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Attack On Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

Attack On Titan

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I knew it!




I knew he was real!
(he was actually at Anime Weekend Atlanta last year. I'm hoping he'll be back this year too!)
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lmao comparing this series to berserk

call me when the eclipse happens, kiddies
lmao comparing this series to berserk

call me when the eclipse happens, kiddies
Hey Sano's the only one comparing AoT to Berserk, don't throw me into the mix.
Also way to sound super pretentious guy who's younger than I am.
Yeah I'm just really pissed tonight, deal with it.
by a modern berserk, I meant that as more of it has the same brutal violence and sense of despair that berserk can bring, but at the same time makes you feel good when good things do happen.
I'd say there's a line between the tone and depictions of berserk and AoT.
AoT, at the end of the day, is just a gory shonen. A incredibly rough and predictable one, at that. It's the kind of series where you know that the main characters will come out as unscathed as they were at the start. No major losses beyond a few expendable side characters and maybe those villains they want us to feel bad for. Eren's protagonist powers will save the day, Mikasa will fuck her brother, and hopefully Armin will be transported to a more deserving series.
With Berserk, you're with Guts for such a long time through his journey that you see him at his absolute lowest, such that ANY improvement to his situation makes you feel better for the guy, even if it gets negated by future events. The fact that the guy has actual comrades and a glint of hope towards treating Casca is a massive improvement over how he's been in the past, even if he likely will never be getting happily ever after. in other words, it's the act of wanting but knowing otherwise that makes the difference here.

but hey, I'm horribly biased towards berserk and horribly biased against Attack on Titan
so you know
Yeah Whatevs.

Also fuck rape culture.
New manga chapter is out
Armin doesn't seem to be too thrilled that he has a new favorite fan.

Also intrigue, intrigue a plenty! Seems for the time being humans will be the main adversaries. Whenever Titans do show up again they'll probably do so in some sort of spectacular manner.
Apparently, this was an actual Pizza Hut ad in Japan:


well at least its not like ads in video games
* ahem, crazy taxi I'm looking at you
DUDES! Leon S. Kennedy is gonna be the voice of Levi!
Matt Mercer is.
a voice actor isn't their roles
Matt Mercer is.
a voice actor isn't their roles
I know, I just forgot Matt Mercer's name. :P
that said i'm surprised that he was cast for the role
Mercer rarely, if ever, does Texas-based dubbing

but hey FMA 2003 got a canadian guy for hohenheim so anything is possible
I'm also surprised to see Ashly Burch as Sasha.... would be the funniest thing if they got Papa Burch to play her dad.

also, Mike McFarland for Jean. not a bad choice if I do say so myself.
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i'm gonna go and call Chris Sabat as Reiner
if not him then Andrew Love or someone similar

Colleen would make a decent Annie too, I imagine
Well, Bert's VA has ben announced.
David Matanga

and J. Michael Tatum as Erwin

and yeah, Colleen would make a good Annie. cuz errybody loves Colleen Clickenbeard.
Annie is voiced by Squigly
I'm surprised that they got Lauren Landa for her, honestly
LA VAs errywhere in this dub
I just heard Armin's VA and he. is. perfect. I am so glad they didn't go the Alphonse route like they did for Brotherhood.
Josh is pretty rad yeah
has a pretty big tendency to voice dudes that were voiced by women in japan
Eren is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook
He got his wish at least
Check out my Attack On Titan hitbox, guys!
That hitbox is cool, but it was your avatar that really captured my attention.
That's some of the funniest shit I've seen in a while. What's the source?
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I still prefer abridg'd comedy's take on the scene....
Carl Armin is best Armin
Watching Attack on Titan all over again is great. I was afraid that the English voice acting wouldn't be that great, but as the episodes are released it gets better and better. Eren as a child didn't sound that great, but that may just be because kids have annoying voices. That last line from Eren when he's older sounded amazing in cmparison.

Speaking of Eren, I've realized that if everyone were a little more like him, there wouldn't even be a Titan problem.
well there wouldn't be a problem because everyone would be dead, if that's what you mean
considering his tendencies got him ate and all

unless you mean everyone should have protagonist powers
but that's an Incredibles kinda storyline right there
Why are you here, I thought you didn't like AoT?
because it's fun to make jabs at the series
plus it's not like I'm actively trolling or shitting on your tastes or anything

just because I might mock the series doesn't mean I'm mocking you or anything. That's just mean.
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OK then, what I meant about Eren is that if everyone had the courage to fight for their freedom and stand up against the Titans their situation wouldn't be as bleak as it is now.

Garrison - 30,000 soldiers
Military Police - 2,000 soldiers
Big Dick G Survey Corps - 300 soldiers

That should say everything.