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Introducing Monday Night Blockbuster Series!

Final Results for who has qualified for the The Metldown 2 MNB

1. MIssingno (Chuck gave up his spot)
2. Drills
3. D-Money
4. Fatman
5. Backupp
6. Fenster
7. Sunset Radiance
8. Matlock Holmes
9. platinumpad
10. Dagwood
11. JP
12. Dawn Hibki (Returning champ auto bids into the next tourny)

I will contact everyone on what day and time will fit everyone best. I plan on having three tournies in one day, MNB, Battlegrounds, and the 8 man rookie invitational. Contact me and let me know what day your free to do this.
also next several tournies will be for fun, and non qualifying tournies.
sign ups: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/Fmn00RDL5e

So since our season finale ended this past week, I am contacting all of the players that qualified to find out what best dates, and times fits best for next month. So expect the online Free Per View event very soon. Also it will be streamed on twitch.tv/eightysixed. So for now the next few weeks will be casual tournies.
Sign ups: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/Fmn00RDL5e

So yea as a reminder that tonight will be casual tournament for Monday Night Blockbuster. I contact the people who have made it to the Meltdown 2 so I have a good idea where everyone is at and what day and time they can made available to play. Looking to have the online event next month. Happy Holidays!


Hey everyone! Wanted to remind everyone that Night at the Asylum 2 will be live on 5/19 on twitch.tv/eightysixed. As stated in the video we are teaming up with both Eightysixed, and Matcherino for the tournament. Link to the Matcherino page is below:


Here is the bracket to the tournament:


See ya guys there! Pre-game show will be at 7:30 pm pst
Reminder! Tonight is the celebration #Skullgirls Monday Night Blockbuster stream at 7pm pst on twitch.tv/missionstartp! Tonight we celebrate out twitch channel receiving the sub button as a twitch affiliate, and get a taste of Monday Night Blockbuster Season 6! #twitch

sign ups are live:

How can I join to these tournaments?
Hey everyone. Wanted to let everyone know that I am still hard at work on getting everything ready for Season 6. I know I been asked by lots of people when it's coming back, but trust me when I say this is worth the wait.

I do have some a bit of bad news though. I found out that I can not duel audio stream the twitch stream since I am an affiliate status with twitch. So yea all audio and video will be only my twitch channel on twitch.tv/missionstartp.

In the meantime since people are craving for some skullgirls on my twitch channel, while I work on Season 6, I put up vodcasts of past tournaments on the channel for people to watch on Monday night's starting next week.
Hey everyone! I kept teasing regarding the hard work I been putting into Season 6 of MNB, and I am happy to announce it's coming sooner then you think! To get everyone ready for season 6 I be streaming past Monday Night Blockbuster events, starting tonight with the very first Night at the Asylum 2!

It will be a vodcast but your more then welcomed to come by the stream, watch past matches, and get ready for Season 6!

Hey everyone!

Got some big news today! Today we launched our store on Teespring.com including Monday Night Blockbuster gear! All sales from Monday Night Blockbuster gear including the T-shirts, and posters (and other future products) will be added as a pot bonus for the season ending tournament.

We are bringing back the NCR shirt permanently to the store, as well as a new shirt for Season 6 showcasing Bella. Thanks for the support, and as a reminder, Monday Night Blockbuster will return on Sept. 4!

Last Monday Night Blockbuster VOD tonight before its back next week!

Yes, finally the end is almost here! Tonight will be the last VODcast of Monday Night Blockbuster before we go into full swing in Season 6. I again want to thank everyone for their patience's, and I promise to bring the best I can do to make Monday Night Blockbuster, the best SG online tournament ever!

twitch.tv/missionstartp Tune in at 6:30 pm pst for the MNB Vod!
After taking an entire summer off, Monday Night Blockbuster is back with the tournament series starting on Monday night at 7pm pst on twitch.tv/missionstartp. Sign ups are now live on Smash.gg


I detail more about the Monday Night League before Monday. But damn it feels good to be back at it again!