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Trying to get my PS3 fightstick to work on mac


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Sep 8, 2013
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So I've been trying to play skullgirls on Mac since the PC community seems more lively than PS3 and this is the only way I can really access it, but I've been wrestling with trying to get my fightstick to work for about an hour with no results.

I'm using a PS3 Madcatz KE. I tried to configure the controller using steam big picture mode. It recognized the madcatz stick, but for some reason steam will only recognize inputs from the start, select, and guide buttons.

I also tried using USB Overdrive, an app that link controllers inputs to key strokes, kinda like joy2key for windows, if anyone ever used that. Even when I use set a global setting, my inputs won't pick up in skullgirls. It works in other applications, IE, if I set square to the "q" key, when I press square in chrome I'll type "q" in the URL entry, just not in the skullgirls application itself. If I set up Overdrive to only work in skullgirls I get no inputs from my controller at all.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I'd really appreciate it since I'm kinda running out of options here.