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Introducing Monday Night Blockbuster Series!


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Jan 14, 2014
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Hello everyone!

So I was asking a lot of people a couple of months ago, what time everyone usually gets online to play some Skullgirls. Once I got all the info I needed, I then started put things together, and I am happy to announce that I will be hosting an online SG tournament series called Monday Night Blockbuster.

What's the difference between this, and other online tourneys?

For one, I am making this weekly series to help others level up their game, and give more people to be in the tournament atmosphere. 2, this online tourney will be WWE inspired. I will be making intros for players who wish to enter, but only get's their intro, and theme song played before grand finals. So you got to earn that right to have your intro played in my tourney!

What kind of format will this online tourney be?

I was debating on two different styles for the longest time. Traditional bracket or swiss style. I eventually ended up with the traditional bracket since I think that is the better managed of the two I can handle. (also gives me practice to run brackets)

Where will this be streamed at?

This online tourney will be streamed on Twitch.tv/Missionstartpodcast

What time?

7 or 7:30 pst. Time is pending, but will probably stick to 7:30 pm pst since I be going to back to school next week, and I be home a lot earlier then now.

Where will be the archive be at aside from Twitch Vods?

So I will be uploading them to two places. We will upload them on the site I work for (http://www.missionstartpodcast.com/monday-night-blockbuster.html)
and then it will be uploaded on every friday on our youtube channel (youtube.com/missionstartpodcast1)

Is there a steam group for this?

Yes! Here is the link in our steam group!

There will be some events made in the same vain as WWE and, some down the road I plan to make happen for combo breaker next year. (can you say Royal Rumble?) For now, I am just here to provide the fun, and hype of an online tourney that happens to have WWE elements in it. I got someone in mind for commentating, but thinking of either getting another one so I can focus on TOing the tourney, on top of working the videos and graphics for the stream.

So yea, get ready, and get hype everyone for some MONDAYYYY NIGHTTTT BLOCKBUSTERRRRRR!

and I now put below, the intro video of Monday Night Blockbuster.


If you have any online tourneys you want me promote, let me know and I will!


Tourney starts next monday at 9/28/2015


This is for PC only
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Will you be posting a weekly challonge here? Plus you might want to add the date it starts so people know.
This looks cool. Sign me up for this. Even tho I'm kinda a scrub.

Btw, Is this on PC or consols? Cuz I got a PC
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This looks cool. Sign me up for this. Even tho I'm kinda a scrub.

Btw, Is this on PC or consols? Cuz I got a PC

PC. Yea I need to update a few details in the initial post about that.
PC. Yea I need to update a few details in the initial post about that.

Cool I'll be there.
What a neat little idea. :] I'll probably not be able to attend one anytime soon with school starting up, but I'm definitely going to try and make it to one someday.
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I'm getting in on this tomorrow
Square up

Edit: popped up in the group chat then remembered that 7:30 pst is 9:30 in cst

Well better 3 hours early than late amirite
I'll be waiting around
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Aw yeah
Told a bunch of my friends about tonight so we'll get a small viewer boost maybe

I won't lose in front of my crew, fam
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Sorry I haven't been around lately, I've been busy. But I should be able to come around next time.
Oh hey I'm in the thumbnail nice
Too bad I got ROCKED that episode

But tonight will be different, come at me
I think I'll be free, but I'm not sure.
So I'm in for now. Lets just hope nothing comes up.
...thinking of having the FPV, The Metldown, on Jan. 2nd. Thoughts?
I won't be available due to the Xanadu monthly being that day.
I'm fine with that date yeah