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Mar 1, 2021
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Cerebella Valentine
The Skullheart Forums have been going for a loooong time, and with all the big stuff happening with Skullgirls recently, we figured it was high time Skullheart got a bit of an upgrade! Welcome to the official relaunch of Skullheart with fancy new visuals and vastly upgraded forum software!

Here's some useful links to get started:

Forum Rules - Please Read these now! You can come back and read the rest of this post later. Shoo, shoo! Off you go!

Moderator Applications - We will be needing a new set of moderators. If you're interested in the position, check out this thread.

Archives - As part of the Skullheart relaunch, we archived the entire forum. All of the old posts are in-tact, but no longer open for replies. You can find them here.

Forum Feedback - WillTheDev has done some amazing work fixing things up around here, but he wants your feedback! Let him know in this thread.
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It's been 3000 years.jpg

Finally, no more discord for beta discussion lmao
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It's been so long

The new look is incredible, love it
happy skullheart is alive again
lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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Wasn't here during the forum's heyday but was on the Mobile Forums for a bit. Glad to see the regular forums making its return! :D
Finally, I have an opportunity to be here. Thank you very much for this upgrade
it feels so bitter sweet to be here. Have some great memories here and some not so good ones. I hope that the forums become a great place for people playing the game once again. Maincord was getting a little stuffy.
I can probably read things now maybe
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I've never had the pleasure of posting on this now revived forum, I have to say I missed writing on one a lot.

Hopefully I'll enjoy posting here once in a while :)
Wait. Its back? After SRK, I figured all fighting game forums were just gone.

Nice to be here again.
It's been a minute since I've been in a forum proper, glad to be here.
It's been 3000 years.jpg

Finally, no more discord for beta discussion lmao
My expectations for here aren't much higher, honestly.

Anyway, been out of the game for a long time & not playing again anytime soon- but can't wait to read the discussion about the game nonetheless. Above all else I miss reading forums.
I still lament the death of forums everywhere. Discord's great for chat and all, but terrible for anything long-term and should never have been seen as a replacement. Twitter too. So much just gets lost to the aether. Hopefully we can make SH 2.0 last.
Man seeing all these old names i recognized (and who probably don't remember me haha) really hits me in the nostalgia. Something about these forums is just so much more approachable than discord sometimes, yknow? Good to be back
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What game is this?
Good to be back, excited to help make this the spot however I can!

Shabba for the old folks out there.

Parasoul/Double guide v202X?
Been a good long while, nice to see the place got a refurb
This should be a headline on all the gaming news websites:

"Forum for game DOESN'T go offline. Everyone involved stunned."
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