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Personal Tank's HArt Gallery

Tank The Black Egret

No. Not a Nazi. I was sort of inspired by Finn from the new/not so new star wars movie. Surprise black guy lol. Parasoul is my girl in skullgirls so I figured why not join her Black Egrets. I'm one of the egrets in the Inferno Brigade. I recorded the process but that will be up whenever.

Tank the Black Egret - Speed Paint

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If he's tank, what is panzerfaust?
Zahra - Indivisible character profile picture

I thought it'd be nice if the characters of Labzero's game Indivisible had a hand drawn animated display type character profile picture to go along with their character descriptions. It'd be nice if they all rotated so you can see what each character looks like from all angles. Kinda like a pvc model on one of those spinning lazy susan table things.

On a side note i'm no expert at animation but man Zahra has a bunch of details to keep track of. I kinda just winged it trying to do the designs on her clothes. I only used 34 frames to make this I can only imagine what its like drawing over 100 images. I wanted to do 70 images but my patience with my computer ran out.
Yan - Indivisible Character Profile Picture

Another character turnaround for a hypothetical character profile page. I think i did a much better job this time. I used fewer frames and it still seems to rotate smoothly. 28 frames this time and it only took half as long to do as the Zahra one. No arms no hands. yay easy mode. I even colored the lines this time
. Gota think of who to try next
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Thank you :)
But is she spinning clock wise or anti-clockwise? :}}}}

Great animation! Keep going at it :D
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Well people I feel like trying another turnaround. Vote in the poll and I'll animate the winner.
Here are the pose ideas i had for which ever character wins the poll.


Nuna- trying to make a flower grow but the wrong one grows too big.
Narssus- swiping with his sythe. holding a voodoo doll. The smear would rotate too.
Thorani- in a pose reminiscent of a buhdist water goddess.(I think it was buhdist)
Lanshi- sit boy
Kampan- Tinkering with her mech arm poring one of her oil cans in something. (I think those are oil cans on her belt?)
Vasco- standard rifile shooting pose.
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Any one else think George kinda looks like/ may act like Trump? I'm the only one...ok.

the poll is first to 5 just so yall know.
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SkullGirls x Star Wars Halloween


Happy Halloween people. Play safe. keep a leash on your kids ☆(−_^)

edit: i edited faces. orignal picture is below for comparison.


  • Skullgirls x Star wars Trick or Treat 1.png
    Skullgirls x Star wars Trick or Treat 1.png
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Took forever to render.
The faces seem a bit too creepy, like the teeth and eye are too close and it looks a bit off.
Is it all of their faces? Adam was the only one ment to look weird cause he reminds me of yamato from naruto. But Beowulf yeah his pupils look a bit to big.
Yes its all of their faces, espically umbrella and parasoul.
@Magma442 thank you.
I edited everyones face a little. They may still be a little off but they are definitely better than what they were. Looking at before and after everyones noses were sunk into their faces. Annie's face looked like it was melting off the side of her head. smh
I need to get better at seeing stuff like that.
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They look a lot better now :)
Well people my computers mother board finally craped out on me. I'm borrowing my sister's laptop at the moment. Luckily she has photoshop but her computer won't let me use some important plug-ins. The multi fill and flatten plug-ins.

I've finished the line art for the turnaround animation for Nuna and it's ready to be multi filled sooo can someone help me out and multi fill each frame for me?

If you don't know what I'm talking about multi fill is step 6 in this process.


If you think you can help me out leave a message here or in a PM and i'll pm you a link to nuna's photoshop file.
Well it turns out gimp has a multi fill and flatten plugin. That's one hurdle out of the way. But then another one pops up. Apparently ps cs5 doesn't let you record tools in actions which is what made swapping pallets easy. So back to the drawing board.

Finished another character. There is transparency this time so i had to dither stuff to make it work without a background but it still looks ok. versions with white and black backgrounds are below I have alot of palette swaps for her so just hang tight.

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War Nuna

I went and looked up some native american war paint and these stood out to me.
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Ice Flower Nuna

This is one of my favorites because of the goggles and beanie.
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does the sunflower shrink when it goes behind her? I just noticed it and its bugging me lol
Christmas Nuna


This palette actually kinda makes use of the dither :). Merry Christmas yall.
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@North888 I don't think It does but if it does at this point its gonna stay how it is. These took forever. I'm just glad they're done. The big flower is doing some funky stuff as it turns though. Turning the flowers were almost more annoying than turning nuna cause the petals are almost flat.
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oh no, it looks amazing, Im just saying the big flower looks a little funky lol.
Thank you. Now on to the next much easier character.
Well I tried the animation tests. Test 2 was definitely the easiest of the 2.

Vanguard Princess Parasoul

Vanguard princess super flash cut scene
Rule 1 - Come on screen butt first.

I made this with Pocolloa in mind. I like how he puts other fighting game references into his skullgirls videos so I made a Vanguard Princess super cut scene thing for Parasoul.
Vasco Rotation Default

From what I've heard Vasco's supers are supposed to cause status effects or debuffs or something. So I labeled the crates with the some possible effects he could cause. Level 1 is defense down. Level 2 is defense down and guard break. Level 3 is defense down, guard break, and bleed.

My first take on seeing this he almost looked 3D! Really nice work on this one! :D
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I hope L0 has more streams of her, or the other characters I want to draw.
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In Nuna's original concept Nuna had blue eyes so this is just a homage to that.

A little something to celebrate the progress of indivisible.

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