where one of the egrets from her level 3 comes and fires off a couple of rounds after which she can combo from it. He still absorbs projectiles but he can't be hit by attacks. (so no new animations would be needed)

idea 3. Hp napalm shot becomes the parasoul gunshot animation that double has and shoots an actual bullet straight forward that sends the enemy into crumple or stagger status.

idea 1 makes the salute taunt she does more relateable to her egrets but idea 1 has fewer uses than the other two ideas. idea 2 is still related to the egrets and gives Parasoul a more offensive option with her new egret if the the cool down for calling him isn't to long. She could call him and possibly jump over the opponent for a cross up. Idea 3 is probably the simplest to add but it has nothing to do with the egrets but would be useful . Idea 2 is my favorite.
More stuff For the annie in motion thread. The puppet warp tool is really useful for Annie's hair.


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Waa laa cleaned lines for Annie North Star slash/North Sword thing.


SkullGirls High Parasoul's Debate Club

Class President Parasoul taking charge and choosing her debate club vice president. Everybody wants that job but Adam is the only logical choice.

I'm making a drawing series where the main,and some sub main, girls and guys of the Skullgirls universe are regular people going to the same school. Parasoul is a 17 year old senior class president and president of the debate club.


deviant art has other variations.
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SkullGirls High Drama Club Practice

Sienna Contiello and Levi A. Tan practicing for the upcoming musical play Romero and Juliet. A love story about a Zombie and a human. Love after death is eternal. Sienna is a 15 year old freshman and Levi is a 17 year old Senior.

Version 2 should be them in full costume if I make it.
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SkullGirls High Nadia Fortune's Volley Ball Team

Nadia Fortune is a 16yo sophomore and the Captain of the volley ball team...and the bowling club, and the girls basketball team and the golf team. The girl loves sports. She even got her friend Minette to join the team.

Friday the 13th already passed. Opportunity missed oh well.

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Cerebella's Cheer Team SkullGirls High 1

Cerebella (soph 16yo) is part of Canopy Kingdom High's Cheerleading squad along with Beatrix (Jr 17yo) and Feng (Jr 16). The crowds come for the football game but they stay for the Cheerleaders half time show. They love them what can i say.

My laptop has been a dick to me for the past 3 months T_T. everything works but the colors are messed up. White things show up blue and black things show up red. My drawing series is gona have to wait.
Narssus x Yan Hug
Best hugs for the characters with a distinct lack of arms...


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edit: Updated the images but video will remain the same. head was reworked
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One perk of being an unknown artist I can post images with mistakes redo it and only like 11 people will know :P...but then only 11 people know....
Indivisible - Zahra, Nuna, Lea Oud Shopping


Nuna is practicing controlling their powers. So Zahra is gona need a new Oud. Lea isn't too amused at her flowers growth.

It's 8:15 right now. I didn't wake up to this time. I stayed up till this time tryna finish this. -__- bed time.

Speed paint:
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Re: your style being "creepy." I think it's because you're in uncanny valley. You put so much really well done detail into the shading that it feels too realistic without being fully photo-like. Looking at your process, you carefully draw outlines, then fill in flats, and then do the shading. Compare that to the first video I found on a search for kuvshinov ilya:
After making a loose sketch, he starts blocking in a lot of different colors to define the form. It's much more fast and fluid, and he has something that could be called a finished piece vary quickly. After that he just keeps refining it. I think your faces especially end up looking just a little off (as humans we are extremely observant of faces, so getting them to look unattractive takes only the slightest proportional inaccuracy) because you're only seeing them as line art for so long. By the time you get around to the shaded detail you're probably too used to looking at them and too far along to easily make changes. So I'd suggest trying a less rigid painting process if you want to get out of the creepy zone.

Thank you. I needed a critique. Think i'll try that color blocking method on the next picture.
I actually love your art! While it isn't my style typically for its realism, that doesn't mean that it isn't really good quality, it's just a different style than I'm used to, keep up the amazing work!
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Honestly? I really do like this art! The style may not be my thing, but I recognize this is some great stuff! Keep it up man! : )

P.S I really do like you Skullgirls High collection of pieces, it's a rather interesting idea that I haven't really seen explored, any only one of the few concepts I've seen other than the normal Skullgirls "X fighting Y".
@Valhi2 Thanks :). now i have to find the time to pick the series back up. I'm like 70% done with the valentine one so that will probably be next in the series.
Indivisible - Annie and the Drifter


One more picture for the indivisible campaign. These are my two favorite guest characters planed for indivisible. I already liked Annie and recently learned about the drifter from the campaign so boom crossover picture. Made with the intent to be a desktop background.

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This looks really great. It has a lot of charm you show in a lot of your works, but it doesn't have that same photo-realism you have in a lot of your other works, and it looks really nice for it!
Thanks :). I'm trying out a mix of the Ilya painting method and my method and its turning out better than i thought it would. still doing the flats but only using them as a general shape instead of a final shape.
SkullGirls High Parasoul's Debate Club

Class President Parasoul taking charge and choosing her debate club vice president. Everybody wants that job but Adam is the only logical choice.

Okay first of all your art is lovely and I really like your human high school headcanons
Secondly as a debater the idea of parasoul and adam being in their school's debate club makes me really happy, I bet they'd make a deadly public forum duo.
Thanks. :) The parasol one is my favorite so far. But I'm a little biased. I need to just bite the bullet and just finish vals picture so I can move on to the other characters.

I already got everyone's story written down and about half the cast is in the sketch or line art faze.
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