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USA Skullgirls Community Tour? (Discussion)

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As someone who was sent to Combo Breaker, the organization of the Gofundme was greatly appreciated, but when you phrase it like this, it goes back to what people said about you taking all the credit for things. I worked with @mcpeanuts to get a fundraiser kumite going. Peanuts worked with zeknife to do the same thing, Peanuts worked his ass off for that fundraiser and I'm forever grateful towards him for that.

Not to mention you make it sound like you paid for all of it out of pocket, which you absolutely didn't.
@Kai I agree with Yaya here. A lot of people worked towards getting those international players to Combo Breaker (honestly if I'm giving any one person the majority of the credit, it would be kn0t), but reading your posts it sounds like you're trying to make it seem like it was all your thing. That makes me feel disrespected.
Yay the first round of apologies like the first rays of sunlight after a storm :)
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You were extremely important in helping raise that money, and I'm sorry that I made you feel otherwise.
Replace money with community. That's how some people here feel about some of the comments you've made. We're all important, we are all doing this together. We all need to move forward together.
I try to avoid participating in drama for obvious reasons, but honestly I've been in a lot of communities since I started using the internet and this kind of drama is way too familiar to me from many other forums groups I've participated in and it just seems to be going in a way that worries me.

I agree that we should all be discussing whats going on but I don't think anything is being resolved? It mostly just seems like those who are being seen as "wrong" are just either being aggressive or resigning their positions rather than taking things constructively. I know that in a community, especially a smaller community you need people to make decisions that they believe to be best and that would usually give the undecided something to follow behind. Because if we just threw down a bunch of events and said "What do you guys want" most people wouldn't say anything at all and might just fade away because they don't have a strong feeling one way or another. So having someone who makes decisions and swings things can help bring people under their point of view and can bring activity out of the undecided or indifferent. It takes a strong person to do that in character and in respect held by the community as a whole. I understand why the reaction to opposition when in that position would be to deject the ideas because if we just take any individuals opinion and start trying to work around it we wouldn't get anywhere, but I feel like the number of people reacting in general shows what we as a community feel. If this thread had lasted longer or been more direct before things went aggressive and blame was being placed then I feel it could have been really good for the community and especially the high impact players in it.

I'm saying this as someone who obviously has little to know impact in the community and I've never tried to, I'm just someone who watches things happen, but I care about this game and the people who participate in it, so I wanted to get my voice out there among everyone elses.

This thread still has potential to do good for people, and we aren't trying to burn anyone at the stake, we just want the people making decisions to have ears for everyone's voices without taking it as a personal attack.
I think this is a good testimony that as of right now, the (tournament) community lacks stability. Let's not use this year to promote, or reach for more than what we are capable of. Let's create a status quo before we become inventive.
there, now the posts combo
Plenty of people have done things to support the community. I've been playing for as long as I have, and the undying respect and gratitude I have for everyone who does what they can to support this amazing community has my never ending thanks. Please stop putting yourself above everyone else, no one is the community is bigger in comparison to anyone. We all work together, we all strive to take this game as far as it can in anyway we can, whenever we can.

You're a wonderful person to interact with, I really having nothing personal against you in any shape or form but the high and mighty and brick wall mentality you give off (on the internet) isn't productive or fair for anyone else involved. We all just want to help in making the game grow, no one is special. You ask for criticism and help and it goes unthanked and unwanted as soon as its something you disagree with.

Also I take light offense to something I believe you said something along the lines of "because if I didn't do it, someone else would right?"

Yes, yes we would.

Important community members all work TOGETHER to prosper TOGETHER and support each other TOGETHER. You've pushed plenty of people away who try to work with you because of your behavior and its sad because I really appreciate what you do. I really am a fan of how you help support OUR game. All I want is the best for this game, and thats all you want, its a difficult task but its the same thing. Why does everything have to fall on deaf ears with you? Why do you passive aggressively react to everything regardless if its truly personal or not? Why do you think this march needs a leader?

Its not about recognition, its not about reward, its not about doing it because "who else would?"

Its about working and supporting each other. The community isn't at a size where we can just not listen to each other and everything will be fine, we need to move as one unit. Why can't you just be happy for everyone else that is trying to help? Why can't you show support the way we TRY to do for you? We do this for every single person involved to have a great, healthy, and wonderful experience. I just want everyone to move forward and prosper together.

I just hope you understand which side you're on right now, and how few people are behind you. Really look at how this is going and understand how we're all ready to work together as soon as you are. This doesn't need get any bigger to where it is now.

This is OUR community, nobody is responsible for harnessing it or creating it.. and if anyone was, it certainly isn't you. I think you're wonderful and I think you have amazing intentions but you need to understand that this is a community first.

I just want everyone to know that we'll be fine no matter what happens, "point system or not" we will keep moving forward and supporting the tournaments and organizers that deserve it. Now, its up to you if you want to join us.

I'm willing to forgive and forget and build back some bridges and move forward.

DM me or email me if you want to talk i'm not responding in this thread.
My toughts as a active/- online outsider from another country.

This thread in an nutshell its ( with pasive- agresive thing, memes, silly jokes) its

Here let´s do this! > you are not in charge because - insert personal things in summary x ammount of time+ all the gang the likes and no comments because " I like this drama"

What a waste of time, the SGC its (relative) small and constantly growing. Seriously, its obviously you have plenty things to talk, you should talk on private about this, not in a public thread for witch hunting on something important like for the SGC. assertive people talk on private, not to bashing eachs others like on a gang kids fight, if you like things keep public just created an other thread let´s not massacre this amazing main idea with a personal things stuff.


Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive. In the field of psychology and psychotherapy, it is a learnable skill and mode of communication. Dorland's Medical Dictionary defines assertiveness as:
a form of behavior characterized by a confident declaration or affirmation of a statement without need of proof; this affirms the person's rights or point of view without either aggressively threatening the rights of another (assuming a position of dominance) or submissively permitting another to ignore or deny one's rights or point of view


Basically my final thoughts on the matter are I was lead to believe this entire time the "Skullgirls Community Tour" was "Hey let's focus our efforts on attending these tournaments". I think a lot of other people felt the same way.

EDIT FINAL FINAL WORDS: Saying this conversation should go in private might as well be saying, "pls i don't wanna see drama". Not everything is going to go perfectly and we owe it to each other as a community to have this in a public forum and not behind closed doors.
Basically my final thoughts on the matter are I was lead to believe this entire time the "Skullgirls Community Tour" was "Hey let's focus our efforts on attending these tournaments". I think a lot of other people felt the same way.

EDIT FINAL FINAL WORDS: Saying this conversation should go in private might as well be saying, "pls i don't wanna see drama". Not everything is going to go perfectly and we owe it to each other as a community to have this in a public forum and not behind closed doors.

I agree, but should be on another thread all this conversation its not for the OP. Its not a "I don´t wanna this drama" mode, its more > insert all my previous post <

tl dr; Assertiveness its the way and solution.
Basically my final thoughts on the matter are I was lead to believe this entire time the "Skullgirls Community Tour" was "Hey let's focus our efforts on attending these tournaments". I think a lot of other people felt the same way.

Is it safe to say it's a lot like the "evo's not gonna come around anytime soon so let's all turn up at combo breaker" except now we're adding more majors? Cause that's what I gathered when I first heard about this and that's all it needs to be for me.

[QUOTE="yaya"]Not everything is going to go perfectly and we owe it to each other as a community to have this in a public forum and not behind closed doors.[/QUOTE]
Excuse me I for one am a huge advocate for "Skullgirls Back Room" /sarcasm
That's your problem. Actually doing things is important, but you're not doing this for that. You're doing this for you. You want to feel good about being the guy. Is being a well-liked figurehead is more important to you than actual results?

I'm kinda late, but I think @Kai is going too far here. @Dolfinh has been organizing norcal locals ever since I started going to them a year ago, and he's the reason I want to keep on going out and meeting people who love sg like I do. I can't imagine he did it to "feel good about being the guy", unless you want to argue that organizing a 5-person local in a small garage is something you would do for glory. Don't say Dolfinh just wants to be a figurehead, he's a figurehead as a RESULT of the things he's done.
I don't speak for the moderator team with this post, but I feel that everyone has said what they need to say.

This thread won't be hidden and everyone is free to review and think on what was said, but maybe we can lock it and let it rest for awhile and people can discuss things further in private if they have issues.

The people who were vocal that needed to get some things out in the open have done so.

Is that alright?

If people would like to discuss the SGPT further, perhaps it's better in a new thread.

EDIT: @dekillsage said he has some thoughts on this issue and he wanted to voice them, so the thread stays open for now.
Gonna throw a few anecdotes in here.

@Liam et al - I’m not interested in a second bracket at Combo Breaker that likely includes Top 8 competitors from CB’s bracket. I feel that takes away from the tournament and would be akin to Capcom Cup taking place at one of its Premier events. Both the event bracket and Capcom Cup’s bracket would be less enjoyable thanks to the overlap. Let me definitively add my voice to the “lets not do this” chorus.

@Broken Loose - There is no competition happening between CEOtaku and Combo Breaker. As the guy who is co-directing CEOtaku, and organized CB, I can’t fathom why you’re finding competition amidst two events that - at their least - are sister presentations. I’m interested in seeing both of them succeed. I was one of the people originally pushing for Skullgirls to be included at CEOtaku 2015.

General thoughts:

Some words are being put on me & CB so I’d like to clarify a few points as this thread closes.

You can and always should feel free to come to me with thoughts, ideas, or concerns. I may often be too busy to respond immediately but I will never be too busy to respond in a timely manner. I care that Combo Breaker creates a great experience for this community. Step 1 in achieving that is always being available to hear about what the community wants.

In regards to Combo Breaker itself, I’ve never presented CB as the end all be all Skullgirls event. I’ve never campaigned for it to stand apart from any other event hosting the game. Please don’t put that kind of objective near my camp. CB’s team only wants to make fun experiences for the community - that’s it. If its the best, great, if its average, okay, if its bad, let us know. Our goal is to have it be what you need it to be.

So, if any other tournament provides you an enjoyable experience and inspires a great turn out please go to it. Please make it the next big thing. Please make it THE big thing if warranted. Combo Breaker will continue to provide you the best experience it can but it is by no means a definitive experience or an exclusionary experience. SG deserves to find growth anywhere and everywhere it can. End of story.

Go play games y’all. Drama’s not productive in long-form.
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