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Personal Drawing skullgirls is a metaphor


Deez Beech
Apr 1, 2014
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Robo Fortune Fukua Double
Edit: If you don't wanna browse the thread everything is in my Skullgirls blog section. Thank you!

Hi everybody I'm chicken and I'm a skullgirls fan mostly for the character designs, which are really inspirational and really fun to draw for me.(I'm mostly a lurker here)
My favourite characters are Double and Mrs.Victoria, and I'm so bad at drawing them, sigh.

I mostly do doodles with the pencil tool when I've got some free time


(he's supposed to be Irvin...)
Also I made this one in pantone for a friend

Hope you like them! If you have any request let me know (I'm busy with school most of the time though so I can't really promise anything <:T)
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You've got a very unique style! Very soft, curvy lines all over. Makes the pictures look like they're moving, in a sense.

I'm no art critic so I can't really say a lot more in regards to the style other than that I like it. If I may be so bold could I request you draw Hubrecht?
I would request Scythana! Please.
Now this is something different. You give a very fun and surprising spin to all the characters you draw, chicken. Granted, I'd enjoy seeing just about anyone created in this unique style of yours. However, if you're accepting requests, I'd love to see Ottomo or Taliesin. Both of them have very little fanart to begin with, and I'm sure seeing your vision of either would definitely make my day.
Your style is really unique, it is really cool to see your style as it brings a different look to each of the characters. I don't really want to ask for too much with requests but if you could do some art for Isaac, if possible please.
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Drawing skullgirls is hard
Well, I'd say you make it look easy.

As others have said, you have a very unique style which is something not many artists can brag about. Also, I'm personally fond of artists with such daring, unconventional styles. Personally, I can't doodle anything the defies the "usual standards" so I applaud those who do and can make it work. That said, I can see why Double is among your favorites.
I was about to ask if you have a Tumblr or DA page but it didn't take long to take a guess and find it.
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Drawing Skullgirls is hard, playing Skullgirls is easy.

Pssst... You know who you should draw?

I was thinkin' you should try and draw

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Aaaaah thaanks a lot everyone! I got a day off so I'm gonna finish your requests soon(I hope), I'm very glad you guys asked
I was waiting for you to come, DDB

Here's Ottomo and Taliesin for Wall


and an extra Valentine

I started Scythana, will draw her after finishing some Oc stuff

By the way would anyone watch a streaming?
I would watch your streams mainly so I can see how you go about drawing the characters in your art style.

I'm sorry about asking for more requests, but you could you draw something for Minette and brain drain ?
Chicken. Hey, chiken.

Pssst. Psssssst.

I love you.
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Will you still be doing the other requests?
Will you still be doing the other requests?
Sure! But not today, sorry. It's 11 pm here and I'm not type for a gamer schedule, gonna watch some animu and then go to bed. Will draw Isaac tomorrow morning as you requested c: See you guys in 10 hours!
Looking forward to it. As said before your artwork is good and keep up the good work.
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Ya hear that? Annie-mu.
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Here's the Isaac doodle that took me way too time than it should have (characters with a normal anatomy are very hard for me ok)

Chicken. Hey, chiken.

Pssst. Psssssst.

I love you.

You have Cerebella in your team and a Joker avatar LET'S BE BEST FRIENDOS
I used to have Double there before Big Band and I'm looking forward to Eliza as well, so you know.
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@chickenwithtie, Is it okay if I can put that Image of image on the Isaac thread. Also another question does anyone how to do so?

Right click on the image > Copy image link/url > Go to thread > Write reply >
> Paste link > Done .u.

Gotta finish some school work today so I'm just gonna leave some pretty old stuff


Aaaaand tomorrow: Annie for the adorably annoying DDB C:
I love this dynamic art style, especially when it comes to the hair. The way you draw hair looks so good.
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I shall brace myself for tomorrow.
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We need the Biggest of Bands up in here.

And yeah, your style is really original and unique, I love it. Keep doin' what yer doin'.
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Yeah but you made two Annies for me which totally means I'm your favorite.
I haven't been posting in a while 'cause I'm working on a pretty big project(I mean 'big' by very personal stardards): a giveaway(If you're not familiar with it, it's kinda like a free lottery). I'm making full-coloured drawings with dimensions of a postcard

Here are the initial sketches .u. I plan to finish the drawings in two weeks if not first

By the way do you think I should open another thread for the giveaway or a comment in here will be sufficient?