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Fukua Story Discussion

Gotta love Steam forums. Been browsing 'em and checking up discussions about boss Filia in Fukua's story and noticed a pattern. Handy diagram below.
This image is one of my favorite things.

Also, give Boss Filia Marie's Skulls. The big ones that float behind her in Level 1.

Why not? I'm sure Lab Zero have plenty of time on their hands to add in this completely arbitrary feature that I came up with right now.
THAT was Nightmare difficulty? Wow, it took me barley 2 tries! It doesn't take long for you to start taking advantage of her never blocking high Clone, then the rest is easy.

Lab Zero's AI guy needs to step it up. I want some challenges that will prepare me for playing ranked online.
Fightans are about mind games. You can't do mind games against a bot, so the only thing you can practice against them is combos. You'll only learn to play online once you get bodied many times.
Are you saying repeatedly command grabbing a bot as they futilely try to tech it isn't a mindgame?
it has been almost a year, he should be over it by now. . .but we really should go back on topic
It's been 1 year, 1 month, and 8 days since that bloody harlot won.

I am still not over it.
Boss Filia never really made me angry because she still follows the rules of the game.
^^ This times 1000.
I keep reading that Final boss Filla is real hard.
On a scale of 1 to 7, how hard would guys say she is?
I keep reading that Final boss Filla is real hard.
On a scale of 1 to 7, how hard would guys say she is?
Maybe a 2-3. Her difficulty lies in her high defense and ability to punish you if you don't block properly. Other than that it's Filia, watch out for hairballs and you're fine. Also, Fukua's armored command throw wrecks Boss Filia so use that liberally.
Took me 2 tries to beat her with a character I don't main, so not really that hard. She's hard if you don't know how to play Skullgirls.
I'd say 3. She's only tough if you're being reckless. She's honestly not that hard when you remember to block because she obeys all normal game rules.
Block, command grab into combo. Rinse repeat. I didn't even realize she was on Nightmare or had infinite meter until I heard it pointed out here.
I was doing pretty well in Fukua's story mode..until I reached Filia.I got creamed.Well,it makes sense,I'm a novice at the game and I set it to Sleepwalk mode.But,when I watched her Story Mode playthrough on YouTube,my jaw dropped.I loved the cutesy drawing style they chose for her story mode.And I know that the "mask" Fukua put on was actually a very disturbing scene,but,the art style didn't make it seem like that.
The realistic version of that scene,however...
Block, command grab into combo. Rinse repeat. I didn't even realize she was on Nightmare or had infinite meter until I heard it pointed out here.
Well, the stage is called Nightmare Crest so the last Character there would obviously be on Nightmare
If only Filia were more hygienic.

Maybe then it'd be on Crest difficulty.
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I only realized Fukua was both playable on the PS3 version AND had a story mode last night. I was playing online, and then I saw an anime-esque version of Fillia in the loading screen, I was like, wait what? Then suddenly... Fukua.

Enjoyed her story mode too. I love how Annie and Umbrella are STILL salty about losing the character vote.
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Hooray for ripping the skin off Filia's head and wearing it and Samson cri evrytim


That's exactly what I thought.

It'll probably be hidden, like Fukua's character select symbol. Or it'll be something else subtle we don't notice.
woah wait...fukua kills filia?
I was just ca-ruising through the Shoryuken Wiki and it says that Fukua is 16 (probably copied from Filia). Is that "canon"? Shouldn't that just be left as "unknown" as well? I can't edit it and I dunno who is the assigned SG person for it. But, I thought I'd mention it.

That wiki is beyond help.
That wiki took a huge amount of work by Pizzarino and is the #1 info source on SG

No idea why you think shittalking it does any good?!
.. Oh god, it got the fictional age of a clone character wrong!! The terror?

I just got done writing up a Great Wall of Text™ explaining every reason why the Skullgirls wiki is bad and why either SH, SRK, or SG's training mode is almost always a better bet for information, and then I realized that I responded to a post that linked to the SRK wiki. Whoops, my bad.
This makes me.... uncomfortable...
Whatever the result of the match, Fukua always wins.
They are all fools! They underestimate the power of Fukua; because even when she loses, she wins, and she goddamn knows it!
*insert patriotism here*
Isn't it wonderful? :PUN:
forgot what it's called but I just spammed the forward drill move, still took me a couple of tries since I suck eggs. I still refuse to believe what she did to Filia although I'm not mad either because that Fukua cuteness