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One Piece

5 pages of just Beat, Ruin, and Dr. Sanity talking about stupid One Piece shit.

Maybe Jutsei will join the battle once he catches up.
I'm okay with that

we're the cool kids club

no losers allowed
So like, what, are we admirals now something?
that works out

I mean we need to work out who is who

but just saying that I'm probably the biggest asshole here so dibs on Sakazuki
I'm a cheeky shit so I call Borsalino.
Clearly I must be the most popular admiral then. The one everyone knows.

That's right.


(You might want to wiki that)
I'm aware of him. I hope we see him during the down time between Dressrosa and the next arc.
I just hope that Sabo doesn't body Isshou too hard

i need that man and his FF7 powers to return in a cool way
I just hope that Isshou doesn't body Sabo too hard

Check yourself.

Oh wait I did it for you.
nah man

Sabo got that steel pipe tech

steel pipe got mixups for WEEKS

keep a blind man on his toes for sure
Respect the pipe, Sabo confirmed for Haggar clone.

She ate a DF during the time skip that made her boobs bigger.
Considering that's been happening constantly pre-skip too, she's either super greedy or oblivious to already being crazy stacked. :P

Anyway, just found out that
Usopp can use Observe Haki now.
Fucking incredible.
Sabo is mayor of at least 4 islands, I bet
He has the top hat to prove it
I don't even know what to say to that. Other than I love Oda.
I love that blunt reaction from Oda there.
Doflamingo confirmed for whiny baby tier.
I always knew that he would be

now that we know this shocking development

So did Sabo and Isshou just get bored. And then Isshou left to go see what other people were up to.
they both fell asleep then started sleepwalking

into different places

it happens
I just want it on record that I think this dude is my favorite One Piece character.
And his entrance is fucking awesome:

Alabasta 2.0 arc is pretty great. Hopefully come the Four Emperors the Strawhats will actually face a real challenge. So far they are still either peacing out their opponents or Forrest Gumping their way through things. Still hella entertaining though.
I liked how Hody and Caesar went down, tbh

they both talked big shit without having the fit to back up their shit talking
and thus got hit
Look at this fucking guy. Just chucked baby Law out the window like it was ain't no thang. HE'S ALSO MUTE.
Heard this online, thought it was funny:

And the award for "most fanart despite only having 4 pages of screentime and no spoken dialogue" goes to... Corazon!

*Corazon trips on the steps to the stage, kicks a child in the head, and catches on fire*
Bink's Sake in english, Ian Sinclair is a god among men.
just let me have your children, Ian Sinclair
has Luufy found the One Piece yet?
okay bye.
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has Luufy found the One Piece yet?
okay bye.
That's true... I read the manga, but only because I get them at my library free. I mean they're on book 70-something, and not close to the climax! Most series I can think of end WAY before that, but One Piece keeps going! Is it because of the relaxed, goofy story, perhaps? Well, I'll forgive Oda because of the centaur Luffy on Punk Hazard.
It's awesome, I want to be a centaur now.