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One Piece

One Piece Film: Gold will be in theaters January 10-17 in the US and Canada. Appears to be English dub.

2016-11-17 (3).png

What gave it away? Where it says "Presented in English Dub"?
Yeah I was surprised it got dubbed so quickly.
Yes, Oda is the executive producer of this movie, the same position he held with Film Z.
Strong World and Film Z are both really fun movies, and Oda had involvement with both. So Film Gold will definitely be a winner too.
The English VA of Blackbeard, Cole Brown, passed away earlier in the week.

Rest in Peace.
He was fantastic in the role and if Funimation can fine someone even half as good, I'll be amazed
Holy shit are you serious? Damn. He was an amazing Blackbeard. Nigh irreplaceable. Condolences to his friends and family.
I dunno why but I was expecting them to all be blonde

wow Yonji really is just evil zoro now isn't he
I knew we'd get a Mad Max looking dude sooner or later
I did not expect him to be a jelly beans throwing Joseph Joestar predicting guy in Big Mom's crew

That design is so good.

He reminds me of Endeavor from My Hero Academia.
So I watched movie 6: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island for the first time today. Very fun watch. I never actually figured any of the movies pre-Strong World to be worth a damn, but here we are. It's directed by the same dude who did The Girl Who Lept Through Time and Summer Wars, and visually it looks a lot like those movies, so if you're into that animation style, Baron Omatsuri will be a treat for you. It's gorgeous.

Only complaints are that the ending is sort of abrupt and they hammer in the muh nakama message a bit too much.

it also gets grimdark as fuck in the latter half, so have fun with that.
If the director is Mamoru Hosoda, chances are, you're gonna have a good time. Maybe you'll cry, maybe you'll feel emotional, but you'll feel good after his movies.
it's good
very different, but good

i'd watch it more as a "what-if" kinda thing rather than something that could plausibly happen in the actual series
Oda wants something to laugh at again, ie 4kids
Well, you may never know. The last two attempts at Death Note and DBZ flopped... maybe if this succeeds, we can do Sailor Moon AND Bleach!
I would unironically like a decent Bleach adaptation that only covers the Karakuri town arc in the beginning. However, that's a monkey's paw wish I'm not willing to push onto others.
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w e l p

it was a good series while it lasted. props to oda to end it so suddenly and without hesitation or grace. a dog's death.
I watched the TV special adventure in Nebulandia, it was not good. Next to no action and the plot took forever to get going.