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One Piece


Oct 14, 2013
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da mountains
Valentine Big Band
I dunno if there's a thread for this already. If there is, please excuse me idiocy. But anyway. One Piece. Pirate Warriors 3 got announced. Dressrosa stuff confirmed. Get hyped.
bro the latest chapter

Usopp is such a baller
Kinda stopped in the middle of fishman island in the manga, and stopped at the anime with Thriller Bark
Been meaning to catch up, because I heard there's a loli that turns people into toys, and the turned are erased from people's memories until it's undone
Which sounds fucking awesome.
I just want Baby 5 to be playable. I need her in my liiiife.
Well I guess I'll just stick to here now.

Also, if Baby 5 did become playable, I would hope that at least one of her supers involves that giant spinning head guy.
In recent news: Man tries to attack most powerful warriors on island with a fucking fish
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saltwater is a devil fruit weakness
fish are in saltwater
that man is on to something
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I think Doffy, Fujitora, select members of the Donquixote family, and hiiiim are shoo-ins. Oh, and some of the Colosseum fighters like Cabbage Cavendish and BARTOLOMEO.
Yeah. The name and art design is Grand Battle, but the gameplay is actually from the Gigant Battle series (difference being that Grand Battle is 3D-movement and plays like Power Stone, while Gigant Battle is 2D and is pretty much Jump Super Stars if they forgot to use any other series besides One Piece). Looks fun, I hope it comes out here.
Has anyone ever realized how weird Sanji's eyebrows are?
I always thought Jigglypuff got to him.
sanji's swirly eyebrows are a holdover from his early designs
His name was originally gonna be "Naruto", which means whirlpool, and his eyebrows were swirly to reflect

since the series naruto started up shortly before Sanji was introduced, Oda changed his name but kept the eyebrows since he liked how they looked and the mystery behind them
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So that special that aired in Japan, 3D2Y or something, is going to be shown tonight subbed by Funimation.

Needless to say I don't have high hopes for this. How Luffy is supposed to beat someone who managed to capture most of the Seven Warlords is beyond me.
Look, I'm pretty sure Luffy got all the weiner punches out of the way when he beat up Lucci. Let's pretend it was about 1227 times when he used Jet Gatling.

But really the possibility that this special may stray so far from canon is bizarre to me. I suppose it could be a triple team up with Luffy, Hancock, and Raleigh, but trusting filler writers is a difficult task.

Aw shit why did I...click that...ugh....This isnt canon is it?
Aw shit why did I...click that...ugh....This isnt canon is it?
Well he is in the latest arc, and it at one point cuts to a picture of three bowls filled with sake or whatever you call that alcoholic beverage. So it might as well be, to be honest. Basic filler.


Davy Back was so boring.

Okay maybe it wasn't that bad but still. Had nearly no reason to exist.
Well, I believe the anime butchered it, I remember the manga version being somewhat decent. Not very important in the long run of course, but entertaining on it's own.
it was explicitly made to give viewer a little break between skypeia and Water 7
and it serves that purpose decently well


i never thought I'd be feeling bad for bellamy but

i really feel bad for bellamy
Yeah, poor bastard. But dat Shambles though.
that red hawk right into his dick, man
You know, I hope there's a logia that Nami fights. One made of clouds. Hopefully the bastard child of a devil fruit between the elements of air, water, and electricity. That could be cool.
She ate a DF during the time skip that made her boobs bigger.
nah man

it's the power of Oda's real life wife and her tendency to cosplay Nami

soap clouds

Darn it.

I just find battles between enemies with similar abilities to be interesting. Like the cloud person was more focused on water, but could use electricity. In contrast to Nami, who focuses on electricity almost entirely.
tbh I'd be more interested in a battle where Nami's weather powers were at a distinct disadvantage to her opponent

i also want Robin to just get a full battle so she can just piledrive someone with one of her clones
She has 10 years, she'll get one eventually.

Also, favorite arcs? My top three:

1. Sabaody
2. Water 7
3. Arlong Park

1. Enies Lobby (yee)
3. Thriller Bark (my boy Brook tho)
Top favorite three arcs:



(I'm bad at choosing favorites, but let's just go with Skypiea, Thriller Bark, and Enies Lobby. I'm a very aesthetic person.)
Also, Zoro still not caring
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