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One Piece

What if the papa is the guy with the swirlstache and clockbeard going to reverie
We didn't see his face after all
Robby and Spankind were already in the dressrosa arc, they're appearing in Film Gold, like how we got previews of Marine post-timeskip designs in Film Z

maybe cameos, maybe something more fanservicey
we dunno, but those designs are Oda official
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their names are Yonji and Reiju
The number motifs are giving me major Baroque Works flashbacks
Reiju is fastly approaching the top 5 best gals if she keeps it up in her future appearances
This week on One Piece: Mihawk and Perona being cute. Also something about the Vinsmokes I guess.

I tried the Burning Blood demo, I am going to skip that game. The fighting mechanics make the game feel really repetitive.
This week on One Piece, the Straw Hats murder a girl in cold blood

i like Pedro's newfound quirk of being extreme and quick to violence rather than his old quirk of being boring and unremarkable
Yeah he's definitely a welcome party member.

ALSO, IN ANIME-RELATED NEWS. A filler arc starts June 25th, but AFTER THAT, ZOU. YEAAAAH

the anime needed some filler tbh

this is the perfect place for it and it lets Zou not have terrible pacing
Volume 82 cover. Love it so much. Slight manga spoilers so click at your own risk.

DAMMIT I was going to watch this earlier and missed it!
DAMMIT I was going to watch this earlier and missed it!
Don't worry.

It'll be back up soon.

My name's Anthony

and porn should be illegal
Volume 82's SBS reveals the Supernovas' hobbies, and the Strawhat fleet captains as kiddos.


  • Luffy
    • Adventures
    • Banquets
  • Zoro
    • Training
    • Drinking
  • Law
    • Wandering
    • Collecting commemorative coins
  • Kid
    • Listening to music
    • Collecting weapons
  • Apoo
    • DJing
    • Surfing
  • Bege
    • Viewing paintings
    • Boardgames
  • Hawkins
    • Interior design
    • Bathing
  • Drake
    • Being a reptile maniac
    • Astrophysics
  • Bonney
    • Eating
    • Jenga
  • Killer
    • Drums
    • Cooking
  • Urouge
    • Drinking
    • Lovemaking
    • Hiking
  • Blackbeard
    • Gambling
    • Historical research
okay drake

i also read in a different translation that one of Urouge's hobbies was "love affairs"
either way he's still 10/10
The anime got new eyecatchers that use the classic pretimeskip character jingles. They are absolutely fantastic.

Travis nailed it so hard, 10/10. I was choking up.

Ironic, I was just watching those clips

still wondering how the fuck Akainu doesn't die from getting straight solid blows from whitebeard twice