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Why do characters have different weights?


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The single thing that makes me want to quit skullgirls and play other fighting games (though other fighting games just make me want to go back to skullgirls) is characters having different weights. It's not enough to learn a combo, you have to have different combos or make slight timing adjustments against different characters. It's too much for me to keep in muscle memory along with combos for the rest of my team, and I mess up all the time no matter how much I practice. Why do characters need to have different weights? Maybe it would be less frustrating if I understood the design decisions behind it?
im pretty sure its so the gameplay doesnt get repetitive and boring lmao wtf
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There is a universal BnB for every character that will work on the entire cast.

You can use that to start and if you deviate from it then you may have to put in more work.
im pretty sure its so the gameplay doesnt get repetitive and boring lmao wtf
Midscreen, corner, side-change, with and without assist, switching combos to mix up your reset points, character-specific based on size, and optimization for damage or meter already leads to a lot of different combos.

to so gameplay and characters can be easily balanced. so nothing can become too OP
So you're saying, for example, if someone has a ridiculous crossunder reset that can lead into a mixup on block, but only works against lights, the character isn't op because that only gives her/him a few good matchups. Interesting...
It also works as a balancing tool: maybe a character has a gigantic hit box, but is so heavy most combos won't take him too far, or a super fast character is light, so when all that mobility ends in a screw up, the punishment can be bigger.

It gives another layer of complexity to the characters.

And as long as Mike accept the headache that should be balancing it, we're good. The man never left anything absurdly OP in the game
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I'm pretty sure it was for balancing. I mean it also makes the character make sense.

Why is this 7 foot tall character the same weight as a 5'3 (pulling sizes out of my ass)

You see what I mean. Gives the characters more depth.
I payed attention to the affects of character weight while watching combo breaker this weekend. Something I've never considered is using a team with various weights as a strategy. If your squigly and double both get hit, it's going to be really hard for the opponent to corner carry both of them. I usually think I'm just bad and don't know the combo to hit both of them, but even some of the best players were dropping happy birthdays because of weight variance.

Why is this 7 foot tall character the same weight as a 5'3 (pulling sizes out of my ass)
If my very muscular hat could punch the giant blob demon just as high as the zombie, I don't think that would break my suspension of disbelief.
But the same punch would send each flying in different heights