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Fukua General Discussion

you're not COOOOL enough to be my copy
And our very own Skullgirls firing huge shots at Decapre.
I love it.

That gameplay and those properties look WAY too legit. I might actually want to try her.

But aren't we already getting Robo Fortune?

That gameplay and those properties look WAY too legit. I might actually want to try her.

But aren't we already getting Robo Fortune?

Fukua doesn't have any new frames, so she's been...well made free.

My mate did point out however, her trailer has new music, it's either a preview, old unused music or something else entirely.
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If anything, put in a secret mode in the Extras menu to at least let us play Arcade mode as her or something. Just as a change of pace. Plz.
In case I might offend someone, I'm putting my opinion on Fukua in a spoiler box

I like Fukua better than Filia
is she just in beta or the full game? is she a legit character or has she been made to be really crazy good on purpose?
I realize not everyone uses IRC, so here's a copy-paste of the last hour or so to save Mike being asked the same stuff again and again:

[00:28:34] 18<24Luweewuu> Fukua crossup tech so strong
[00:28:41] 18<28Kuroonehalf> this is godlike lol
[00:28:49] 18<27IsaVulpes> why only one projectile at a time
[00:28:50] 18<27IsaVulpes> what a shame
[00:29:29] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> the real joke is that she turns out to be a tanky grappler
[00:29:47] 18<19wippler-workn> @ Darlos, Inevitable Snuggle
[00:30:15] 18<24arctus32> lol Fukua actually looks interesting :P
[00:30:19] 18<28Kuroonehalf> I wonder if they made these extra animations just for this
[00:30:30] 18<19wippler-workn> "they"
[00:30:35] 18<20Duckator> Please keep her
[00:30:38] 18<19wippler-workn> She has zero new frames
[00:30:45] 18<19wippler-workn> everything is re-use
[00:30:48] 18<24arctus32> XD
[00:31:23] 18<19wippler-workn> She's basically robo-fortune practice
[00:31:26] 23* Scotteh (~Scott@ has joined
[00:31:28] 18<28Kuroonehalf> really? What are the love dart animations from=
[00:31:29] 18<28Kuroonehalf> ?*
[00:31:39] 18<26BITTERBEE> From one of her normals + hairball
[00:31:40] 18<25Forty2-wrk> where is Fukua?
[00:32:05] 18<24Luweewuu> meaty L Dart 2gud
[00:32:06] 18<28Kuroonehalf> how about the drill?
[00:32:09] 18<19wippler-workn> Kuroonehalf, s.MP and hairball
[00:32:12] 18<19wippler-workn> the drill is the DRILL
[00:32:17] 18<19wippler-workn> rotated 90 right
[00:32:21] 18<19wippler-workn> and s.LP
[00:32:26] 18<27RickoniX> what does her level 5 do
[00:32:28] 18<28Kuroonehalf> oh, sorry. I meant the air love dart
[00:32:31] 18<28Kuroonehalf> not standing
[00:32:32] 18<19wippler-workn> j.HP startup
[00:32:54] 23* Verdant (~Gabe@pool-72-87-147-92.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined
[00:33:12] 18<19wippler-workn> fun fact - most of her moves are actually from alternate Filias before we had a 2nd character. The three people who played the game at Evo (09?) will recognize them.
[00:33:51] 18<19wippler-workn> Funner fact - the 3-plus-year-old scripts worked with NO EDITS. That's how you write resiliant software.
[00:34:11] 18* 19wippler-workn is really proud of that.
[00:34:39] 23* pdk (~realname@c-71-236-103-197.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined
[00:35:11] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> lol @ the fukua trailer
[00:35:15] 18<19wippler-workn> I mean she got updated obviously, but the base versions were just dropped.
[00:35:18] 18* 19SoLong is proud of wippler-workn. Cutely.
[00:35:38] 18<19wippler-workn> You don't get to be.
[00:35:40] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> "sorry, but we could never afford to animate heir that fabulous"
[00:35:40] 18<19wippler-workn> Mate.
[00:35:46] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> sweet baby jesus
[00:35:47] 18<19wippler-workn> hair
[00:36:16] 18<28Kuroonehalf> does Filia have braided twintails on her normal s.HP? I never noticed this before :o
[00:36:50] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> cut me some slack lol
[00:37:08] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> I couldn't sleep so I'll be up for 28ish hours
[00:37:13] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> probably 32
[00:37:56] 18<26BITTERBEE> holy shit Fukua's LVL1 projectile does TONS of chip
[00:37:58] 18<26BITTERBEE> I love it
[00:38:00] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> it's gonna be a long day
[00:38:01] 18<29VIVr> j.HK -> HP repeat
[00:38:05] 18<29VIVr> so good
[00:39:07] 18<27RickoniX> BITTERBEE: it has NO startup invuln tho :(
[00:39:49] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> just saw the whole trailer
[00:39:54] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> Lab Zero has gone insane
[00:40:22] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> I can't wait to try her later
[00:40:31] 18<19wippler-workn> VIVr, if you push the HP, she's too far away for another rep
[00:40:55] 18<19wippler-workn> also I'm excited to keep her because her abbreviation is FU
[00:41:04] 18<29VIVr> Well, if you get a j.HK combo starter on a standing enemy you can get three loops of that before IPS says no.
[00:41:11] 18<29VIVr> So good.
[00:41:41] 18<25Verdant> I wake up in the morning and hey.
[00:41:44] 18<25Verdant> Stuff happened.
[00:42:11] 18<28Kuroonehalf> there is no way to otg from an air combo, is there?
[00:43:09] 23* DDB (6159ac94@ircip3.mibbit.com) has joined
[00:43:33] 18<25Verdant> Did you see it, DDB?
[00:43:39] 18<25Verdant> Annie was finally put into the game.
[00:43:45] 18<25DDB> But really why isn't Fukua real because she looks way more fun than Filia
[00:43:59] 18<24Luweewuu> she is
[00:44:07] 18<24Luweewuu> this is what I've been waiting for
[00:44:24] 18<27RickoniX> Duckator: 1s I am going to stream
[00:44:27] 18<20Duckator> ok
[00:44:39] 18<28Kuroonehalf> oooh, you can restand by doing jHK jHP late into the air combo :o
[00:44:42] 18<26BITTERBEE> She's crazy
[00:44:48] 18<25Verdant> Keep her in the game, but make her a secret character like Akuma and then ban her from tournaments.
[00:44:52] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> please tell me she's staying on permanently lol
[00:45:10] 18<27RickoniX> twitch.tv/rickonix
[00:45:13] 18<25DDB> That'd be disappointing to just lose her just like that
[00:45:26] 18<28Kuroonehalf> yeah I'd love to see her stay too :c
[00:45:27] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> we suffered worse, DDB
[00:45:35] 18<25DDB> Yeah, Filia
[00:45:43] 18<27Sol-Neutralguy> #kappa
[00:45:47] 18<25DDB> Also
[00:45:59] 18<25DDB> I have had to resort to an on-screen keyboard because of this stupid problem
[00:48:57] 18<19wippler-workn> You mean your Annie obsession?
[00:49:05] 18* 19wippler-workn runs away
[00:49:31] 18<25Verdant> So is Fukua a lesbian?
[00:49:36] 18<25Verdant> Please say yes.
[00:49:39] 18<27IsaVulpes> [16:03] wippler-workn fun fact - most of her moves are actually from alternate Filias before we had a 2nd character. The three people who played the game at Evo (09?) will recognize them. ← i didn't but i still did
[00:49:53] 18<25DDB> Nah
[00:50:19] 18<25DDB> The top row of letters just randomly stop working
[00:50:43] 18<27IsaVulpes> i think the only reason for annie not winning the vote is that DDB annoyed so many people with his annie fetishism that even if they originally liked the character, they started hating her bit by bit
[00:50:48] 18<19wippler-workn> oh no the row containing i and e
[00:50:51] 18<19wippler-workn> how horrible for you
[00:51:05] 18<27IsaVulpes> i and e are on middle row mate
[00:51:12] 18<19wippler-workn> not in murica
[00:51:17] 18<19wippler-workn> oh
[00:51:20] 18<19wippler-workn> TOP top row
[00:51:21] 18<27IsaVulpes> aieou is middle row left 5 letters
[00:51:21] 18<19wippler-workn> well fine
[00:51:28] 18<25DDB> Not just i and e
[00:51:30] 18<19wippler-workn> again, not in murica
[00:51:32] 18<27IsaVulpes> no i meant middle
[00:51:40] 18<27IsaVulpes> top row is +,.yz
[00:51:41] 18<19wippler-workn> qwertyuiop top row DAWGGGGG
[00:51:45] 18<25DDB> It's literally every vowel besides a
[00:51:56] 18<19wippler-workn> your keyboards make no sense
[00:52:06] 18<27IsaVulpes> http://s7.directupload.net/images/121009/i5nhhq82.jpg wippler-workn
[00:52:12] 18<27IsaVulpes> it's only mine
[00:52:16] 18<27IsaVulpes> :^)
[00:52:18] 18<24MrPeck-work> why vulpes
[00:52:41] 18<27IsaVulpes> because default is bad and i'm ultimate hipster man
[00:52:41] 18<19wippler-workn> IsaVulpes, actually the reason Annie didn't win is because (since we had instant runoff voting, remember?) it was Annie > Beo > Minette, but when you axe Minette and use the Minettians' second choice it was MOS DEF NOT ANNIE
[00:53:01] 18<27IsaVulpes> shh wippler-workn i wanted to destroy ddb
[00:53:45] 18<26BITTERBEE> Her armored command grab.
[00:53:46] 18<26BITTERBEE> I am in LOVE
[00:53:52] 18<27IsaVulpes> i wonder how many people are there in the world that use a custom keyboard layout MrPeck-work
[00:54:00] 18<25DDB> AS IT WOULD TURN OUT
[00:54:11] 18<25DDB> T AND Y WORK FINE
[00:54:38] 18<27IsaVulpes> it's god's message that you should be less demanding and more thankful DDB
[00:55:03] 18<25DDB> So basically, I lose q, w, e, r, u, i, o, and p.
[00:55:49] 18<26BITTERBEE> IsaVulpes: Dingding, I do
[00:55:51] 24* MrPeck-work has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[00:56:11] 18<25DDB> Also wippler-workn does this mean I can go back to blaming Minettte for everything
[00:56:35] 23* MrPeck-work (d9292e49@ircip2.mibbit.com) has joined
[00:57:50] 23* Luweewu (~Luweewu@ has joined
[00:58:08] 18<19wippler-workn> DDB no
[00:58:18] 18<26BITTERBEE> Fukua ain't gonna be in the console build, right
[00:58:19] 18<19wippler-workn> Minette has 2 Ts
[00:58:23] 18<26BITTERBEE> Or rather, the Big Band patch
[00:58:41] 18<19wippler-workn> BITTERBEE, no, that was submitted before she was even a folder
[00:58:42] 23* Goofy (~Goofy@ has joined
[00:58:55] 18<27IsaVulpes> ↑→↓←b, ↑→↓←m, ↑→↓←3, n-|, ↑→↓←n, ↑→↓←!, (), ↑→↓←d @ DDB
[00:59:03] 18<27IsaVulpes> just substitue those missing letters with this
[00:59:06] 18<27IsaVulpes> very readable
[00:59:09] 18<26c_wraith|N10> Man, I don't have real Internet and can't update today. I really hope fukua sticks around.
[00:59:19] 18<19wippler-workn> if she stays we could do a Fukua update since the Beta changes are already there
[00:59:27] 18<26BITTERBEE> If she stays?
[00:59:30] 18<26BITTERBEE> If? :c
[01:00:08] 18<19wippler-workn> If she's broken she ain't stayin' in current form at least
[01:00:17] 18<19wippler-workn> but I have no plans to remove her, and she's already OK'd by the rest of the team
[01:00:48] 18<26c_wraith|N10> Awesome.
[01:00:52] 18<25DDB> You should remove Filia instead if you had to remove someone
[01:01:02] 18<25DDB> Hehehehehehehehe
[01:01:05] 18<29VIVr> She could use some more frames on some moves, if she goes in.
[01:01:06] 18<24Luweewu> I love this character
[01:01:07] 18* 26BITTERBEE hides away his Fukua 1v1 TOD
[01:01:10] 18<29VIVr> Then again, frames = time = money
[01:01:14] 18<27IsaVulpes> will she get touched up to have better animations etc wippler-workn
[01:02:09] 18<27IsaVulpes> how much cheaper is it to make a char like this instead of one from scratch, how many chars could we have gotten if we had gone with all clones for the 829829
[01:02:17] 18<19wippler-workn> VIVr, no new frames, you can go cry with Vulpes
[01:02:54] 24* Luweewuu has quit (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
[01:03:03] 18<25Forty2-wrk> So everyone does love clones
[01:03:14] 20<Vadsamoht>30 Isa: So we'd have Filia, Fukua, Fyjya, Fthta, Frgra and Fefea?
[01:03:16] 18<24Luweewu> this clone is better than the original
[01:03:35] 23* VIVr_ (~chatzilla@p5B0967BC.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined
[01:03:47] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> so is Braindrain Mike's in-universe avatar?
[01:04:04] 18<27IsaVulpes> no crying but i'm afraid it lowers quality of the overall game if theres a char with unclean animations lacking frames whatever. i'm mostly shrug i dont care much about visuals
[01:04:07] 19<c_wraith|N10> Vadsamoht: don't forget Fthagn
[01:04:07] 19<Forty2-wrk> Vadsamoht: Don't forget F'tang
[01:04:15] 18<27IsaVulpes> I'd play game if it was hitboxes without characters
[01:04:49] 18<19wippler-workn> You'd just bitch that tall-black-box character needs a better fireball
[01:05:00] 18<27IsaVulpes> indeed
[01:05:17] 18<19wippler-workn> She's acceptable quality for what she's SUPPOSED to be, i.e. a low-budget clone
[01:05:19] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> wait... fukua actually has armor and command throws?
[01:05:21] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> haha I was joking
[01:05:22] 18<26c_wraith|N10> And tall black box is a grappler
[01:05:23] 18<19wippler-workn> have you LOOKED at Shadow Lady lately?
[01:05:38] 18<27IsaVulpes> I think she'S AMAZING quality for a low budget clone
[01:05:58] 18<27IsaVulpes> But compared to everything else SG which is A+++++++++ animation she falls short quite a bit
[01:06:05] 20<Vadsamoht>30 Tomo
[01:06:09] 20<Vadsamoht>30 's at 7k for 1 meter
[01:06:33] 18<19wippler-workn> Yeah, you probably won't be telling me combos I didn't find
[01:06:52] 18<19wippler-workn> considering I still tell people combos in the real game that they didn't find
[01:06:58] 18<27IsaVulpes> 2367HK land 236KK
[01:07:01] 18<19wippler-workn> if you get to 9 for 1 I care
[01:07:02] 18<27IsaVulpes> only fukua combo that matters
[01:07:14] 24* VIVr has quit (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
[01:07:17] 24* 28VIVr_ is now known as 18VIVr
[01:07:24] 24* Jesh has quit (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
[01:08:01] 18<24Luweewu> I'm just doing Dart loops which are stupid fun
[01:09:16] 18<24Zari0t> I was just doing j.HK j.HP ad nauseum
[01:09:19] 18<24Zari0t> fuck IPS
[01:10:05] 23* sshadow (4245d727@ircip2.mibbit.com) has joined
[01:10:08] 18<29VIVr> I just played a match and I didn't do any combos
[01:10:14] 18<29VIVr> clearly, my way is superior
[01:10:20] 18<27IsaVulpes> play me VIVr
[01:10:24] 18<27IsaVulpes> lets fite in non combo ways
[01:10:30] 18<29VIVr> ohcrap
[01:10:30] 18<25Verdant> Man, I hope I'm not doing the route I was originally scheduled to do today. Fuck ad days.
[01:10:36] 18<29VIVr> 1v1 solo fukua?
[01:10:41] 24* DDB has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[01:10:41] 18<27IsaVulpes> yeah
[01:10:45] 18<29VIVr> oke
[01:10:47] 18<27RickoniX> lol the autoincorrect suoper
[01:10:51] 18<25Verdant> Anyway, bye all. Hope you all enjoy the first of April.
[01:11:00] 24* Verdant has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[01:13:42] 18<22dtg-ircloud> omg omg
[01:13:46] 18<22dtg-ircloud> fucka is actually in the game
[01:13:57] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> IsaVulpes: Iori I think represents my feelings on long
[01:15:15] 18<27RickoniX> dtg-ircloud: http://www.twitch.tv/rickonix
[01:15:18] 18<27RickoniX> I am streaming fukua
[01:15:19] 18<27IsaVulpes> i have seen this before Darlos9Dayjob i dont like this
[01:16:03] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> what are you talkin bout
[01:16:10] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> I've never seen a video more begging for Guile's theme
[01:18:31] 24* Forty2-wrk has left
[01:19:01] 18<19wippler-workn> oh god screw Ash, why would you give a character a super that lets you pretend you're in HD modde
[01:19:59] 18<27RickoniX> does fukua command grab have infinite hits of armour?
[01:20:23] 18<29VIVr> and infinite startup
[01:21:20] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> yeah if there's infinite corner combos in your KoF then there's an issue
[01:21:32] 23* Morelia (~eth@p57A1599F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined
[01:22:48] 20<Vadsamoht>30 broken 8k
[01:24:47] 18<24MrPeck-work> midscreen or corner?
[01:24:51] 20<Vadsamoht>30 mid
[01:24:55] 20<Vadsamoht>30 1 meter
[01:24:55] 18<24MrPeck-work> ah
[01:26:36] 18<20Duckator> That gives so much meter
[01:26:40] 18<27RickoniX> I weill never not get hit by fukua command grab
[01:30:21] 23* sev (~severin@c-50-174-120-191.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined
[01:30:21] 22* 26ChanServ gives channel operator status to 18sev
[01:31:14] 18<19wippler-workn> 40 hits, but it's regular armor, you can sweep or snap to beat it
[01:31:27] 18<19wippler-workn> i.e. not Diamonds Are Forever
[01:32:06] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> there's something funny about somebody with a Stand who is just another them
[01:33:24] 23* gluemchen (~gluemchen@p508C4BD3.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined
[01:33:55] 18<28gluemchen> Fukua.... i'm done!
[01:34:15] 18<28gluemchen> That trailer fucked my mind so hard i can't stop crying
[01:34:25] 18<19wippler-workn> gluemchen, http://www.twitch.tv/rickonix
[01:34:29] 18<19wippler-workn> have a bit more
[01:34:55] 23* negus_eyoel (4ce3ee89@ircip1.mibbit.com) has joined
[01:34:57] 18<24Zari0t> wtb Squagly
[01:34:58] 18<25negus_eyoel> WOW
[01:35:03] 18<25negus_eyoel> WE GOT A NEW CHARACTER
[01:35:05] 18<28gluemchen> Mike your officialy outplayed capcom...
[01:35:08] 18<28gluemchen> Like seriously
[01:35:12] 18<25negus_eyoel> mike is godlike
[01:35:13] 18<28gluemchen> I hope you know this
[01:35:26] 18<19wippler-workn> gluemchen, in three days, no less.
[01:35:38] 18<19wippler-workn> goddammit why does her shadow kill you
[01:36:23] 18<28gluemchen> MikeZ GDLK Troll #1 World Wide! I'm Done!
[01:36:48] 18<19wippler-workn> You're welcome?
[01:36:59] 18<22Morelia> thanks mike
[01:37:09] 18<28gluemchen> I'm still tearing up here
[01:37:12] 18<28gluemchen> damn you!
[01:37:15] 18<24Zari0t> Do us all a favour and
[01:37:23] 18<24Zari0t> take jokes extremely seriously more often
[01:37:26] 18<24Luweewu> If the troll is real, is it really a troll?
[01:37:45] 18<19wippler-workn> Yeah it's cuz of counterhit DAMMIT
[01:37:50] 18<19wippler-workn> okay I gotta fix that sooner or later
[01:38:19] 18<28gluemchen> First thing i did when i saw she was actually in the game was make a backup
[01:38:29] 18<28gluemchen> No way i'm going to let that dissapear
[01:38:34] 24* K has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[01:38:53] 24* Romancia has quit (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
[01:38:54] 24* 28Xanadu is now known as 18Romancia
[01:39:00] 18<28gluemchen> Paletta #4......
[01:39:05] 18<28gluemchen> T^T
[01:40:04] 23* Rabeye (~Rabeye@ has joined
[01:42:34] 18<27Rabeye> morning people
[01:43:41] 23* K (~K@hakkero.student.rit.edu) has joined
[01:44:06] 18<24Luweewu> morning Rabeye
[01:44:10] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> kinda wanna see fukua against other characters, heh
[01:44:15] 18<24Luweewu> have you had your cup of Fukua today?
[01:44:32] 23* hilaryyy (~hlvn@c-67-170-73-55.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) has joined
[01:46:12] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> oh no
[01:46:12] 23* Agent_J (~chatzilla@ has joined
[01:46:18] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> not filia and fukua
[01:47:22] 18<19hilaryyy> fukua?
[01:47:30] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> http://www.twitch.tv/rickonix
[01:47:33] 18<24Luweewu> boot up steam hilaryyy
[01:47:43] 18<19hilaryyy> I'm on my linux machine
[01:47:59] 23* c001357 (~c001357@ has joined
[01:47:59] 22* 26ChanServ gives channel operator status to 18c001357
[01:47:59] 18<19hilaryyy> I'm guessing there's a joke april fool's character or something
[01:48:04] 20<Vadsamoht>30 more or less
[01:48:07] 18<24Luweewu> it's no joke tho
[01:49:10] 18<19hilaryyy> oh two filias
[01:49:38] 24* Romancia has quit (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
[01:49:39] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> fukua is actually different
[01:49:40] 24* Agent_J has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[01:49:48] 18<19hilaryyy> [Game Quitting Intensifies]
[01:49:50] 24* hilaryyy has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.3)
[01:49:55] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> its not just a "lol updo everywhere" joke
[01:50:21] 18<24Zari0t> ...honestly, the idea of yet another Filia clone where every single button does Updo sounds amusing.
[01:50:36] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> Varying Degrees of Updo
[01:50:48] 18<24Zari0t> Different altitudes reached
[01:50:53] 18<24Zari0t> different kinds of invuln
[01:51:11] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> it's like actually fighting Jin
[01:51:11] 18<24Zari0t> like
[01:51:20] 20<Vadsamoht>30 so like divekick in reverse
[01:51:27] 18<24Zari0t> Pretty much.
[01:51:44] 18<24Zari0t> K updo would be throw invuln, whilst P updo would be hit invuln
[01:51:47] 23* Tollyx (~adrhed96@78-69-127-75-no227.tbcn.telia.com) has joined
[01:51:48] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> boy I played some blazblue online last night. strangely I mostly got my ass kicked by a Bang
[01:52:08] 18<22Darlos9Dayjob> I'll never be good at fighting games because my execution is ass
[01:52:16] 23* hilaryyy (~hlvn@c-67-170-73-55.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) has joined
[01:52:17] 20<Vadsamoht>30 Zari0t: But if you only have updo, throw invuln is pointless
[01:52:28] 19<hilaryyy> Vadsamoht: have you made a Fukua character sub forum yet
[01:52:32] 20<Vadsamoht>30 yes
[01:52:37] 18<19hilaryyy> sweet
[01:52:43] 20<Vadsamoht>30 http://skullgirls.com/forums/index.php?forums/fukua.65/
[01:54:44] 24* MrPeck-work has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[01:55:12] 23* Romancia (~Romancia@ppp-110-169-208-75.revip5.asianet.co.th) has joined
[01:55:35] 24* Dzen has quit (Quit: Good Bye. Got to leave.)
[01:55:50] 18<27IsaVulpes> so how is fukua supposed to work aside from having karnov fireball
[01:55:58] 22* 26c001357 has changed the topic to: #newcharacters | Rules http://goo.gl/kH6cv | Todo http://tinyurl.com/mikeztodo | Players http://goo.gl/ZkAeH | Combos http://goo.gl/PWOa1G | Q&A FAQ http://goo.gl/7icrm | bugreport@labzerogames[.]com
[01:56:05] 18<27IsaVulpes> and is she staying in serious or a double double aprils fools
[01:56:47] 18<19hilaryyy> I hope filia gets that red-eyed palette
[01:57:00] 20<Vadsamoht>30 IsaVulpes:
[01:57:00] 20<Vadsamoht>30 [00:59:19] 18<19wippler-workn> if she stays we could do a Fukua update since the Beta changes are already there
[01:57:00] 20<Vadsamoht>30 [00:59:27] 18<26BITTERBEE> If she stays?
[01:57:00] 20<Vadsamoht>30 [00:59:30] 18<26BITTERBEE> If? :c
[01:57:00] 20<Vadsamoht>30 [01:00:08] 18<19wippler-workn> If she's broken she ain't stayin' in current form at least
[01:57:00] 20<Vadsamoht>30 [01:00:17] 18<19wippler-workn> but I have no plans to remove her, and she's already OK'd by the rest of the team
[01:57:15] 18<19hilaryyy> lolwut
[01:58:10] 19<IsaVulpes> Vadsamoht: i read that thats why im asking whether it may be a double double joke
[01:58:30] 18<19wippler-workn> Filia is not getting any Fukua palettes, that WHOLE THING can end right now.
[01:58:48] 18<24Luweewu> no need for Fukua palettes when we have the real thing
[01:58:49] 18<19wippler-workn> also "that red-eyed palette" you better know who ALL those are, they're easy
[01:59:04] 18<19wippler-workn> just think "cheap clone characters"
[01:59:26] 18<19hilaryyy> i thought it was robo-ky at first
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Also, I guess this means Filia is now in the game with a total of 52 separate palettes, between Filia, Fukua, and Double.
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I think Fukua would eventually be a good addition to Skullgirls, so long as Mike tweaks her in his spare time.
The cast is small enough as it is, so having a clone would still probably be a benefit to the game.
That is so long as Lab0 don't plan on making her paid DLC.:PUN:
This is shaping up to be a good April Fool's Day
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Oh my god. I thought it was a prank, but I am playing it right now! Please let us keep her!
Old unused music, by Brenton and Blake (the awesome people who did main menu/character select).
Excellent. What was this song originally intended for?
PSN release when my computer will be unable to run skullgirls for a while.
Brain Drain said:
I know what EVERYONE loves...
No...Palette Swaps!
Somebody rush Capcom to the burn unit.:PUN:

I thought this was just a joke but she's actually in the game?! Damn.