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Anime/Manga/Toon Recommendation Thread

in all honesty toku spiderman wasn't bad and I heard it inspired the idea for sentai.

I think that Captain America looks like shit. why does he have a P leaning to the side where his A should be?
Why would Marvel allow this shit?

Japanese Show where Spiderman has a gundam and fights reject power rangers villains.

That show is actually quite impressive for the time it was made.

It's better then the recent Spider-Man movies and shows, that's for sure.
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Oh god, I remember that show.
Not only that, but I remember collecting all the comics too.
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From the current anime season I am watching:

Death Parade:


Mystical games, man

And Yoru no Yatterman


This one needs a little context. The anime is a celebration for the 30 year anniversay of the original Yattermen and the protagonists are descendants of these guys from the original anime:


You can consider the Doronbo gang the true parents of Team Rocket and other terrible trios :

If you were a fan of the original so...

And to end it, remembering the dubs of our favorite Voice Actresses, I can't help but post the manga that gave origin to my favorite Yuri pairing:

Madoka Magica: The Different Story





Based on the 3rd Drama CD and goes beyond. Cannonical.

Expands a lot on Mami's character and on Kyouko's fall. Really great story. 12 Chapters.

Also, if you don't like that pairing...

...you can always go the harem route.
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If you guys haven't already heard of this series, you should be reading "Keyman - The Hand of Judgement" written and illustrated by Warai Naku. The story centers around Detective Alex Rex, a beastman and resident of Rockville City.
Rockville city is unique in that they are protected by a super-powered hero, the titular Keyman.
He's your typical superman archetype; flight, super strength, impervious to bullets and harm...that is until one day Keyman is found murdered, arms torn off and the mysterious message of "DR. NECRO" engraved on his chest.

The story follows Detective Rex as he tries to uncover the mystery behind Keymans violent death, and who this DR. NECRO is.

The art style is definitely western influenced and I've heard it likened to the Powers comic series. All-in-all it's got a great story, great art, great pacing, and great action. It's got 7 volumes that have been fan translated and the group in charge is working on the 8th which was released this month.

If you want something new go ahead and check this out. You won't be disappointed.
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Amagi Brilliant Park

Written by the guy who did Full Metal Panic!, it immediately starts off with the main character being asked on a date by some girl that randomly pulls out a flintlock rifle and shoves it in his face. Nuff said really.

Also features the mascot from Fumoffu as a violent character in a theme park. It's 13 episodes short, and is ridiculously hilarious.
Full Metal Panic!
and pretty much anything Trigger Studios.
Gintama has over-the-top and comedy.

not saying at the same time but it has both.

but nothing is more hype than the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon.

@Number 13 can vouch for me on this.
Yup Gintama can pull off both over-the-top action and comedy regularly.

New season on April 8th. Although it's a long series so it's gonna be a time investment to catch up with hundreds of episodes plus couple movies. The manga is is even further ahead at 500+ chapters. Well worth it though just keep in mind if your starting off on the anime the first 20~ episodes or so [especially the first two filler episodes that makes you question "wft is going on?" ] are a bit tame since that mostly focuses on character introductions/world building/etc . The actual antagonists and plot foreshadowing doesn't get introduced until after several episodes.
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yeah, but then you get to Takasugi.

Takasugi is the shit.

















you know what I recommend?

Gundam Build Fighters

Woolie approved too.

10/10 swamp asses.

also, Back-On openings.

you can also check out Build Fighters Try.
here's a tip of the iceburg of that series.
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build fighters try is so anti-hype compared to the first season :V

but for completely unrelated recommendations Hidamari Sketch is #1 slice of life
Oh try is definitely nowhere near as good as the first series.
no doubt about that.
but it does have some things I really like.
also, the female meijin seems like on of the most rushed insert characters I have ever seen.
basically the third meijin with titties.
you can't make me like her TRY.
not even the giant missing pants leg can make me like her!
you gotta do better than that!
she isn't worthy of six times the passion of ordinary flamenco!
If you like gothic stuff but not too much I recommend the cartoon Ruby Gloom probably one of the most enjoyable cartoons I have seen so far. And the only Canadian cartoon besides Ed, Edd and Eddy that I can watch without throwing up.

Kind of the first time posting here but Rick and Morty anyone?
It's fucked up and so badly drawn.
I enjoyed it but I don't watch it since a very long time.
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I whatch yakka ryouran samurai girls

its a realy cool show were there are highscool students with katana swords fight and its like dragon ball z with power levels and the charater

my favorate charater is Jubei Yagyu because she is strong and cool and super cute. I would like it if everybody saw this show.
So there's this anime, Show by Rock!!
it's one of those life of life-y kinda anime, and it's all very adorable and such. It has a lot of songs and the designs for the characters are really nice. They did a good job on the voice acting and colors too~
An example of a song from the show
EDIT: Pfft, forgot to mention. The anime switches between CGI (for the music sessions) and normal anime affair. I like the change.