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Introducing Monday Night Blockbuster Series!

yea so its going on with the 2nd/3rd week of no MNB and here is what is going on. So I am getting a new case and a new power supply to hopefully fix my main computer. I am using a spare for now, until I need to get what I need to fix my computer.

My fear is that the power supply is not the source of problem and possibly lead into a new motherboard that I also need to replace. So this will delay MNB for quite some time if the power supply is not the problem, but all signs say it is.

The good news out of all of this?
Gives me time to work on some new stuff for the steam, and for the series. But yea hoping to have this fix asap so I can get back to streaming! Until then I keep you guys updated on whats going on with the PC problem and series!

we are MIA for another week of Monday Night Blockbuster we will be running old episodes for the time being, BUT this doesn't mean you can stop donating to our @Matcherino_ page for the season!

Rerun starts at 7pm pst on twitch.tv/misisonstartp.


Use code MNB on our matcherino page to donate one free dollar for our season ending tournament!
After what seemed like forever, I am getting the PC part I need to fix all my computer problems this week! So finally I can say that we can resume this season of Monday Night Blockbuster!

Sign ups are live! https://smash.gg/tournament/monday-night-blockbuster-ep-5-season-7/details

You can donate 1$ free dollar by using our code "MNB" on our matcherino page to help us to our goal for this season of Monday Night Blockbuster of 100$ All money is going to the players, and hope to raise more for the season ending tournament!


Be sure to be in the steam chat if you are planning to sign up for the tournament on twitch.tv/missionstartp. There is a room in the chat for tournament players if you wish to contact one another through that room.

Also we have a steam group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/mondaynightblockbuster
Hey guys, so after months of going through all my PC problems, by tomorrow night, my pc will be back to normal, and better then ever! (picking up the graphics card tomm at my friends work. its a 680 TI!) So finally I can say that Monday Night Blockbuster will return next week!

Sign ups are live! Also, we are still sponsored by Matcherino for this season, so if you want to donate but have no cash, you can do so by entering code "MNB" and you be able to donate 1 free dollar free of charge!


Yes thats right! Your Monday nights are finally going to be filled yet again! Tune in tonight for the pre-game stream at 6pm pst on


Tournament starts at 7pm pst, and sign ups are live! https://smash.gg/tournament/monday-night-blockbuster-ep-5-season-7

Also! We are still sponsored by Matcherino! If you want to help donate to the pot for the season ending tournament you can do so on our matcherino page! use code "MNB" to donate 1$ for free!

Greeting all!

So due to real life stuff, I have to cut this season of Monday Night Blockbuster short, and tonight will be the season finale for season 7. Which means next week is going to be the season ending tourament, Night at the Aslyum 3.

Now given I had to cut it short, I will double the points for tonight's tournament. So top 4 will receive points and as follows:

1st place-20

2nd place-18

3rd place-14

4th place-12

so if your someone that is on the bubble, and wanting to get into top 8 for next week's tournament, tonight is your last chance! Also all the money that was raised thus far in our matcherino page will be still given out to top 3 for next week.

sign ups are here: https://smash.gg/tournament/monday-night-blockbuster-ep-7-season-7

stream will be live at 6:00 pm pst, tourny won't start till 7:05 pst on twitch.tv/missionstartp

Matcherino page: Use code MNB to donate 1$ for free! https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9873/description
Hey everyone!

So i am the planning stages of when the event will take place, but due to the 8 spot from this past season is tied with three players. So I plan to do a round robin with those players to find out who will move on to that 8 spot and compete in the online event. As it stands this the players that will be compete:



GR Chuck N Plazma


Matlok Holmes

GR Morhan

This tournament will deal out cash to the top 3. If you wish to add money to the pot, you can do so by clicking on the link below, and or donate 1 free dollar using code "MNB" to also donate if you don't have the cash right now!

Hello everyone!

So for those who follow the online series, usually the way its formatted is that if you enter in any of the tournaments, and are consistent top 4 placing, you will be in top 8 with other players who also have competed the current season of MNB. Due to players times not matching up (also because I am headed down for a month to Socal this Monday) I was forced to cut the season short and get things prepared for Night at the Asylum 3.

With that in mind for the first time in this series history, the season ending tournament will be open to everyone! If you have competed and have points already you be placed with higher priority with seeding for the tournament. Sign ups are below:


Also we are still taking any type of donations for the season ending tournament, and as it stands right now we have 46$ raised for this event! Link below to donate to the tournament for tomorrow night, and if you no chase on you, but still want to donate enter code "MNB" to donate 1$ dollar for free!

Hello everyone!

While Monday Night Blockbuster has been put on hold for quite some time, but I wanted to finally announce that I am taking sign ups for next weekend's Kumite during our Extra Life stream on Oct. 13th. No set time yet as once we get enough people to enter we will figure out a good time that fits for those who are selected.

All matches will be 3/5, and will be on stream live on twitch.tv/Mission_Start


Of course we are also doing this to help raise money for the kids. Your not obligated to donate, but here is the link to share it and or do donate to the event next Saturday. See you guys then!